I look into her green eyes, returning her smile, “The name’s Wood, Oliver Wood.” I start the introductions.

The girl’s eyes brighten and I hear her bold voice speak, “I’m Eleanor. Eleanor Dellude.”

Chapter 8: Reverie

“Eleanor…” I test out her name, a small smile tugging at my lips. The girl grins and lets out a light laugh. Tossing her a wink for flirting’s sake I add, “I hope you don’t think me so forward when I say you have a very charming smile.”

The girl, Eleanor, arches one of her crescent eyebrows and smirks knowingly, crossing her arms over her chest. “And don’t think me so forward when I say that you, Monsieur Wood are quite the charmer.”

I smile. The girl’s rather cute. I shake my head no and she giggles lightly, brushing her silk curls from her shoulders, she turns around to face the people in the room, “This, is Oliver Wood.” She announces in a clear assertive tone.

She’s not shy, that’s for sure. I have to admit I’m a bit impressed with her people skills. “So when’s the Captain showing up, or is he a late for his own meeting?” I crack with a grin.

Eleanor laughs and tweaks my nose, “You’re cute,” She admits as she walks off. Spinning around I see a clipboard in her hand. “Right, so Sweet-Olli, you’re the last one…” The girl murmurs it mostly to herself, but everyone could hear her if they listened. “That means we’re all here then--”

“But,” I press on, “What about the Captain?” The boy hasn’t stood up and made clear who he was yet.

The girl looks at me rather incredulously. “Sweet-Olli, I am the Captain.”

This hits me like a ton of bricks.

OK, maybe not a ton…but a whole damned lot of them!

I couldn’t very well say anything offensive or splurt out my thoughts now could I? But why that girl as Captain? She looked to be the smallest, least qualified, girl! Sure, she was a good enough leader…but she just seemed so…I don’t know…weak!

Oh stop it you blubbering oaf! Kori was just her size! Maybe even smaller – and her team was a worthy opponent!

It’s Kyler! And she’s different! She doesn’t count!

Why not??

Because I don’t want her to!

Excuses, excuses…

You wanna take this outside??

I’m fighting with myself!!

Wow. I just had an episode there…I shake my head and see the whole team staring at me. Don’t tell me I just stood there battling my own thoughts!! I must have looked like an idiot!

Eleanor laughs and pats my shoulder smiling, though with a light hint of uncertainty, “Alright, you’re quite the character Olli…” She watches me for a few more seconds before turning back to her clipboard and beginning role-call.

I memorize the names to their faces at once.

“Lavinya Cuninghamm – Chaser.” The tall girl with model-like features.

“Arnold Kidler – Beater.” Frumpy-looking boy…he shall henceforth be mentally referred to as Sir Frump.

“Kaitlyn Stylls – Chaser.” Ooh la la, gorgeous red head with dazzling blue eyes…wait, oh god, she reminds me of a Weasley. They’re like family—eugh off limits, off limits!

“Jonathan Jerome – Chaser.” Hehe…Jayjay…

“Vinchenzo Xavier – Beater.” Small-built kid. Why are our beaters so tiny? Vinchenzo…that’s like Vinnie…which is like…a name for a Hitman. I can see it now: Vinnie X.small-man hitman…

“Oliver Wood – Keeper.” Damn straight!

“And that leaves me,” Eleanor put down the clipboard, eyes rather steady and scrutinizing, “Lil’ Elle, as Seeker.” The girl eyed her Quidditch team, and I can see it in her expression that she isn’t impressed by the beaters either, nevertheless, she shakes it off and calls us to our first practice out on the field.

Finally, some flying once more. Oliver Wood rides again!


Oh my effing god I’m so sore…that Lil’ Elle…sure drives one hard warm up. To think, today was just a small taste…no, a tastette, of what is to come. Oh dear god I near more than shin guards just playing on this team!

I underestimated the girl…she’s damned hard core. I am collapsed on the couch of the Café, staring at the fire as the flames leap up and burn the wood they feed on…

That reminds me…I’m hungry.

“You look like you could use something to eat.” Elle’s voice breaks into my exhaustion and I smile up at her gratefully. In her hand is a warm muffin and a cup of coffee. She laughs when I grab at the muffin hungrily, but keeps the coffee for herself. “Did I over-work my poor wittle Olli?” She mocked.

I laugh between mouthfuls and ease up so that at least I am half-sitting. “You over-worked me from left, right, and center!” I exclaim tiredly, which only causes her smile to brighten with amusement.

“Well, between you and me, this was probably the hardest I’ll work you lot all season.”

I…I can’t breath. I think I’ve just lost all control over my mind. “P-Pardon??” I practically choke out with hesitated relief. She’d better not be pulling my leg that would be a cruel joke!!

Elle laughed, “I just wanted to give you newbies a scare.” She smirked knowingly, “Intimidation never hurt a team. And fighting against it builds character.”

I admire her confidence, but that work out really was bloody murder! “Well, between you and me, I’m more than relieved to here you say that.” I let out a sigh of thanks and drop my head on the couch.

