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disclaimer: you know how it goes

The next day was the hardest Lily had ever had to go through. Everyone knew what had happened and worse still even than them knowing were the pitying glances they all now cast at her. She would have much preferred it if everyone had just treated her like they used to.

But, as time has a habit of doing, that day waned and gave way to others; the days eventually gave way to weeks; and with a little more of its natural magic, time would turn the weeks into months.

As it was at this point, however, it was the beginning of February and Lily’s deep wound was on the road to recovery. Amelia and Melanie had gladly taken the task of keeping Lily as busy as possible, which she was extremely grateful for.

On the particular evening in question, the three girls were sitting on the four-poster in Lily’s room in the midst of a slumber party. They had each sealed the door a few times over, as the four Marauders sat curiously just on the other side of it.

Lily smiled at the thought of this. “I really do enjoy having those guys around. Our lives wouldn’t be half as exciting without them.”

Amelia giggled and nodded her head. “I know what you mean.”

Melanie, however, sniffed indifferently. “I’d probably agree if Sirius Black wasn’t a part of the package.”

Both Amelia and Lily looked at her questioningly for a moment before she spoke again.

“We aren’t seeing each other any more...or, well, we aren’t doing whatever you call what we were any more. I’m looking for something real, and he’s just, well, Sirius Black... and don’t you dare say I told you so about this, it was a temporary lapse into stupidity and I’m over it now so can we please talk about something else?”

After a moment of looking uncertainly at each other, Melanie let out a small smile. “It wasn’t a totally bad experience, though. He was a really good kisser.” At this, any tension that may have been in the room lifted and the three girls burst into giggles.

“So, Amelia,” Lily asked, hugging a large pillow and batting her eyelashes at her friend jokingly, “when are you going to tell us about what’s going on between you and Eric Bones?”

Smiling smugly, Amelia crossed her arms and answered non-committally, “when Snape starts showering.”

“We’ll just take it that you’re dating, then,” Melanie giggled.

“Okay, and I just won’t correct you,” Amelia grinned. “So, what do you suppose those boys are up to out there?”

Lily laughed. “Probably trying to get in and figure out what we’re doing.”

“Hey, we should do make overs,” Melanie piped in, looking at her own fingernails in disdain.

“On the boys?!” Lily burst out with a laugh.

Melanie smacked the bed and chuckled at the thought. “I meant on each other! But...” she paused and grinned at her friends mischievously, “that could be an interesting way to keep ourselves busy. Who should we do, then?”

Amelia and Lily both thought for a few minutes, then looked up at each other and started to laugh.

“Anyone would be hilarious,” Lily giggled, clutching a stitch in her side.

“I say we nab the one that’s the most curious,” Amelia laughed knowingly. “Come here, I have an idea.”

* * *

“What do you suppose they’re doing in there, anyway?” Sirius asked his friends in what he thought was a disinterested way, though his curiosity was given away by his close proximity to the door and his constant stream of counter-curses sent at the door to try and open it.

“I don’t know, mate,” James replied in his upside-down position on the couch. “Probably comparing make-up tips or debating which one of us is better looking.”

Peter dropped the chess piece he had been examining. “They– they do that?”

James ginned up at his friend, the blood starting to rush to his head. “Obviously. Where are they going to find better looking blokes than us?”

Sirius barked with laughter and Remus just shook his head and continued reading his book.

Clumsily, Peter picked the chess piece back up, only to drop it again when he heard a sudden giggling coming from Lily’s room.

All four Marauders looked at each other, then back at the closed door with large grins.

”Lily, where on earth did my bra get to?” Amelia asked, stifling a giggle.

“Um, isn’t it over there where you threw it? Yeah, right there, with my pants.” Lily responded back, doubled over with silent giggles at what the boys must be imagining.

“Silly me. Oh, Mel, would I be able to borrow your top? No, no, not that one, the one you’re wearing.”

“Sure,” was all Melanie managed to get out before she had to stuff a pillow over her face to muffle her laughter.

