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A/N: Sorry for taking so long, I was planning to update this sooner, but I was updating The unwritten tales, and those readers were expecting for the update longer...

A/N2: Chapter dedicated to all who review the last chapter. Thanks to all: Jennee Wood; diamondintheroughs;pinkdaisys; Rosa; BabeBunny; BaybeStrawberry; GinnyRiddle; Sexysuitcase; gina; sweetKiller; MoonlightLupin; 4rm_h8_2_luv; Courtney_faith; Nancy; Alice.
Double thanks to Hullabloo, Dancing_by_magic and Mermaid who reviewed twice.

Chapter 2 – That’s just a small detail

Order Meeting, Kitchen, Grimmauld place, number 12, 11:10 pm

Daily report:
Current Mood: Tired and trying to keep myself busy
Number of times I tripped and woke up Sirius’s mother on the process: 1
(it could be worse…)
Number of accomplices recruited: 1
Number of times I considered getting married just to piss off a certain werewolf: 14
(when I say get married I mean get married to another man that is NOT the werewolf…)

What a night! When I finally hit my bed I’ll probably sleep till the next century. But I can’t go just now, we still have an Order meeting. We were supposed to meet here at 11:30 pm but we got here earlier. We had no trouble bringing Harry, so it took us less than we expected.

The others are all talking cheerfully. Thank Merlin, that way I can write with no one to disturb me…

And why do I need peace and quiet to write? Because I need to work on my evil plan of course! By the way, Operation Tame-the-werewolf-and-show-him-how-mature-and-sofisticated-Tonks-really-is is a big name… (MENTAL NOTE: find another name.)

I already have someone to help me… I talked to Ginny before dinner and she said she would help me… although I have to have a word wih her later about SUBTLETY! She giggled all during dinner, everytime Remus said something like “Nymphadora, will you pass the mashed potatoes please?

Anyway the plan isn’t going very well so far…

I tripped over that leg troll again, and managed to wake up my dear great aunt again, whose screams could be heard a mille away…


And guess who was with me at the time? You got that right, our very own Professor Lupin…

So much for the poised and sophisticated Tonks…

And guess what he told me after we managed to shut up Mrs Black?

“Don’t listen to what she says Nymphadora… Your father was a great wizard and a kind man… and you are a very talented witch too. The Tonks family should be proud of having you as their last descendent.”

Last descendent?


What is that supposed to mean?

What, he thinks I can’t get married and have kids? That no man would want me as his wife?

Well, guess what, Mr Lupin, I have tons of men after me…

Yeah, tons and tons of men…

Drop dead GORGEOUS MEN...

I just like my privacy and independence…

Anyway, if we count the incident this morning, this means the current score is Tonks 0, Lupin 2.

But that won’t be for long, or my name isn’t Nymphadora Calipso Tonks!

Here comes Dumbledore, got to go.


my room, 3rd floor, Grimmauld place number 12, 00:09 am

Current mood: evil joy
Current score: Tonks 1, Lupin 2

I love Sirius!

(No not that way, he’s my cousin, you sick people!)

The meeting was over, not much happened, but I couldn’t write it here anyway… but that’s not important, at least not for now…

I was just getting up to go to my room when an owl dropped in front of me.. it was a letter from Dawlish, my partner at work.


Don’t forget to bring that report tomorrow… you now, the one I asked you A MONTH AGO! If you forget one more time you’re as good as dead…


“Got a letter from a friend?” Remus asked mildly

“Well, it’s not really a friend….” I answered… don’t look at me like that I wasn’t lying! It’s not my fault if they understood wrong…

“It’s a bit late for sending letters isn’t it?” he continued

I didn’t even had to answer, Sirius did all the dirty work for me!

“Tonks has a boyfriend! Aww, the little girl is all grown up! Tonks, I hope your mother already explained you all about the birds and the bees…” Sirius said winking at me…

HA! Life is being too kind to me! (Mental note: take Snuffles for a walk outside as a reward!)

And the best part is that Remus left the kitchen and went to his room without saying anything. Yea, no joke! Mr I’m-nice-all-the-time went to bed without even saying goodnight!

He’s probably still shocked with the discovery that I have a boyfriend and am a desirable women… Apparently our dear Professor can’t handle the truth!

Except that I don’t have a boyfriend..

Ah, well, that’s just a small detail…

I just came from Ginny and Hermione’s room. I went there to settle things with Ginny for tomorrow, and Hermione was awake, so I thought, why not, better two accomplices than one… besides she helped me to come up with another name a little shorter than the first one: Operation TLSW that stands for Tame-Lupin-in-a-Sofisticated-Way.

Ginny kept laughing and joking during our entire meeting, saying that TLSW standed for Tonks-Loves-the-Sexy-Werewolf.

She is getting TOO FUNNY for my own sake… something tells me she’ll be my next target once I’m through with Professor Lupin…

Anyway, according to the girls Remus’s routine is always the same… he wakes up at 7:00 am, takes a shower and exactly at 7:30am he enters the kitchen. He picks up his mug, pours some hot chocolate, grabs the Daily Prophet and sits at the table.

Here’s the plan for tomorrow:

7:30 – Remus enters kitchen and grabs his mug, pouring hot chocolate into it
7:31 – Ginny enters the Kitchen, pretends to trip over something and bumps into Remus breaking his mug on the process
7:32 – The beautifull, mature, desirable and sophisticated Tonks enters the Kitchen, but she doesn’t break Remus’s mug. WHY? Because Ginny already broke it!
7:34 – Tonks sits in front of Remus for Breakfast
7:35 – An owl enters the kitchen and brings a romantic singing card (sent by Hermione, but no one needs to know that) to the beautiful and desirable Tonks.
7:37 – Remus apologises Tonks for being such a git.

Why the hell am I talking about myself in the third person? Never mind, it’s a great plan!

I am so brilliant I even amaze myself…

A/N I'm not sure if I'm doing the hours right, I'm not used to the am/pm system... also I want to apologise for any mistakes you may find, but English isn't my natural language...

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