A/N: Thank you for all the fabulous reviews so far! I just updated WMTSJ too, so make sure to check that out! The first part of this is pretty intense and sad; be warned. Oh, yeah, and for all those people who only read Draco/Hermione romances, I have this great story you might like. It’s not mine, but leave a review for me asking for the url if you want it. Anyway, on to the story! Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot. “Why?” the girl cried out loud to no one. Not that anyone could hear her anyway. She was alone. Alone in her room. It was lonely living alone. No one to talk to in the middle of the night in case you couldn’t sleep. And having a new family and a new house in school didn’t help at all. Hermione or Nadia remained cool and collected on the outside so the people around her wouldn’t worry. But when she was alone she let it all out. She cried herself to sleep almost every night. Her life had changed dramatically, and she could only show what she was feeling when she was alone. And being alone wasn’t fun. At all. When she was with friends or family, it was like almost a time to forget everything that had happened over the summer and during the start of her last year at school. But it had hurt her. How who she thought were here parents had lied to her, changing homes and families. And then making the stupid decision to be resorted. The Slytherin house wasn’t that bad, really it wasn’t. Some of them were pretty nice once you got to know them. The downside was that she saw her Gryffindor friends less often. Well, except for Ginny. Hermione expected that Ginny and Blaise had developed little secret crushes on each other and refused to admit it. It was cute. Her best girl friend and her brother. Fun. Hermione did start getting to know her brother more, and Draco. They were both actually really smart and Hermione was surprised neither of them got the Head Boy position. All Terry Boot did at meetings was sit around and nod his head a few times to make it look like he was listening when he wasn’t. She had also become close friends with Daphne Greengrass; another Slytherin. Daphne was a lot like her in a way, maybe even when she was younger. Hermione thought of all this as she sat up in bed a month after the sorting. She was crying, as usual. She didn’t get why she couldn’t stop. She desperately wanted to, but whenever she got ready to go to bed, the tears just came on their own; she had no way of stopping them. And she hated it. She should be happy and carefree. She had gotten back her real family, the Head Girl position she wanted since she was eleven, and possibly a really great guy who she might love in the future. But she still cried. And it bugged the hell out of her. ~*~ “Hey Sister Dear,” a voice said from the couch in front of the fire as a very tired looking girl came down the stairs behind it. “What?” she asked groggily. Blaise looked up at her from his position on the couch. “Not sleep well?” he asked. “I was studying. I have a Potions test today,” she replied making her way to the coffee machine that sat in the corner of the room. “You? Studying at the last minute for a test? You’ve got to be kidding me,” Blaise grinned. “Ha, Ha. Very funny,” Hermione said sarcastically. “How’d you get in here anyway?” she asked. “Portrait was open.” “Which one?” she asked him again. “The one to the Slytherin common room.” “I didn’t leave that open.” “Apparently you did.” “But I know I didn’t!” she shouted. “Calm down sister dear!” Blaise said getting up and walking over to her. “What if I had a guy in here?” she asked feeling daredevilish. (is that a word?) “Then I would kick his arse from here to London.” Was the reply from her brother. She gave him the look. “You don’t have a guy in here right?” Blaise asked looking toward the entrance to her room. “No, I don’t Blaise. Chill a little will you?” Hermione said smiling. “Oh, right. The only guy for you is Draco,” Blaise said before running toward the Slytherin entrance. “Hey!” she called after him. He was running through the common room dodging people as he went. He had the most fun teasing Hermione about Draco constantly. But then Blaise picked up his pace because he noticed Hermione was catching up to him. She was fast for a girl who had just woken up. “What are you guys doing?” Draco asked coming from the boy’s dorms just as Hermione tackled Blaise. “Brother Sister stuff,” Hermione explained while smacking Blaise on the back of the head after he had started laughing and mumbled something incoherent. “Ow!” “Ow!” Hermione said as Blaise accidentally pulled her hair. “Now Blaise,” Draco said while pulling Blaise off Hermione. “You never hurt a woman. Even if it is your sister.” Hermione giggled and Blaise glared at his friend. “Shut it, Draco.” “What? What’d I say?” Draco asked following Blaise out the portrait hole. Hermione laughed at Draco’s stupidity. She was beginning to like him more every day. A/N: I wrote this while Jessica Simpson’s These Boots Were Made for Walkin’ was playing on the radio, and it was damn distracting I must say that. The video is really annoying. But I finished the chapter in less than 20 minutes! I type fast… Please review!

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