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A/N: Let's all say it together: They're CANON!!!

He’s probably a very disturbed person

August, 2nd
my room, 3rd floor, Grimmauld place number 12, 8:13 p.m.

Daily Report:
Mood: Burning anger
Number of times I tripped: 2;
Number of people that I currently hate that is not a Dark Wizard: 1
Number of times I tried to burn my pyjamas but couldn’t get through with it, because of personal attachment: 42

I broke his mug…


The blue one, which he uses every morning at breakfast.
Or at least I think he does.

I’ve only stayed for the night at Grimmauld Place 5 times so far. Sometimes I come so late from Order duty that I’m just too tired to go home, and Sirius so kindly arranged a room in the house for me, wher I am right now. I’m actually starting to feel like it’s really my room, and… oh wait! What was I talking about anyway?

Oh yeah… Those 5 times I stayed here and went down for breakfast, there he was, sitting on the end o f the table, Daily Prophet on one hand, blue mug exhaling sweet hot chocolate scent on the other.

And I broke his mug.

Every single time.

Yeah, all 5 times!

And every time he calmly would take out his wand and mutter Reparo.

This morning was no different.

I woke up at 7:25 or so with molly banging at my door “Wake up Tonks!”
I covered my head with my pillow but I couldn’t prevent myself from listening to Molly’s next scream “And it’s no use covering your head with your pillow, if you’re not down in 5 minutes I will come and get you again!”

Reluctantly I stood up, thinking if Molly had a magical eye like Moody. I was so lost in my thoughts that my foot entangled on the blankets and I landed on the floor, hurting my left ankle on the way.

So, I did the only logical thing to do! I went to the kitchen, jumping on my right foot all the way down (because I couldn’t support myself on my other foot, obviously) and hopefully Molly would be able to help me.

The only thing I wasn’t counting on was… the dungbomb on the floor. (MENTAL NOTE: Tell Ginny to stop doing that.)

I tripped and was already preparing to hit the floor when I realised I bumped into someone. I heard the sound of a mug breaking on the floor and immediately I realised who I had bumped into.

I raised my eyes slowly to meet his grey ones.
“I’m sorry… “I muttered.

“It’s ok, Nymphadora, no harm done.” He smiled slightly and repaired his mug.
He’s really good at these Reparo spells… well, at least he has enough experience…

“Nice pyjamas, by the way.”

I looked down just to realise that I was still wearing my pyjamas.

The red one…

… with white little hearts that glow in the dark.

And now I’m here sitting on my room floor, writing in this notebook.

Yes, because this is a notebook, not a diary! Diaries are for silly little girls, with no love life, that have nothing better to do.

Anyway, I hate Remus Lupin.

Seriously, I do.

And why do I hate him, you ask?
Haven’t you just read what I wrote?
Ok, go back again and read it. Read it?
Well? Figured it out now?

He is so freaking NICE!!! Always, always nice! Even when I break his mug for the 5th time.

OH, I know what he’s thinking right now…” Poor Nymphadora (Why does he always has to use my first name?) always so clumsy… Let’s all help Nymphadora, and be nice to her, and show her how pitiful she is. And on the meantime let’s all make a comment about her pyjamas, making her feel like she’s 5 years old!”


I hate him.

I mean, I don’t really hate him like I hate You Know Who, or my aunt Bella, or all the Death Eaters now that I come to think of it….

Ok, so I don’t really hate him, but he gets on my nerves so much!!!

He’s probably a very disturbed person. It’s not possible for someone to be so polite all the time.

Oh but I’m going t make him regret the day he tried to be nice to me.
I think it’s time for the quiet Marauder to be target of a little mischief.

Operation Tame-the-werewolf-and-show-him-how-mature-and-sofisticated-Tonks-really-is begins today.

To do list

#1 – Recruit accomplices;
#2 – Find out his daily routine;
#3 - Well… after I’m through with #1 and #2 I’ll think of #3.

Bummer, I have to go to work.


My Auror office, 11:53 a.m.

Daily Report:
Mood: Bored to death
Number of times I fell asleep: 3
Number of times I went to the bathroom just so I could check out that guy from the Magical Law Enforcement Patrol: 0
(I know, major improvement! I don’t even think he’s that cute anymore…)

Yep, another boring day with nothing to do. Fudge is still trying to deny that something is going on, meaning that the Aurors have nothing to do really. At least we’re going to get Harry tonight. That should be fun!


12:02, still on my office

An owl just came in and landed in front of me, jumping up and down on top of my desk.
Wait a second… it’s Pig! Why would Ron write to me? Maybe it’s Ginny…



I take back what I said.

I hate him.

Guess what? The letter wasn’t from Ginny… it’s from Professor Lupin

Dear Nymphadora

I’m writing just to remind you that we’ll be getting Harry tonight. Meet us at Grimmauld Place at 8.00 pm. bring your broomstick ok? Hope you have a nice day. Molly says you can come to dinner; we would all love your company.

Yours sincerely

See? He’s making fun of me! I guess he’s not that nice afterall…
He said, and I quote, “We would all love your company”. You didn’t get it? Why would he use the word love if he could use something like enjoy?

I think it’s a bit obvious!

Love --- Heart --- pyjamas --- He’s making fun of me!!!

He probably thinks I’m pathetic.

And a kid.

He thinks I’m a pathetic kid.

No way I’m going to that dinner.



But Molly is such a good cooker…



I’m not going!


6:59 pm

I’m going. Can’t resist Molly’s cooking.

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