Mum, Sirius Black Stole my Underpants
Chapter Seven

"Oh gosh Asty. I can't believe Sirius would do that," Jordice said shaking her long dark hair as she let her hair loose.

Lily walked out of the bathroom with her toothbrush moving around her mouth.

I turned around on my back and glanced up at the ceiling of my bed.

"Well, at least you don't have to dance with him the entire night," I said scowling. I could tell that Jordice and Lily had exchanged glances.

I turned over onto my stomach and glared at them.

Lily grabbed her brush and began working the bristles through her long hair.

I scowled, for the hundredth time that day, and crawled over to my pillow.

I curled up my body and buried my face into my pillow. It smelt like my mum. I groaned and closed my eyes.

My mum. She would be so pissed once she learned that I was stealing my friends underwear instead of wearing my own. Because Sirus Black stole my underpants. It feels so bad to say that...


I'm not one to wake up at ungodly hours in the morning.

So now I am sitting in my bed, staring at the ceiling again. Lily let out a snore and rolled over. I giggled silently as something collided with the window from outside.

I frowned and slowly let my feet fall to the bare floor. I curled my toes form the cold and walked quickly to the window. For some odd reason they won't change the latches on these windows. They are so hard to open and they annoy me to hell.

I let the window fly open as I stuck my head outside. Leaning against the side of the window, I yawned widely and felt myself drifting of to sleep.

Just as my head began slumping down, something small and sharp whacked me in the side of the head, causing me to wake up.

I rubbed the side of my head, my eyes squeezed shut. I whimpered like a injured dog. Technically I was. Except for the fact that I wasn’t a dog. I was a 17 year old girl named Astrid. I was also being abused. My childhood is ruined for life.

“Must you try and murder me?” I asked sticking me head farther out the window and gripping the windowsill so I didn’t loose my balance and fall on my head and die. I closed my eyes and imagined my body tangled with blood rushing out of a big gap in my head.

I turned around, thinking the rock was just a figment of my imagination. Just then, another object flew against the side of the school. I rushed to the window and stuck my head out.

I screeched and turned away.

“Black, put some clothing on,” I said turning back to face the window again.

Sirius stared down at his bare chest and shrugged, throwing a rock up in the air and catching it.

He began doing this reputably.

I scowled again and looked back at him.

“You are so immature,” I murmured under my breath.

“What’s that Asty?” Sirus asked as he cupped his hand to his ear and leaned forward.

“Nothing!’ I said a little to loudly. I quickly glanced back and watched Jordice stir for a few moments before turning to face Sirus again.

I sighed and lowered my head.

“What do you want Black?” I asked running my fingers through my hair.

He tapped his chin and snapped his fingers.

I scowled as Sirus balanced himself on his heels.

“Do you want to go on a broom ride?”

I scoffed.

“No way Black. You are pushing the limit. This isn’t some fairy tale romance where you whisk me away into the sunset. I’m only going to the dance with you because you stole my underpants,” I sighed before continuing in a tired voice, “Sirus, this is one of those times where your not going to get the girl”

Sirus frowned and before turning away he said in a cold voice.

“How do you know that for sure Astrid?”

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