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disclaimer: same old, i dont own names or characters “So, Lil, do tell us what brought on this sudden change of heart towards James Potter,” Melanie prodded Halloween morning while the two of them and Amelia were beginning the walk to Hogsmeade. She shook her head and grinned. “Whatever are you talking about?” “What everyone else in the castle is?” Melanie offered, hoping to get Lily to spill the truth. Lily looked at her and shook her again. “Rubbish.” Amelia raised her eyebrow suspiciously. “Right. So... is he a good kisser?” Lily spun around, her mouth open in shock and her cheeks an almost indistinguishable shade of pink. “I most definitely wouldn’t know!” Melanie giggled as Amelia continued. “What have you two been up to, then?” Lily rolled her eyes. “Girls and boys are allowed to be friends, you know.” “Yeah, we know that, we just weren’t aware that you did,” Melanie teased, placing an arm around Lily’s shoulder and pulling her into a hug. Lily jokingly pushed her friend away. All three turned their attention to a loud, roaring sound behind them. The Marauders were loudly singing (if you could call what they were doing singing), something about throwing a barmaid over the side of a ship. James stopped singing when he caught Lily’s eye, but continued to smile enthusiastically. Lily grinned back and waved at him, not only surprising James but herself as well. She couldn’t believe how easy it was becoming to enjoy his company as of late. He was always joking to make her laugh, but was mature about it. It seemed to Lily that he had given up most of his childish antics, such as constantly pranking the Slytherins and asking her out twenty times a day. She now found his actions more funny than stupid, and felt a giddy sensation whenever he smiled at her as he was doing now. Though she never imagined this feeling could be from anything more than friendship, she couldn’t deny that she loved the way he made her feel. She especially liked that she didn’t have to pretend as if she hated him anymore. After ducking from Sirius’ hand trying to mess up his hair, James jogged up the path to where the girls stood. He placed one hand on the small of Lily’s back and ushered the other two forwards with his other hand. “Come on, ladies, I don’t know who let these animals out of their cages, but we better hurry up before they get any closer.” The three girls laughed as the rest of the Marauders caught up to them, Sirius jumping up on James’ back in an attempt to wrestle him to the ground. The group of seven spent the afternoon leisurely browsing the small shops of Hogsmeade, the girls laughing endlessly at the jokes and insults the boys threw back and forth at each other. It amazed Lily how well they all clicked, even though they were all so different. Sirius and James were the most alike, however Sirius was more laid back (a few months before, Lily wouldn’t have thought that possible) but lost interest in things fairly quickly– including girls– whereas James liked to focus all of his efforts on one particular thing until he accomplished it, which she found rather adorable. Wait– did she just say that? Yes, she decided, and it was true. He honestly had changed for the better since taking on the role of Head Boy, she contemplated with herself. Maybe... maybe if he still liked her, and he were to ask her out like he used to, maybe... maybe she would agree... Lily was pulled from her thoughts as James whispered, “a pretty flower for a pretty girl,” in her ear, standing behind her and holding a small, white lily in front of her. He wasn’t sure if his small romantic gesture would push his luck with her, but judging by the smile on her face, he felt he was still on good grounds with her. James was almost tempted to kiss her right there (which was what the old James would have done) but he refrained. Noticing how his constant hounding of her to date him had only succeeded in making her angry, he had also refrained from that. James liked the way things were progressing far too much to risk screwing them up at this point. * * * Later that evening, in the seventh year Gryffindor girls dormitory, Lily stood, tilting her head and looking inquisitively at her reflection in the mirror. “Do I look alright?” Amelia poked her head around her four-poster as she adjusted her skirt. “ look like you always do, if that’s what you mean.” Lily looked at her disappointedly. “Oh.” Sensing the upset tone in Lily’s voice without having to look at her, Amelia crossed the room to stand beside her friend. “Lily, you’re one of the prettiest girls at school, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the way you look.” She smiled weakly at the compliment. “Thanks... I guess I just, I don’t know... wanted to look nice tonight, that’s all...” Melanie had just come into the room. Well, we can fix that! No problem!” She flicked her wand before lily could protest and her red locks began to twist themselves to form a fancy ponytail high on her head. Lily admired the effect in the mirror and smiled. “Cute.” A spell floated through the doorway that immediately changed lily’s jeans and tee-shirt to a black corduroy skirt and a long-sleeved, form fitting black and green striped shirt. “Now that’s hot,” Sirius said, leaning against the doorframe and admiring his work. “Prongs is going to lose it. Anyway, you ladies reading yet?” The girls were staring at him in disbelief. How did a boy get up the stairs to the girls’ dormitory? The stairs were supposed to turn into a slide anytime a boy tried to get up them. Amelia was the first to find her voice. How on earth did you get up here?” “How did I– I’m sorry, you girls do know who I am, right?” Sirius asked incredulously. “You do know what I’m capable of, don’t you? You’ve seen my work before, I know you have!” Melanie laughed. “Right, don’t tell us, then. Let’s get your oversized head out of here before you inflate it any larger and you’re incapable of fitting it back out the door.” Amelia laughed, and Lily pointed her wand at the skirt she was now wearing and lengthened it to her knee. At the last minute before leaving her friends’ room, she raised it again slightly, smiling to herself as she did so.

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