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Authors Note I've Rewritten my story. My apologizes if you all like my older version better than this one, but I wasn't satisfied with my previous work. This chapter is kind of slow, but its the prologe. It gets more exciting...I promise! Please comment and let me know what I can do to improve!

I'm watching you. Watching as you land your broomstick smoothly on the frosted green. Watching as you sit yourself on the old stone wall surrounding the school you love so much. Watching as you think bitterly about your future. Watching as you hate everything you know will happen. Watching as you hate me. All the while I'm sitting next to you, and you don't even notice I'm there.

--------- Flashback---------

If I would have known that following you that night, would have caused you so much pain in the future...I would have stayed behind. I couldn't understand what a proper boy like you was doing out past midnight, in the misty chilled air on the sixteenth of December, three months ago. I was caught up in my own curiosity, and left my front porch after you turned the corner, determined to see who you were destined to meet, or what you were out to do. When I was young, my mother was your house maid and as she cleaned your large castle- like stoned home, you and I would play. We were so young then, I doubt you even knew my name. Perhaps I was just the girl who you needed to free from the dragons as we played Knights of the Round Table. From the very beginning of our friendship, I knew that you were different from me...and everyone else our age I knew. You were so proper, so mature, even at your young age. You seemed to be able to mystify the world with the look in your eyes, and I used to believe that if you liked, you could turn me to gold with one touch. I never considered magic. No, magic was just a potion in a book and a spell on a princess. It wasn't real, just the poets dream and the worlds fantasy.

My father didn't care that I was out so late at night, alone, to his knowledge. Mum had died six years ago; a week before my eleventh birthday, and ever since her death, my father cared about nothing. He was constantly out working, or gambling with his friends. When he was home, he never failed to be wasted and angry. I followed you that night, because my life was a disaster, and I wondered what you were walking away from. Or more so, I wondered what you were walking towards. There was something about you that enchanted me. I was in love with you then, at my young age. You were the prince of my dreams and my lonely hearts silent valentine.

What happened that night proved to me why you were so enchanting and so beautifully mysterious. At the same time, it proved to me how little I knew of you and how much of a stranger, if not already, you would become to me. That night is so clear to me. I can feel the sensation of the cold air swallowing me, and I remember just how the dark sky died. My happiness and sadness turned to grief and sorrow and confusion and some feeling so strange and obscure I had no idea exactly what it was. I was still following you, so curious as to where you were off, but when that feeling overcame me, I stopped immediately feeling I could not go on. I noticed that you too stopped, reaching your hand into the pocket of your coat. I saw then, a face that was anonymous and dark I didn't dare look him in the eye. Words were exchanged, many of which I did not understand. I could go on forever about what I witnessed that night...but I'm terrified of it. I now know, that I witnessed the return of Voldemort's Army, the greatest and darkest wizards, of all time.
--- --- ----
I awoke to soft and gentle voices, finding myself in my own room. My father, your parents, and the strangest elderly man I had ever seen sitting around me.

"Darling, she's awake", your mum said to your dad, interrupting the conversation he was having with my father...who seemed bewildered and dazed.

"Let me talk to her" the elderly man said to your mum.

"Gabriella. My name is Albus Dumbledore", he said with a twinkle in his all knowing eyes.

"I know that must be, by far, the oddest name you've ever heard". I smiled a little, grateful for his sense of humor. "I see your shaken and terrified by what you saw just a few hours back. This may be confusing to you, but I assure you, in time you will understand this better. Myself, Oliver, and his parents, are just three of the thousands of Wizards who live in this world. You see, what you saw last night, was magic. Let me make it known, there are good, and bad, in our world, and we are undoubtly good. I promise we're not of the kind that are meant to scare children in your fantasies and tales. The reason, that you have not seen Oliver a lot in the past years, is because he is attending Hogwarts; School of Witchcraft and Wizardry..."

Dumbledore went on and on, explaining what I had seen, wizardry and witchcraft, the secrets of their world, muggles, and spells. He explained to me that what I had witnessed was unforgettable, and nothing could take this memory away from me...unless I was killed.

"We're no cold blooded killers" he said, "So it seems under circumstances so peculiar, your choices are as follows. You may come to live, at Hogwarts, until we have gained our full trust and respect...or, we can keep you in Azkaban." he said, reluctantly adding the ending.

I'd heard about Azkaban, sometime during his long lecture and I wanted nothing to do with it.

I was so overwhelmed, I couldn't believe it. This was all coming at me so fast.

"I guess, Hogwarts is my only realistic option-"

"No!" Oliver said stepping into the room. "Mother, you know this is not fair!" he said angrily.

"I have so much ahead of me. My last year at Hogwarts, and what am I to do after it if she must be with me? I don't intend to live in the Muggles World. What of Quidditch? Why can someone not make her forget! Dumbledore you know ever spell and potion known to us. You can make her forget." he said closer to Dumbledore now, begging him to say something in his agreement.

"Oliver" Dumbledore said, "I think it is wise to believe me when I say good thing can come from the unexpected".

Oliver's muscles tightened in his face and fists. "Yes Sir" he said in a low voice, not looking at me, or anyone in the room.

"I don't understand", I said naively.

"No...muggle...has ever been allowed to step foot into Hogwarts" Oliver's father said, choosing his words carefully and hesitantly.

"You see, unless they have relations and understand the wizarding world. You and Oliver must...meld".

"Excuse me?" I said feeling as if I would faint.

"You must...marry", he said speeding up his words.
"Just for one year, or I mean, at least until he's out of Hogwarts. Then you can stay in our world without a partner until your eighteen years of age. By then, it will be legal and appropriate for us to perform a memory erasing charm. Memory charms are very dangerous when used in this form for something so big as this, and it is not allowed for us to do anything more than small charms on muggles who are innocent and under-age. Your father, however, will forget. He's drunken either way, and we were able to erase anything he over-heard slightly from his memory. We've explained to him that you will be working through foreign- exchange, it seems a popular program for muggles your age in schools. He didn't have much to say, but he didn't argue either".

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