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Ron was tying his shoelace and heading out the door to the Parmela Bar to meet Hermione. “Hi, do you know where I might find Hermione?” asked Ron to the bartender
“Yea, she’s in the alley” the bartender said gruffly gesturing toward the back door.
“Thanks” said Ron walking out the door and turning into the alley.
“You came” said Hermione standing up to get a better look “so… you’re getting married?”
“Yes this afternoon at the park on Larson’s Avenue” said Ron shuffling his feet.
“Oh yea I know where that is” said Hermione.
“Well I’d better go and get ready” said Ron turning to go.
“Yea you better you don’t want to be late being the groom and all” said Hermione stepping across the threshold into the kitchen. “Bye” she said before shutting the door.
“Bye” replied Ron walking to his car.

Ron was tightening his black tie and watching his reflection in the mirror. Felicity who was at her mother’s house getting ready as well was watching her mom do her hair she looked almost like a princess with her long flowing gown and silver tiara in her lap. She smiled slightly “It’s your wedding day you should be happier” said her mom.
“I just keep thinking of that girl Ron introduced me to yesterday” said Felicity.
“Why was she odd or something” said her mom giggling to herself.
“No mom she was beautiful and from I took in smart too” said Felicity carefully putting the dainty tiara in her hair. She stood up to see her self she was a princess her dainty little nose her rosy cheeks her delicate lips these were all the things Ron liked about her. Ron got in his car drove to wedding when he got there, there were about 80 guests all getting settled in the seats all nicely lined up in neat little rows with pink and purple garland dangling off the chairs. He found the preacher and said “we’re starting in five minutes”
“Ok ill be ready, is your bride here yet?” asked the preacher.
“No I was just going to call her” said Ron heading to a nearby tree and pulling out his cell phone he had just recently aquired and dialing Felicity’s number. “Hello” said Felicity.
“Honey are on your way?” asked Ron strolling the park.
“Yes me and mom are getting into the car right now so we’ll see you there” said Felicity.
“Ok, I love you” said Ron stopping from walking.
“I… love you too” said Felicity hanging up the phone with an unsure face. Ron found his bride’s maid and got in line to start the wedding. When the music started he slowly made his way toward the preacher before letting go of his bride’s maid all the groom’s men and bride’s maid followed and shortly after the little flower girl made her way up the isle. Then the ‘Wedding March’ came on and his beautiful bride made her way towards him he had longed for this moment for so long that it all most seemed to be in slow motion. Felicity was given away by her father and given to Ron who gently grasped her slender hands. The preacher began and before they new it he was saying, “to who ever objects please speak now or forever hold your peace” for a couple seconds it was silent then to Ron astonishment Felicity said “I object” the whole crowd gasped.
“What but I love you” said Ron.
“No you love that Hermione girl I saw it in your eyes the minute you introduced me” said Felicity now in tears. The preacher closed his bible with a snap and said “well…”
“I’m sorry, I just can’t love someone who loves someone else” said Felicity drying her tears a bit.
“You know old relationships die hard you said it your self” said Ron holding her at arms length as to look her straight in the eye.
“Yea but this is not an old relationship it’s still happening right now” said Felicity.
“Please” said Ron now crying also.
“I’m sorry” said Felicity grabbing her dress and running away. Her graceful feet seemed to barely touch the ground as she ran away.
“Felicity wait” yelled Ron.
“For what for you to have a few a years with her and then come back to me I don’t think so” Yelled Felicity across the park her mascara running down her face with every tear. As she faded away into the distance Ron collapsed as he watched the guests scurry to their cars to get out of the rain.

What seemed like forever to Ron but really only a few minutes he saw a red car pull up at the sidewalk he started to get up but fell to his knees again. He could not make out the figure that was walking toward him through the fog but soon enough he found himself in the arms of a women, Hermione.
“What are you doing aren’t you supposed to be getting married” said Hermione pulling him to his feet.
“Yes but sadly she ran away” said Ron walking to her car.
“What she ran away” said Hermione in astonishment. “Why?”
“Because I love you” said Ron as they were pulling away from the curb.
“What… you love me” said Hermione stopping the car.
“Yes I’ve loved you ever since third year” said Ron they were looking into each others eyes now.
“But I thought you loved Felicity” said Hermione.
“I did until she got me to realize I loved you” said Ron with a loving look in his eye.
“How could you love me I ran away from you and Harry and called you freaks” said Hermione.
“That’s all in the past” said Ron now smiling. Hermione started driving again unsure of what to say.

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