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Oliver dropped his bags in his dorm and stretched out on his bed, relieved to be back. Gabby meanwhile, set her things down in the dorm she'd been assigned. None of the girls had been too keen in sharing a dorm with a muggle, but they didn't protest when she set her things down on the bed closest to the window. After unpacking for awhile with the other girls, she found that it would be harder than she thought to make friends.

When she couldn't bare the silence of the two girls she slipped out of the dorm and walked around the common room taking everything in. The gold and red were so deep and fulfilling that it nearly sent shivers down her spine. The common room was large, and full of students who could were talking happily and laughing. Gabby found herself sitting on a couch with a few girls who were just dying to know all about the muggle world.

"I've never been outside of the Wizarding World. My mum thinks its dangerous. You know, not to be rude, but muggles really don't understand anything ", one of the girls said in a matter-of-fact tone.

Gabby smiled and started to explain exactly what the muggles were like. She found herself having to explain telephones, slinkies and even football in detail which seemed to have taken forever. Once she was finished it seemed everyone had gathered around, listening. Embarrassed, when she realized the spot light was on her she tried to lighten the mood.

"You're not going to put a spell on me tonight, are you?". Everyone laughed, which was what Gabby had hoped. She felt more comfortable when she knew people weren't so bitter.

By the time dinner came along, Gabby found she was starving. Looking around for Oliver, she found him sitting on the arm of a chair, talking with Cole, and a few others she didn't know.

"Gabby, come on over", Cole said with a welcome warm voice. Smiling a little, she apologized and explained "Its alright, I was just going to go to supper".

"I'll come with you", Oliver said getting up and walking over to where she was standing. "Anyone else?"

Eagerly, nearly everyone followed and the group was off to dinner. Gabby felt out of place in her light blue jeans and Pink T-Shirt, while everyone around her was wearing long robes and ties to go with their house.

"I think this is all so romantic", she said to the girl who was walking beside her, one who had previously been talking to Oliver.

"Hogwarts? Yes, I suppose it is..." she said slowly, "I'm so used to it, but I love it so much. You really never know what’s around the corner".

Taking her seat next to Oliver, she couldn't believe all of the food. Piles and piles of anything you could ever wish to eat sitting right in front of her. It was all so unrealistic, but at the same time, it had to be realistic, because it was real. Watching Oliver laugh with his friends made her feel as if she had ruined him. She felt so guilty, it was hard to control. Oliver did have a lot going for him, and was she to ruin it all? She promised herself that she would let Oliver be whoever he wanted to be, and that she would not try to understand who exactly he was.

"Not even a day into Hogwarts and already there's threats and worries of Voldemort", a girl said firmly a few seats down.

"Look at this" she said handing around the Daily Prophet.

When it came to Oliver he began to read it out- loud.

"Death Eaters spotted at Quidditch World Cup. Nobody is sure who exactly lies under the masks and marks of the Dark Lord, but we all have our suspicions...".

Intrigued, Gabby listened to every world, but her attention was interrupted.

"Hello Oliver", somebody said from behind the two. Turning around, she saw a beautiful blonde, with the Ravenclaw tie and dark robes. She was taller than Gabby, and had a softer, fairer face.

"Melody", Oliver said in an awkward uncomfortable tone. "I don't know what to say"

"Neither do I. But I guess YOU could start with saying you were sorry for ruining us", she said looking at Gabby.

"I am sorry". Gabby said heartbroken.

"Well, its too late isn't it. Couldn't you just have stayed home? Stalkers always ruin peoples lives." She was about to cry, her eyes watering and her voice shaking.

"Melody..." Oliver said reaching out to her.

"Oh Oliver, don't you understand? She's ruined everything. I hate muggles. How can you stand her? You should of said no. You could of stopped this. Dumbledore favors you Oliver...why didn't you try harder?", and with that she turned and ran, crying.

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