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Christmas vacation finally came around and Hermione was still not in the Christmas spirit. If anything, she was more depressed then when she first arrived back in her time. Sirius’ letters haunted every dream and sleepless night and the thought of seeing him during Christmas vacation brought on an unnatural queasy feeling in her stomach. She had no idea on what emotion the queasiness was for. Her parents decided on going to Egypt for the entire vacation and gave Hermione the opportunity to come. She has always wanted to go there ever since Ron did in their third year, but for some reason she couldn’t bring herself to leave her friends again.

“You all packed?” Lavender asked from across the room as Hermione nodded. “Is it true that you’re going to Gracie and Holly’s house for Christmas?”

“Yeah I am. Ron and Rafe convinced me to go.” Hermione said quietly.

“You know Harry will be there?”

“Thanks, I figured as much…since it’s his house.” Hermione answered, losing all patience in this conversation.

“Well, Happy Christmas then.” Lavender said awkwardly, before leaving the dormitory.

Hermione grabbed her luggage and walked down the stairs to see Ron and Rafe sitting on the couch, surrounded by their large bags. Rafe looked up at her and his dark brown eyes twinkled as he smiled at her.

“Ready for the best vacation ever?” He asked, standing up to greet her.

She raised her eyebrow and smiled back at him. “I’m as ready as I’ll ever be, that’s for sure.”

“Well if we keep this up, we’ll miss the train—where’s my sister?” Ron asked, losing his train of thought.

“You mean me?” Ginny asked, trotting happily down the stairs, followed closely by Gracie and Holly.

“And we’re never late, Ron. We just like making an entrance.” Holly said with a laugh.


The train ride never seemed so long before. She felt as if she was going off to visit relatives that she hasn’t seen in years. She just hoped that James or Lily wouldn’t comment on how much she’s grown, while pinching her cheeks. Eternities later when the train arrived, she looked outside to see her welcoming committee standing there, bearing big smiles. Her heart skipped a beat as Sirius came into view, who was clearly not amused by the cold weather. His scarf was wrapped around his head, only showing his eyes and small tufts of hair sticking out randomly. They began to file out of the compartment, after convincing Rafe to wake Ron up. He intended on leaving him there so he’d wake up in some strange location. Hermione left the compartment last, as she struggled with her heavy luggage. She exited the compartment and ran into a tall Slytherin.

“Watch it.” He sneered.

Hermione looked to the left to see Harry looking at her with disgust. His look changed slightly when he saw it was her. She shook her head and cut in front of him, lugging her bag behind her. Just as her arm almost fell off, she felt Harry’s hand slip over hers allowing for her to let go and he took her bag. He dragged it behind him with ease as his was on his shoulder. She looked at him with disbelief but he didn’t flinch.

“Keep going.” He muttered as he felt her eyes on him.

Ron almost had a heart attack as Harry walked out behind Hermione, carrying her bag. Lily smiled joyfully as if watching Harry do a nice deed was the best thing that happened all day.

“Everyone ready for Christmas vacation?” Lily questioned in the best cheerleader-tour guide voice she ever heard.

Everyone nodded uncomfortably as James and Sirius hit a high five sarcastically. They said goodbye to Ron, who was joining them in a week’s time. He dragged his feet to meet up with his parents, while Ginny followed closely behind. Harry left Hermione’s bag and walked up with James. Hermione was just about to grab her bag, but Sirius grabbed the handle before flashing a smile through his turban-like scarf.

The Potter house was white with large pillars that stood in front of a garden filled with predominantly purple flowers. The emerald green grass stood out against the cobblestone driveway. Hermione walked up the driveway, kicking a loose stone at the back of Rafe’s heel. He didn’t seem to notice but Sirius did but didn’t say a word. They reached the front porch where an enchanted sign read the name “Potter” before scrolling the family names: James, Lily, Gracie, Holly and although against much protest, Harry’s name came last and much faster then the rest. Harry was the first one inside and went straight to his room. Remus, Sirius and the rest of the Potter gang filed inside while Rafe waited for Hermione to inch her way into the foreign house.

“You know the house won’t bite right?” Rafe said quietly, while smiling to himself.

“Thanks, I’m well aware.” She said sarcastically.

“Welcome to our house Hermione!” Said Lily, happily. “Unfortunately both of the guest bedrooms are taken. Remus and Jenna get one while Sirius gets the other. So you can room with the twins and Rafe, you get your usual spot with Harry.”

“I can hardly contain my excitement.” Rafe said very flatly.

“Rafe— “ Remus started.