The girl stands from her seat and smiles, holding her coffee close to her lips, “Alright, rest well, Olli,” She bids me goodnight, “We have to be up bright and early tomorrow for practice.” And with that said she leaves me on the couch in the café to stare into the fires on my own.

Closing my eyes I hear her voice and see her smile…what is this, premarital anxiety?

Nah…you just wanna get out of the wedding to Leila by any means…

Is that true? Do I wanna get out of the arranged marriage by any means?

Didn’t we just go through this?? Yes! You do!

Any means…


I open my eyes and scowl as the leaping fire before me blazes into a flurry of green flames. Gaze wandering to the clock I see it’s a quarter past two. Who in their right mind would be Floo-ing at this hour--?


No effing way. I’m stunned, frozen straight on the spot. There, before me, is a short, slender girl with ravishing black hair and large violet eyes, “Kori,” I breath out before I even realize anything else.

The girl is watching me, as if afraid of me. I can tell she doesn’t want to be anywhere near me. “I—I don’t know how I got here.” She stutters uncertainly, eyes scanning over the foreign room desperation to get away clearly on her face.

I stand before she can find a way out and step towards her. My movements caused her eyes to still unto me and I speak when I have her attention, “Kori--” Finally have the girl right there and I don’t know what to say, I try again, “Kori--”

“Don’t!” She cuts in before I have the chance to say anything but her name, “Don’t say it, Wood, please don’t say it.” She is shaking, trembling almost…like I’m going to hurt her.

I watch her oddly, eyes soft, “Don’t say…what…?”

Kori looks at me, eyes pleading, “Don’t say how you feel, please—I…I can’t hear it anymore…” It’s like she wants to erase me completely from her life! That does it…

“Hear what?” I challenge, nearing her, “Hear the fact that I love you?”


“The fact that I’ve never stopped thinking about you since we parted?”

Stop it!”

“The fact that we were meant for each other and you know it?”

Oliver, please!

I stop when she says my name. Oliver…I love how she says my name. Kori blinks and eyes me dangerously, as if I could explode any minute. I shake my head and reach out to touch her hand, which she doesn’t draw away. At once memories of our love flush through me and everything else I forget. “Kori…I love you…” I murmur gently, delicately.

Kori’s lip trembles and I can see the hesitance in her eyes, she tries to pull away but I already have her hand. I won’t let her go that easily! “Wait, Kori, just listen to me.” She won’t hear it, “Please!”

“What is there to hear??” She gives up, falling into my chest when I pull her back. She’s limp in my arms. A fragile doll. “How we can never be together no matter what? How you’re off engaged to some wench who doesn’t deserve you? How no matter how hard I try, how much I wish I could, I can never stop you from haunting my dreams?”

I don’t know what to say, and instead let her finish ranting off about me. When I think she’s settled, I cradle her closely and kiss her hair, “Kori…” What more is there to say…?

Kori sniffs and lifts her head to meet my gaze. Her eyes are all teary, large and hopeful, yet fearful and lonely all the same. I want to kiss her pain away. “I love you, Oliver…” She whispers gently…almost sounding ashamed.

I place my fingers beneath her chin and softly trace her lips, “I’ve been waiting all summer to hear you that…” Leaning forward I catch her tears with my kiss and delve into the sweet rapture of her love…


I jerk my head up to see the furious eyes of Elle standing at the doorway. Head spinning, I search the room with a swift gaze before realizing it is morning…and the fire is out. Sitting up I scowl, “What…what is it?” I yawn.

Eleanor stomps up to me, “What is it?!” She snarls impatiently, “What is it?!!” The girl thwacks at me with the straw-end of her broom, “What is it, he asks!!”

“Elle!” I whine agitatedly as I bustle on off the couch and wipe the sleep from my eyes, “What is it??!!”

The girl laughs sarcastically, “PRACTICE!” She squawks, “YOU’VE SLEPT IN YOU LAZY TROLL!!” I know she’s not really angry with me, it’s just Captain’s instinct to beat at the late-risers.

I grab at her broom and pull her so close our noses are almost touching. She’s shocked. “Gimme 2 minutes.” I growl at her, then let her go.

Elle, a bit flustered, scowls at me, but there is a hint of humor in her eyes, “One minute. Be out on the field in one minute or I’ll have your behind.”

I shoot her a smirk, “Would you put it with all the other asses you’ve rightfully stolen?”

She only rolls her eyes and walks off to the field signaling the rest of the team that I was in fact not dead. I have to smile as I grab my robes and summon my broom. The sun was shining, skies clear, I had Quidditch practice…there was only one thing that brought the down my mood.

My Kori was but a dream.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
A/N: Wow, I’m so sorry to keep you all waiting, but my writers block really won’t go away. I had to struggle quite a bit with this chapter >.< but I love this whole fic so much and so many of you who like it to just give up on it. So I shall keep pushing through, trying to get the chapters out. I hope it’s ok, I didn’t feel quite in character but decided writer’s block or not it was high-time I updated. So this is the product of that…how was it? **please review** d

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