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A/N: This story is dedicated to CelticKisses. I hope you like it! Bits and pieces of dialogue from Sorcerer’s Stone/Philosopher’s Stone were used in this story. I do not own them! Just making that clear.

A young boy sat in his room playing with a large red ball that he had found outside. He liked how it looked as he rolled it across the floor.

His piercing gray eyes shone in delight as he played with this muggle toy.

He was never allowed to have any toys of his own. His parents said they were too uncivilized, even though he was a mere four years old.

All the thoughts of his parents slipped his mind as he bounced the ball around the room, mesmerized by its movements.

He didn’t even take notice as someone entered his room.

“Draco.” A deep regal voice bellowed across the room.

“Yes dad?” He replied absentmindedly his attention still focused on the ball.

Suddenly Draco found himself in pain as Lucious grabbed a hold of his wrist.

“How many times have I told you to call me father?” He whispered menacingly into the child’s ear.

“I’m sorry f-father.” Draco whimpered.

Lucius released his wrist and looked at him in disgust.

“What is that you are playing with?” He asked abruptly when he noticed the toy.

“It’s just a ball.” He responded.

Lucius took his comment as being disrespectful.

“Why you insolent little wench!” He screamed at the now terrified toddler.

He quickly put a silencing charm on the boy and then he uttered a word that should never even be said in the presence of a child let alone to one.

“Crucio.” He said venomously.

I silent scream of pain emitted from the suffering boy’s mouth as he dropped to his knees and cried for help.

No one could hear him. His desperate calls for someone to rescue him. With pleading eyes he glanced up at his father.

Lucius looked down at his son and smirked. How he loved the look of someone in pain.

You must understand that the Cruciatus Curse, if used for a long enough period of time, can kill an adult wizard or drive them mad as in the case of Frank and Alice Longbottom. Now imagine the effects it may have on a four year old.

After a few minutes of this silent torture the door opened and Narcissa looked at the scene before her in shock. She screamed for Lucious to stop as she rushed to comfort Draco.

“How could he have done this to his own child?” She thought.

He stormed out of the room to leave the mother and son alone.

“I’ll always protect you.” Narcissa cooed to Draco.

She was wrong.

The beating from Lucius continued, although the use of the Cruciatus curse grew less and less frequent. On most of these occasions Nacissa was clueless. She thought her son was safe.

Before long young Draco had given in to the whims of his father. He was now, in his fathers eyes, worthy enough to be a Malfoy.

He had Lucius’ ideas forced into his head. His true self was hidden deep inside somewhere, yearning to be set free. He had put up a wall around him, a façade of sorts. He knew what it was to be a pureblood, and he made sure everyone else knew he was one.

* * *

One day as the Mafoy family was sitting at the breakfast table an unfamiliar owl flew through the window.

It was Dracos’ Hogwarts letter.

He read the letter aloud proudly.

“You had better make it into Slytherin.” Lucious threatened.

Narcissa was too overjoyed to notice Lucious’ comment. Instead she pulled Draco into a hug from which he cringed and shook off.

“Really mother, it’s not like we didn’t know I’d be accepted.” He stated arrogantly.

“What had happened to her baby?” She thought to herself. He was once such a fragile child in need of her nurturing touch, but he had changed. Now he hardly acknowledged her.

Her eyes welled up in tears which she quickly brushed away. She composed herself once again and said “Well we should be going to Diagon Alley to get your supplies soon.”

Draco nodded and he couldn’t help but notice his mothers eyes tear up at his last statement. He felt bad for her. After all she was his mother. He quickly shook this out of his thoughts. She was weak that was all. A Malfoy should not cry.

“I suppose.” He answered smugly.

Unable to bear her son acting this way she abruptly stood up and exited the room.

Lucius glanced at him and said “Well I suppose we should be buying you a new broom. After all you will need to practice if you want to make the Slytherin house team someday.”

Draco nodded, only half listening. “Someday…” he repeated.

* * *

Diagon Alley was bustling with people shopping for Hogwarts supplies. Draco held his head high, and stepped forth with an air of superiority. People seemed to notice him this way, and stepped aside for him to walk.

He liked their reaction to him.

He continued to strut around until he ran into a short bushy haired girl.

“Watch it” He shouted. She looked almost intimidated, but he glimpsed defiance in her eyes as well.

“What’s your name?” He asked more quietly this time. He liked that she didn’t back down as easily as everyone else.

“Hermione Granger” She stated clearly.

“Well Hermione would you like to go to Florean Fortescue’s with me for some ice cream?”

“I would love to” She responded giddily.

So the two of them went and had desert together, and talked for quite a while about Hogwarts.