Sirius tripped over his feet trying to get closer to the door; James fell, head first, off of the sofa in his attempt; Peter’s foot caught on the rug and he fell flat on his face; Remus remained reading his book (he was a gentleman, after all) though his eyes did wander expectantly to the door.

Sirius was the first to gain his composure and lay his hand on the doorknob. It twisted easily in his hand (which it definitely hadn’t done twenty minutes previous) and Sirius looked over his shoulder to grin triumphantly at his friends. He was pushing the door open when a shocked look came over his face and he became as stiff as a board. He fell to the floor with a loud thud, and the girls closed the door behind him before his fellow Marauders could reach him.

When James pushed on the door, he was bounced back by the spell that had been placed on it, and sat, looking bewildered up at Remus and Peter.

* * *

It was half an hour later and the boys in the Head’s common room were waiting impatiently for their friend to emerge. Remus’ book lay in his lap, his finger holding his place. Peter was leaning against Lily’s door, playing with the old snitch James had given him. James himself was lying, sprawled on his back, in front of the fire.

Suddenly, the door gave way behind Peter and he fell flat on his back. “Hey! A little warning–!”
But Peter never finished his sentence.

Sirius stood in the doorway, glaring as though he wished death upon anyone in his path of vision.

The three girls stood behind him, Lily and Melanie bent over double with laughter and Amelia with one hand on her hip and the other loosely holding Sirius’ wand.

When the Marauders took in Sirius’ appearance, they howled with laughter along with the girls.

Sirius’ pants were rolled up to reveal painted toenails and bare legs; the short sleeves of his shirt were rolled up to the shoulders and there was a knot at the bottom of his shirt which hiked it up to reveal his mid-drift; his fingernails matched his toenails; his lips were a bright red, there was a green color above his curled eyelashes, and there were large hoops hanging from his earlobes; his hair was twisted and curled in ways never meant for a man’s head.

James got up and staggered towards his friend, tears in his eyes. “Why, Padfoot, who would have guessed you’d make such a good woman?”

Sirius shoved James away, and spoke in a dangerously low tone. “You. Have. No. IDEA. What. They. Did. To. Me.”

“We gave him a make over,” Lily said brightly, crossing the room to stand by James. “Do you like it?”

James put an arm around her and wiped a tear from his eye. “Bloody brilliant.”

“What?!” Sirius yelled. “Do you– look at me! The– the– the make-up and– and the hair! Oh! And my legs! They ripped the hair from my legs!”

Peter was rolling on the floor laughing. Remus’ book had fallen to the ground at his friend’s statement and he was now snorting with laughter.

“It was positively horrific!” Sirius continued. “They put this– this hot goo all over my legs– and paper, too! And then they just ripped the paper off! It was the most painful thing in the world!”

The girls laughed at this, but the boys wound down and began to look at them apprehensively.

“You actually did that?” Remus asked.

James looked slightly frightened when Lily spoke with a grin. “It’s called waxing. Muggle women do it all the time.”

Sirius piped up, “yeah, well, last time I checked, I wasn’t a Muggle woman!”

The room went silent to take in what he has said, then erupted in renewed laughter at the absurdity of his statement.

“Fine. Fine. Don’t help a bloke out, then,” Sirius huffed, brushing passed James and Lily.

“Aw, Padfoot, come on,” James called after him. “Don’t be sore about it, you make a good looking woman.”

Sirius stopped, turned, and narrowed his eyes at his friend. Then, he broke out into a characteristic grin. “Yeah, I know. But if you don’t mind, I much prefer being a man.”

The six others started up again, Amelia tossing Sirius his wand back.

A/N: i started writing this before the release of HBP, so the part about Amelia dating Eric Bones, well, i didn't want to change her to a new charcter, so i left it and figured, since we know she was found alone in HBP, maybe she was widowed before having children or something.....i just didn't want to change my character,lol
and as always, thanks for the reads and reviews, sorry this took so long! I will start working on the next chapter asap and i promise it'll be more james/ lily romantic as the next one's on valentines day!

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