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I got out of the car and hugged Alice good-bye and went inside the airport.

Finally a place without chaos.

***15 minutes later***

I walked onto my plane and waved good-bye to the city.


It took a few…well not ‘a few’ but about 7 hours to get to England but it was worth it, I was so happy that I’d be meeting some more family members

I walked out of the plane and went into the airport (A/N:: I’ve never been to the airport so I don’t know how anything works in there)

I picked up my bags.

And then I seen them, but what I seen I didn’t like.

I put a fake smile on and walked over, I wonder if they knew that the sign they were holding up was upside down

There were three of them there, but there was supposed to be four.

And the one boy that was there was staring at me with his jaw hung open, ‘wow how rude’ I thought as I waved at them.

“Hello, Angie I’d like to introduce the family here. I’m your uncle Vernon, this is my Wife, your aunt Petunia and this is my great pride and joy my son Dudley” He said gesturing to each one of them.

“Hello, but I heard there were four of you? Another boy? Where is he?” I asked

“oh, him, he’s at a friend’s house he didn’t want to come” Petunia said snobbishly

‘okay maybe this won’t be such a fun stay after all’ I thought miserably

“Well let’s go shall we?” uncle Vernon asked

I simply nodded

***at Uncle Vernon’s house***

‘wow very artistic, all the houses look exactly the same’ I thought looking at the identical houses

“how do you know this is your house?” I asked curiously

“Because it says number four” Vernon answered

“but still, this is stupid I’m sorry but wow” I said seriously

We got out of the car and walked inside the house .

It looked nice inside, well sort of

But then I seen something…well someone very cute, gorgeous eyes.

“H-Hi, I‘m A-Angie” I stammered ‘wow not a good first impression’ I thought

“Hi, I‘m Harry” he said as if he was wondering why I was talking to him

I looked at him curiously .

“Angie, can you come here please?” Vernon asked

***Harry’s PoV***

I was wondering through the house day-dreaming when he heard the front door open.

And I seen a girl walk in ‘I wonder who she is? Is she Dudley’s girlfriend?’ I thought

‘wow no she’s to pretty’ I thought as she approached me

“H-Hi, I‘m A-Angie” the girl who was now known as Angie stuttered ‘hmm, either this Angie has been told I’m a wizard or she’s really shy’

“Hi, I’m Harry” I said wondering if she knew who I was…or what I was

She gave me a curious look when Vernon called her over

She went into the kitchen where Vernon was as I listened closely to their conversation

“I don’t want to sound rude” Vernon said

‘sure you don’t’ I thought

“But I wouldn’t go making friends with Harry” Vernon said

“Why not? he sounds nice” Angie asked curiously

‘hmm, maybe this girl isn’t so bad’ I thought

“Because he’s a freak, he does magic, he’s a wizard” Vernon answered

‘knew he was going to tell her’ I thought miserably

“Even if that was true, it doesn’t matter, he’s nice and that’s what does matter” Angie said sticking up for me

‘wow, I don’t even know her, but she’s sticking up for me, she seems nice herself’ I thought

“what are you? A freak too?” Vernon snapped at her

“How dare you say that to me! You don’t even know me!” Angie shouted back

‘wow this girl has guts’ I thought admiring her courage

“Don’t you dare yell at me! You are a guest in this house and the daughter of my sister! I have the right to yell at you!” Vernon argued

At this point I’d had enough.

I walked into the kitchen

“Get out of here boy this is none of your business!” Vernon yelled

“of course it is my business! Your talking about me so therefore it is! Now leave her alone” I yelled defending Angie

“get out both of you!” Vernon yelled

***Angie’s PoV***

I looked over to Harry

‘what was I going to do? where was I going to go?’ I thought as tears began to swell in my eyes

Harry took my hand and lead me upstairs.

He went into his room and I waited in the hallway, I didn’t want to intrude

When he came out he was dragging a trunk.

He signaled me to follow, I did

I grabbed my stuff that was by the door and followed Harry outside.

When I finally piped up the courage to ask “where are we going?”

“that’s right I forgot, are you a witch?” he asked

“No, well not that I know of” I answered

“oh, well I guess I’m breaking another rule, but hey what’s new?” he said seriously

Harry stuck out a stick and pointed it out towards the road and all the sudden a purple bus stopped in front of us.

A boy with lots of acne came out, and said “I am Stan Shunpike and I will be your conductor for this evening” He looked at Harry

“Ahh look who it is it’s ‘Arry” he said

“Hello Stan” Harry said as he walked onto the purple bus.

Stan led us to the back of the bus and we sat down.

“Harry, can I ask you something?” I asked

“you just did” Harry said smirking

“ha ha funny, what’s going to happen to me? I mean you’re a wizard and I’m well…not as far as I know…and what if someone finds out…what will they do to me?” I asked

“most likely if they found out they’d place a memory charm on you so you wouldn’t remember anything” he answered

“what they’d erase everything? My whole past?” I asked

“no, just until the part where you found out I was a wizard” he answered

I nodded in understanding

This was going to be a very weird experience in England

Soon the bus started , and boy did it start

It was extremely fast and bumpy.

“Are you sure this is safe?” I asked Harry

“Well nothing bad has happened the other two times I took this bus” He answered

“Great, just great!” I exclaimed in fright

The bus ride felt like it took forever to stop but soon Stan shouted out “The Leaky Cauldron!”

A/N:: This chapter took forever I know! Please R/R, oh and I hope you find this one at least a little bit better then the first chapter!

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