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November 16, 1977. Great Hall.

Dear Diary,

I’ve never really had a diary before. This is such a new experience for me! My friend, Sydney literally threw this thing at me. I mean really. I was sitting nicely in the common room doing some of my homework when POTTER came in and dropped all of my bloody ink on my potions essay for Professor Slughorn! I mean, that took me hours!! I did four extra rolls for it and then he ruined all of it. I nearly cried. Well, I guess I sort of rambled on about him being a stupid, big-headed git for the better part of an hour but if it was you who had your essay ruined, would you just say: “Oh! No problem! I’ll just spend the next day and a half working on the essay again and then I’ll go pick daisies and frolic in the corn fields!" Yeah didn’t think so. Despite the fact we have no corn fields, I don’t think ANYONE would say that. Well, back to my story, Sydney got a tad bit aggravated with me and sort of dug up this diary and sort of chucked it at my head. You know for a leather bound book, you really hurt. Oh Merlin, I sound so stupid. I’m saying “you” as in this diary. I’m going crazy. I’ve been hanging out with James way to much.

No. I just said James. Oh no. NO! THIS CAN’T BE HAPPENING! Well, I mean… nothing’s happening. I was just you know, being funny and everything and I thought it would be a really funny joke if---… why am I explaining myself to a book? It’s not like you can talk back anyway. Okay well maybe I can tell you about myself. That’d be an interesting read for my future children and husband right? Actually, I don’t think I’d let my future children and husband read this. What if I wrote something about how I was not doing my homework… or how it was my “time of the month” OR if I was writing about my future husband saying how he was a big-headed idiot and… STOP. STOP IT LILY.

As you can see, my name is Lily Evans. My mum and dad, Laura and John Evans are muggles otherwise known as nonmagical folk! Oh! I forgot, I’m a witch. Not that kind of witch but a witch who can do magic and potions and all of that! Really quite amazing. I’m the very first witch in my whole family. My prat of a sister is jealous of me and every year when I come home from school she stands there making snide remarks about me being abnormal and being a freak and all of that. It’s quite stupid actually. I mean why wouldn’t you WANT to have a sister who can do magic? I could cook things quickly for her or clean or anything! That’s beside the point. Anyway, I go to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and I’m in my seventh year. I’ve been prefect since fifth year AND I’m Head Girl now. I’m top in my class this year. My three best friends, Alice, Sydney, and Victoria are the best friends you can find in this whole school. They aren’t like all those really annoying girls who are in the Marauders fan club. But by far, the worst part of my year: James Potter is Head Boy. We share a dormitory, a bathroom, a common room, and rounds.

Okay so maybe, just maybe he’s become more mature than all the other years I’ve known him. And maybe he’s taking everything including homework and studying a little more serious. Okay, maybe he’s become extremely handsome over the summer with his windswept hair and built body and those hazel eyes and… Oh no. Stop. I have to stop the rambling on about Potter. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. This never ever happened before. I used to loathe him, hate him with a passion and now were practically best friends. How is this even possible? Last year I was slapping him across the face for asking me out every five seconds and now I’m talking about how sexy he is. Wait. Did I just say sexy? No way did I just use the word ‘sexy’. I never used that word. Ever. Man, if ever Syd or Vicki got in here, I’d be dead meat. But maybe---

November 16, 1977. Closet.

Hi, this is Sydney and Vicki. From the way Lils ended her last entry, you can tell that we sort of got it from her. Okay well maybe, just maybe we went behind her, ripped it out of her hands, and ran three stair cases to get to this closet. We also just happened to find a closet with people in it so we had to throw them out but it was a matter of importance.

Not really, but hey, Lily is so secretive and we wanted to know what she’s been writing in this damn diary. From what we’ve read though, it seems you, Ms. Lily Evans or soon to be Mrs. Lily Potter, have quite a fancy for young Mr. James Potter. That sexy beast he is. Well when you guys get married, I better be invited. I bet you’ll have ten kids, from what I’ve read you wouldn’t mind doing a bit of---

Vicki is a bit… gross. I don’t know why she likes Remus.


Shut up, yes you do and don’t deny it or I will lock you in this closest and say that you took the diary from Lily.

No you wouldn't. Well anyway, Mrs. Lily Potter, I do hope you have a quidditch team worth of children. James would have a ball with that. Imagine all those damn Potter’s running around… poor professors when they all head off to school. McGonagall will probably have a heart attack when all of them are in school. Each one in a different year. There’d be no escaping them!!


Maybe we should kill ourselves before that day comes. It’s a nightmare.

All the hair… black or red. EYES. GREEN EYES EVERYWHERE!!!

You want me to do you in first?


Oh no. I think were going to be dead anyway. I hear Lily. Oh dear. I’ll never get to snog Sirius.

I’ll never get to snog Remus.

Goodbye world.

November 16, 1977. Empty classroom.

Dear diary,

I can’t believe my friends! I found them in a bloody closet on the fifth floor. They were all scrunched up. Sydney was practically upside down. Well I managed to pry their hands off of you and I found this empty classroom.

Now they know though, that I like James. Did I just say I like James? I even used his first name. Maybe this is a sign of the apocalypse. No, no. It can’t be. I mean why can’t I like James? He’s actually quite sweet now. Me and him talk a lot on rounds and we sit together in the Head’s common room and talk. I will never in my life admit that to anyone because they can insinuate things by it. Seriously though, sometimes I find myself just watching him. Just sitting there staring at him. I mean I learn a lot of things by doing that too. I’ve learned that when he’s really concentrated he bites his lip or when he’s nervous he rubs his forehead with his left hand. When he’s really tired, he leans back in his chair and yawns and he does that when he’s done with his homework too. When Sirius says something stupid he cocks his eyebrow up and when he laughs, he has a really hearty laugh and his whole body goes with him. His shoulders shake and he puts a hand on his chest. His eyes squint and he gets all wrinkly on the side of his eyes.

Wow. I guess I really do fancy him. A lot. This is so weird. I don’t know what to do.

Wait, yes I do. It’s obvious. I know what I have to do.


Yours truly,

A/N: I had so much fun with this chapter. Being a girl, it came easily to me and was very entertaining to write. I hope you all enjoy it, five or six more chapters left. Please r & r and thanks!


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