“Well actually I was hoping to get into Gryffindor. Perhaps Ravenclaw, because I’ve heard they are all very intelligent.” She said after he had talked about Slytherin for quite some time now.

“Oh well. I suppose that’s ok, but wouldn’t you much rather be in Slytherin?” He asked hopefully.

“Oh.” She blushed. “Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure it’s a lovely house, but I’ve always heard great things about Gryffindor. I guess neither of us will know which house we will be in until we get there.”

Draco nodded his agreement, satisfied with her answer. Suddenly his father came walking through the doors. He had been searching for Draco for quite some time now, and was livid when he saw what his son was doing.

Lucius quickly grabbed his protesting son by the ear, and dragged him out the door. “What were you doing having ice cream with that mudblood he asked icily.

Mudblood? Draco thought. But she was so nice. I thought that mudbloods would be odd, and not know anything about the wizarding world.

“You are never to go near her again do you hear me?” He demanded quivering with rage.

Narcissa obliviously interrupted the argument when she approached saying “Well I suppose you should buy some new robes from Madame Malkins.”

Draco, glad to have an excuse to get as far away from his father as possible, gladly accepted the suggestion.

His mother decided to look at wands while Lucius went to buy his books. He had mentioned looking at racing brooms after Draco had his robes.

He entered the shop, and glanced at all the pins laying haphazardly around. Well it’s better than nothing he thought.

He was slightly alarmed by a short stocky witch asking if he was buying a uniform for Hogwarts.

He nodded dumbly and followed her to a stool in the back of the shop on which he was told to stand while another witch immediately started fitting him with his robes.

Soon after they had started another boy walked in the shop, and was escorted to the stool next to him.

They began work on his robes as well.

“Hello.” Draco said. “Hogwarts too?”

“Yes” the boy replied.

Thoughts of this boy’s background raced through his head as he tried to guess his past. However it would be quite rude to start the conversation out with this topic so instead he tried to make pleasant conversation by talking about things such as Quidditch and which house he thought he’d be in. He could bring up his lineage later.

The boy seemed to be incredibly dull, as he just nodded his head in agreement to whatever Draco was saying.

Finally a subject worthy of talking about appeared at the window.

“I say, look at that man!” Draco said pointing.

Indeed there was an extremely large man standing in the window and pointing to two ice cream cones he held in his hand.

“That’s Hagrid.” The boy said pleasantly. “He works at Hogwarts.”

“Oh.” Draco responded nonchalantly. “I heard he’s a servant of some kind.”

Draco continued to share rumors he had heard of the large man. The other boy seemed to disagree with his ideas.

He then asked the boy if the man was with him, and where his parents were.

The boy looked at him solemnly and quickly said “They’re dead.”

He didn’t seem to want to press the matter further.

Draco felt as if he had to say something after this statement so he tried his best to sound remorseful. “Oh sorry.” Then as if an afterthought he asked “But they were our kind weren’t they.”

“They were a witch and a wizard, if that’s what you mean.” Draco was content with the response. He then launched into sharing his views on letting muggle-borns into the school. Then he remembered to ask “What’s your surname, anyway?”

Before the boy could answer Madame Malkin interrupted. “You’re done, my dear.”

The boy hopped from the footstool, and exited the store, but not before Draco drawled out “Well I’ll see you at Hogwarts, I suppose.” Although he was really hoping he wouldn’t.

“Who was that boy anyway?” Draco asked Madame Malkin.

“That my dear, was Harry Potter.”

Draco stared at the doorway where he saw the-boy-who-lived exit. For some reason he thought Harry would be more interesting.

* * *

The train whistle blew as the Hogwarts Express departed. Draco sat in a compartment with a few other boys his parents had introduced him to early on in his childhood, saying they came from the right families. Among them were Blaise Zabini, Vincent Crabbe, and Gregory Goyle.

They talked for a while, mostly about Quidditch and whether or not they’d make the house team.

Draco of course was very confident.

Suddenly a familiar batch of brown bushy hair passed by outside the window.

“Look at that girls’ hair.” Blaise scoffed. “They really need to stop letting muggle-borns into Hogwarts. Let’s go have some fun.”

The four of them exited their compartment and began to follow the girl down the train isle.

As if sensing someone was watching her, Hermione spun around and stared at them.

A look of recognition dawned on her face as she noticed Draco.

“Draco?” She asked hesitantly. She did not like the look of his friends.

“Do you know her?” Blaise asked incredulously.

Draco knew he now had to choose between having Hermione as a friend, possibly more, or keeping up his image. He looked into her pleading eyes, and felt drawn to her. Then he remembered his friends standing behind him, and he made up his mind.

“Filthy mudblood.” He spat. It was a decision he would regret forever.

A/N: Well how did you like it? Leave a review and let me know!

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