“Sorry Dad.”

“When Ron and Ginny come, the house will get a bit crowded but the more the merrier!” Lily exclaimed.


Hermione lied in bed that night, counting the flowers on the twin’s wallpaper. She got to about 234 when her stomach growled with hunger. She didn’t want to stuff her face that night at dinner because she didn’t feel that comfortable around everyone. Hermione climbed out from her bed and glanced over at the twins, who were sound asleep in their bunk beds. She tip-toed from her bed and into the hallway and onto the squashy carpet. She made her way down the spiral staircase and into the kitchen where she noticed the fridge was open. She walked over to the fridge and closed it quickly. As she tapped it closed, a loud shriek came from the inside of the door. Hermione quickly pulled it open to see Rafe looking in the fridge and rubbing his head.

“Oh! Jeeze, Rafe I’m sorry.” Said Hermione, covering her mouth as Rafe stood up, rubbing his head.

“Ah, no problem…you only broke my skull.” Responded Rafe, trying to force out a smile.

Hermione opened the freezer and grabbed a couple of ice cubes and wrapped them in a dishtowel and sat Rafe down on a stool at the island of the kitchen. She stood in front of Rafe and placed the ice on the side of his head, where he was holding as he winced in pain.

“Its fine, I swear.” Rafe pleaded as the bump on his head grew.

“You’ll just have a headache for a while.” Hermione said, holding the ice closer to his head.

“So what are you doing up at this hour?” Rafe asked.

“I um, was hungry.” Hermione answered.

Rafe laughed and stood up to open up the fridge. He pulled out a carton of milk and grabbed a box of cereal from on top of the bread box. He smiled at her before grabbing two bowls and two spoons and handing her a set.

“I guess you didn’t eat enough at dinner either?” Hermione asked, pouring a bowl of cornflakes.

“I don’t like roast beef.” He answered, scrunching up his nose. “But they always seem to have it when I’m starving.”

Rafe dug into his cornflakes and they ate in silence. After the bowls were empty, they went into the living room and sat down on the couch.

“You sure you’re not tired?” He asked her, stretching on the couch.

“Not really.” Hermione answered, truthfully. “You can go to bed, I will shortly.”

“No, its okay. I’m okay. I’m b-barely t-t-tired.” He said through a yawn.

“So how is sharing a room with Harry?”

“Oh just great. He drew a line down the room so I wouldn’t go on his side. He thinks he’ll become a werewolf by just coming near me.” Rafe said, blushing slightly.

“Does everyone at school know you’re a werewolf?” Hermione asked quietly.

“Yup, everyone. Mostly everyone is okay with it. Mainly just the Slytherins hate me.”

“How do you feel about them?”

“I have no reason to hate them. I don’t really care if they don’t like me. I’ve threatened to bite one of them many times before.” Rafe finished with a laugh.

Hermione laughed as she remembered Remus threatening Lucius Malfoy in Potions class. The two of them continued to talk for a few more hours, as their eyes began to close. He was so easy to talk to that she didn’t want to say goodnight…


The sound of birds chirping woke Hermione up. At first she couldn’t remember where she was, until she heard footsteps coming from behind her. She then realized she was leaning against Rafe, who was fast asleep. The sun wasn’t up yet, but the greyish sky was peering through the vertical blinds. The footsteps came louder and she heard a man cough loudly from behind the couch. She looked up to see Sirius looking down at her and Rafe. She then realized that he was giving her the strangest look. She couldn’t tell if he was hurt or mad, but it wasn’t a pleasant look.

“I-uh, we fell asleep.” Hermione stuttered, getting up and flattening her pyjamas.

“You two should get back to your rooms, before everyone wakes up.” Sirius said flatly.

“It’s not what it looks like!” Hermione pleaded, not knowing why she was doing so.

Rafe began to wake up and he looked around to see Sirius glaring at him. Rafe tried to smile but knew it wasn’t the time for charm.

“Morning uncle.”

“Get back to your beds.” Sirius repeated before leaving them both.

Hermione watched him walk out of the room and her stomach sunk with a form of guilt. She didn’t know why she felt this way. Nothing happened. They were just sleeping… So many thoughts were racing through her head. She looked at Rafe who tried to flash a comforting smile. Hermione dragged her feet out of the living room and back up the stairs, where she found her bed to be warm and ready for a new batch of tears.
I just wanted to say thank you so much for all the reviews! I've been so busy to reply to all of them and I left it too long so now my unanswered review list is huge! I do read every single review and if I happen to not reply, it doesn't mean I dont appreciate it! :)

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