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Disclaimer:: lets see…I own Melinda, Mystick613_Annie2 owns Crystale, we both own the plot…and that’s about all we own

Re-cap::“Your welcome, oh and this is Ron and Hermione” he said gesturing to each of them.

“nice to meet you I’m Da Qiao” I introduced feeling strange calling myself Da Qiao because it really isn’t who I am, or is it?

Harry, Ron, Hermione and myself walked out of the Gryffindor Common Room


*Crystale’s P.O.V.*

Susan smiled at me and asked, “Would you like to have a look ‘round? And… maybe meet my friends?”

I got real gleeful and said, “Yea!!!”

We both laughed.

We ended up in a room that was called the Great Hall and hung out for a while

Well, it was fun for a little while, until I saw that cute boy with the piercing blue-gray eyes and pale colored hair… Then it was really exciting!! I giggled for a little while. Then I said ‘hi’

He looked at Susan in disgust “mudblood lover” he said in disgust

Susan glared at him “shut up Malfoy” she said

I looked over to the entrance to the Great Hall and seen Melinda walk in with three other people there was the girl from earlier, with the bushy brown hair, a boy with flaming red hair and another boy with jet black hair.

***Melinda’s POV***

As we left the common room we went down the moving stairs, ‘at least this time we’re going down instead of up’ I thought

Soon we entered two big double doors.

I almost immediately spotted Crystale, and I spotted her with the piercing blue-gray eyes and pale hair boy from earlier ‘Great, she’s with him’ I thought miserably as I walked over to her, followed by Hermione, Harry and Ron

“Hey Da Qiao” Crystale greeted when I made my way over to her.

Instead of saying hi back I just glared at the boy as to hoping I could kill him with my eyes
What made me more furious after I glared at him was that he glared back

“the nerve of you” I said angrily to Draco

“The nerve of me? You’re the bloody one that glared at me first! I never did a thing to you!” Draco said angrily in return

“I know you’re an awful person just by looking at you! And you never ever going to be aloud by my sister on my watch again!” I retorted angrily

Harry, Ron and Hermione were all watching in bewilderment and so was the girl Crystale was with

***Crystale PoV***

I was becoming very irritated by Draco and Mel’s bickering. But once she said that I’m ‘never ever’ aloud near him again, I just lost it.

“what makes you think that you can control who is around me?! Or who I talk to?! And you’re the one who told me to never judge someone by the cover! But foremost…you can never control whom I like and don’t like!” I screamed at Mel. I was so loud that the whole Great Hall grew quiet. I was so frustrated that my eyes started welling up with tears, and I stormed out of there.

‘who does she think she is?!’ I thought furiously . I bit my lower lip so I wouldn’t start crying. While running up some stairs I tripped.

“Are you okay?” I heard a sweet, slightly high pitched and tranquil voice ask

I slowly regained my composure, “I’m fine” I said with a slight hint of anger in my voice, I looked up to see a girl with flaming red hair.

“well that’s good well anyway my name’s Ginny, what’s yours?” the girl introduced

“My name’s Xiao Qiao” I answered without emotion

“That’s a cute name” Ginny said sweetly

***Melinda’s PoV**

‘Uh-oh that’s not good’ I thought as I watched Crystale storm out of the Great Hall

“Look what you did, you made your little sister cry” the girl the was with Crystale said

“I-I didn’t mean to, I just lost it” I said truthfully

“I think you should go after her before she gets even more madder, trust me I have tons of siblings, I know this stuff” Ron said knowledgeably

“wow, Ronald that’s the smartest thing you’ve ever said” Hermione said

“Yeah, that was surprising, Ron” Harry agreed

“I’ll go after her” I said

I walked out of the Great Hall

‘She has to be somewhere around here’ I thought miserably

When I finally saw her with a red head girl.

I walked over slowly, she glared at me

“Look I’m sorry” I said sincerely

She glared at me for a little while, but finally she said, “I accept. BUT under one condition.”

“What?” I said, afraid of what she’d say

She smirked and yelled out, “It’s a boy!” we both burst out in fits of laughter. The girl with red hair looked at us in huge confusion.

I looked over to the girl with red hair “My name’s Da Qiao” I introduced kindly

“I’m Ginny nice to meet you, so you two are sisters?” She asked

“Yep!” Crystale and I said in unison

I looked back to Crystale and said, “I am sorry though I shouldn’t have judged him… it’s just that, well, he looks evil… and his aura was all foggy and strong with hatred.”

“Who?” Ginny asked sweetly

“Draco Malfoy.” crystale said, just a little too brightly for my taste

Ginny’s smile faded instantly, and her eyes went wide.

I looked at her curiously “what?” I asked

“Draco Malfoy??? The Draco as in the biggest prick second to his father Draco??? The son of the guy that put Voldemort’s diary into my heap of books and made it poses me?? Just a hint of advice Xiao don’t go by him…his family is nothing but trouble trust me on this I know him, and I’ve known his family since before I can remember” Ginny said

“So he really is a bad guy then?” I asked

“Bad doesn’t even come close to what he is” Ginny said

Crystale looked at Ginny disbelievingly “Your wrong” she said

I gave Crystale a sympathetic look

“no… I believe that I am right…ask anyone in Hufflepuff or Gryffindor” Ginny said

“It doesn’t matter to me what they think! It doesn’t matter to me what anyone says…As long as I believe he’s good isn’t that enough?” Crystale argued

“You have a point as long as you think he’s good that is all that matters” I said agreeing with her

Ginny slowly nodded

‘this is going to be a very long year’ I thought

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