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disclaimer: i just own the plot It had been a couple of weeks since Lily and James had started dating, but not very many people were aware of this. James wanted to shout it from the rooftops, but Lily worried that, though they had been spending time together as friends this year, it would still come as a shock for people to see them together. People were used to her turning James down multiple times in a day, not holding his had and batting her eyelashes at him. If someone asked her if they were dating, she wouldn’t deny it, she just didn’t see the point in making a public spectacle of their relationship. This was how she felt, at least, until the day she saw James having an exuberant conversation with a very pretty Ravenclaw girl. It was the beginning of dinner, and Lily was running behind arriving because she had stayed to ask Professor McGonagall a question. When she walked into the Great Hall, she was about to take her usual seat next to James , but stopped when she saw the Ravenclaw laughing openly and touching a hand to James’ shoulder. Lily stood watching this progress for a few minutes, anger coursing through her entire body. She couldn’t stand the way the girl was laughing at what he was saying as if it were the funniest thing she’d ever heard– ok, he was terribly funny, but the other girls weren’t supposed to know that, Lily inwardly grumbled. Lily couldn’t handle it anymore when the girl reached around James to write something on his parchment lying on the table in front of him. Stalking over to the pair, Lily tapped the Ravenclaw on the shoulder. “Excuse me,” she more demanded than requested. With that, she grabbed James by the collar of his robes and kissed him as though she’d never see him again. It took a moment for James to realize what was happening, but he immediately raised his hands to her face and leaned into the kiss when he did. No sooner had James responded that Lily pulled away. Smirking at the Ravenclaw girl, she turned on her heel and strutted from the Great Hall. She was barely through the portrait hole when James flew in after her. “Bloody hell, you don’t just kiss a bloke like that and then--” “What are you playing at, Potter?” Lily interrupted forcefully. James stepped towards her, completely confused. “What– I– Lily– you’re the one that kissed me!” Lily ignored this and continued on her tirade. “What– you finally got the unconquerable Lily Evans to fall for you, so now you’re on to your next task?!” Hurt was shining in her eyes. “Lily, no– I have no idea what you’re talking about! Where did this come from?” James stood in front of her and placed his hands firmly on her shoulders. Willing her tears not to fall, she spat back, “who was that girl, then?!” She pulled back from James’ grasp. “Who?” James asked, looking puzzled. “The Ravenclaw? What’s she got to do with anything?” “Are you telling me that you wouldn’t wonder what was going on if you walked in on some guy flirting like crazy with me– and me not stopping him?” James opened his mouth to respond, then closed it. He looked at her in silence for a moment. “I’d be insanely jealous.” Lily’s expression softened a little. “Lily, she’s just a classmate. We’re in Divination together and we were just discussing the latest assignment, that’s all, I swear.” He leaned in towards her and hugged her. “You really have no clue how much you mean to me, do you?” James pulled away slightly so that he could see her face. “This isn’t just some silly crush or infatuation. Do you honestly think I’d spend this much time and put that much effort into a relationship I could easily throw away?” Lily closed her eyes and realized how horribly wrong she had been about him. How could she have not known how wonderful he was? When she opened her eyes, he was staring at her intently, and she most definitely had not expected what he said next. “Lily, don’t you understand that I love you?” She felt light-headed and her heart had jumped up to her throat, so she did the only thing she could think of. Lily wrapped her arms around his middle and pulled him closer. “I’m sorry,’ she whispered. James put his arms around her protectively and kissed the top of her head. “Absolutely nothing I need you to apologize for.”

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