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    A week and a half later Ron, Hermione, Ginny, and Zenia sat at the dining room table. Bill and Fleur sat at one end with tons of Muggle bridal magazines spread out in front of them. The four friends sat as far away as possible from the couple.

    Amid the clatter of dishes, forks, spoons, knives and wedding chatter the four talked about what they would do that day.

    “I say we all go into town. We could shop.” Ginny ate a forkful of eggs.

    Zenia chimed in, between bites of bacon. “I don’t think so. We did that earlier this week. I say we just hang out.”

    “We could stu…” but Hermione only got out half of the word because everyone else shouted “NO!”

    There was silence for a few minutes as everyone ate and contemplated what would be on the agenda for the day.

    “You know,” Ron said after finishing his sausage. “I don’t think we’ve played Quidditch yet.”

    “Yeah! We need to practice. I want to try out for the team this year.” Ginny seemed content with the choice.

    Zenia, however, looked hesitant. “What’s that?”

    Everyone looked shocked, even Bill turned to the group. It was obvious that he wasn’t listening to Fleur; he was listening to them.

    “You don’t know what Quidditch is?”


    “Oh my gosh! The sport is bloody brilliant. There’s seven players. And three goal posts and four balls. They play on broomsticks, way up in the air. I’m the Keeper of the Griffindor team! Harry’s the Seeker. Katie is the only remaining Chaser so we need two more and two Beaters. Everyone follows the sport in Europe. My favourite team is….” All of this was said very quickly so hardly anyone could understand. Near the end Ginny shut Ron up by stuffing a biscuit in his wide-open mouth.

    “Okay, rule one. Don’t get him talking about his favourite Quidditch players, or teams. Two, I don’t think you caught that so we will spend the day explaining the basic principals and rules to you. We can all play tomorrow. Who knows, you may be pretty good…”

    Hermione got up and grabbed a book. Ron rolled his eyes when she returned with Hogwarts: A History. “You’re reading that for what, the thirtieth time?”

    “No, only the twentieth.”

    Ron shook his head and launched into an explanation of his favourite sport. “Okay, so you have seven players. Three of them are called Chasers and the Chasers handle the Quaffle…”


    Ron, Hermione, Ginny and Zenia sat in the living room that night. Tonks had shown up earlier. She and Mrs. Weasley were deep in conversation and nursing cups of tea in the kitchen. Ron read about the Chudley Cannons in a magazine. Hermione knitted more house elf hats while Crookshanks batted the ball of yarn around the room. Ginny was playing solitaire on the floor and Zenia was curled up in a chair petting Zeke and working on an assignment for her Potions class.

    A few moments later Mrs. Weasley bustled in followed by her magic clock. “Time for bed children.”

    Everyone got up wearily. Hermione chased after her ball of yarn before following Ron and Ginny up the stairs. Zenia brought up the rear with her essay in hand and Zeke on her shoulder. Molly put her hand on Zenia’s arm as she approached the steps.

    “Darling, Harry is supposed to be arriving tonight. Why don’t you join Tonks and I in the kitchen until he and Mr. Weasley come in?”

    “Thanks. I would like that.” She went into the kitchen. “Hi, Tonks. How are you doing?”

    “I’m okay.” But she didn’t look okay. She looked all grungy and unkempt with ragged hair and plain robes.

    “Are you sure there isn’t anything you want to talk about?” Zenia sat down opposite her and poured a cup of tea.

    “I’m sure that Zenia wouldn’t mind trying to help you Tonks. She’s very smart. Maybe she could come up with an idea.” Mrs. Weasley sat back down at the table.

    Tonks put her head on her arms. Zenia could hear her crying. “There’s nothing anyone can do. He already said he doesn’t want me and that any sort of relationship would be too dangerous for me…I hate that he doesn’t understand that he’s worth the risk!”

    “Guy problem hmm…and he says he doesn’t want you because a relationship would be too dangerous for you?”

    “Yeah.” Tonks lifted her head so she could see Zenia better.

    Zenia leaned her head on her hand and took a sip of tea. “Sounds to me like he likes you.”

    Tonks began to protest but Zenia cut her off. “Let me finish. It sounds like he likes you very, very much. The fact that he doesn’t want you to get hurt is a good indication. And it’s more than obvious that you love him. I’m sure that he is worth the risk the problem is getting him to see it. Have you tried to talk to him?”



    “No, because he won’t let us be alone. Ever.”

    “Which means he defiantly likes you.”

    “Why’s that?”

    “He obviously likes you because he doesn’t want you two alone. Don’t you see? He probably wants you as much as you want him. If he let the two of you be alone, he knows something would happen. And he doesn’t want to hurt you. He’s trying to tell himself that the relationship is destined to fail before it happens so that he doesn’t have to even try. Lots of guys do it.”

    “How do you know?”

    “I just do. It happened to me in Australia. This boy that I wanted to date kept telling me that it was too dangerous. And he wouldn’t talk to me alone. Finally I got through to him and we went out on a few dates. He was great, but I had to turn his parents in as Death Eaters. On our last date they came in and tried to kill me. But he stepped in the way.” Zenia looked away. “It was incredible to find a guy who didn’t believe as he had been taught.”

    Tonks patted her hand. “I’m sorry. Thanks for everything.”

    “There was a knock on the back door. Molly got up to answer it. “Harry! Thank goodness.”

    Harry stepped in the door to see Zenia and Tonks at the table. Tonks got up. “Molly, thanks again. I’ll see you.” She walked out the door and dissapperated on the same place that Dumbledore had just moments before.

    Zenia’s smile was enormous as Harry walked in the door. She got up and walked around the table. Harry met her half way and gathered her into a hug. “I’ve missed you so much.”

    “I know. It’s been fun making friends here but it was still torture to know you were with your horrible aunt and uncle. I’ve read your letters everyday.” She pulled slightly away. Molly looked at the pair and smiled.
    “Is anyone hungry?”

    “Starving, thank you Mrs. Weasley.” Harry took Zenia’s hand and led her to the table. Mrs. Weasley conjured up two bowls of onion soup and a loaf of bread. Then she went to her basket of laundry and glanced at the clock perched on top of it. Zenia and Harry talked softly. Molly sighed. The pair looked at her.

    “Is something wrong Mrs. Weasley?”

    She came back to the table with another pot of tea. “Ever since the incident at the Ministry, the hands have all been stuck.”

    Harry clanked at the clock. All of the Weasley’s names were stuck at “Mortal Peril.” Suddenly the hand labelled with Mr. Weasley’s name whirred to “Travelling” then back to “Mortal Peril.”

    Harry smiled at Zenia as Mr. and Mrs. Weasley talked through the door. Mrs. Weasley turned bright red and opened the door to Mr. Weasley. “I can’t wait to have what they have. They are so adorable.” Zenia gazed at the Weasley’s as they kissed.

    “Harry. Zenia. Time for bed.” Mrs. Weasley shuffled the pair upstairs after conjuring up a bowl of soup for her husband. When the trio got to Ginny’s room Zenia kissed Harry on the cheek.

    “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

    Harry smirked and followed Mrs. Weasley to his room.

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