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    Harry worked in the garden out front all day hoping to see Zenia before their hang out session that night, but there was no sign of her. His aunt and uncle hadn’t told him to do anything that day. In fact they just ignored him, which didn’t go unappreciated. He bent down to pull out some weeds and came face to face with a furry brown monkey.

    “Zeke? What are you doing here?” Harry sat down on the warm ground.

    Zeke climbed up on his arm and into his lap. He shuffled through all of the tiny pockets on his vest finally finding what he was looking for in an inside pocket. Zeke handed Harry the tiny piece of paper in a very formal way then chattered his goodbye and took off across the street, up the side of the house and through a window. Harry followed Zeke’s path with his eyes then opened the folded scrap of paper.

    Written in girly handwriting was a simple note:

    See you at the Weasley’s.

    No signature, no indication that Zenia had written it other than her delivery person. There was a bang from across the street as a trunk hit the ground. A sting of profanities issued from the mouth of the sandy haired man that Harry had seen yesterday.

    Zenia followed with Zeke in her arms. She picked up one side of the trunk while her father picked up the other. They loaded it into the back of their car. Zenia and her father got in and as they pulled away she waved at Harry from the window.

    Harry threw the weeds back onto the ground as Zenia’s car rounded the far corner and was lost to his sight. He ran back into the house and flung himself onto his bed. His only distraction from thinking about Sirius was now at his best friend’s house. Even worse than that was the sinking feeling that Ron would be spending time with her before he got there. Why he felt this was a mystery.

    As he lay spread eagle on the bed a tapping began out side of his window. He got up opened the window and slammed it as soon as the owl had left.

    Unenthusiastically he picked up and read the letter, which was written in Dumbledore’s curly handwriting. As he read a smile slowly began to form on Harry’s face.


    Zenia was quiet as she and her father drove throughout England. She stared out the window soaking up the greenness of the country. Australia had been quite dry, covered in browning grasslands full of exotic animals. But Zenia couldn’t remember a time when she had seen anything quite as green and vibrant as the moors of England. Not even the colour after the rainy season was as crisp as this.

    Her father smiled as Zenia rediscovered her birth land. They hadn’t been back to England since they had adopted Zenia. That had been the happiest day of his life, adopting her. He and his wife had tried for several years before finding out that they couldn’t have children of their own. They knew that they wanted to adopt a magical child; the problem was finding one.

    That’s when Dumbledore had stepped in. When Voldemort had come into public light for the first time he murdered hundreds of families, many times leaving children behind.

    On the night of the Potter’s murders Dumbledore had come to their house after leaving Harry at his aunt and uncle’s. He came with news of another child that had been orphaned. He had left the child at an orphanage no more than five miles away. They could adopt the girl the next day, but after that the couple had to take an assignment hunting down members of the Death Eaters in Australia. They agreed, adopted Zenia, sold their house, furniture, took only what they needed, and left for Australia.

    Now Dumbledore recalled them. They were back and both he and Zenia were living things for the first time in a very long time.


    It was amazing how scattered all of Harry’s things could get in one day. He had tried to do homework, read his books, write a letter to Zenia but everything he did led him back to his bed to think about Sirius. Only another ten days, he thought wearily.


    Zenia stepped out of the car and looked up at a very odd structure. Obviously held up by magic, the Weasley house was crooked and tall, leaning worse than the Tower of Pisa. Every level was built out of a different material, each in varying states of age. The newest level was the attic area; the oldest was the stone first floor. Her father had gone to the rear of the car and levitated her trunk out of it. The pair went up to the half door and knocked. A red headed boy stuck his head out of the upper half.

    “Who’re you?” he asked.

    “I’m Paul. I’m a friend of your mum and dad. This is my daughter Zenia. She was invited to stay this summer.” The boy left them standing at the door.

    “Mum, it’s for you!” They heard him call.

    A plump red haired woman came to the door. “Paul?”

    “Molly. How have you been?”

    “Oh, wonderful. Come in come in. Have a cup of tea before you have to go home!” She hustled them through the door and to a long table. They sat as Molly served the tea then took a seat herself.

    “Paul, it’s been ages. Where have you been all this time?”

    “Australia. I’ve been doing work for the Order, masquerading as an accountant. Dumbledore’s orders.”

    Zenia looked around the kitchen as her father and Mrs. Weasley talked. Everything was cluttered and messy, but the atmosphere was homey. Knitting needles clicked together in the corner working on a jumper. A ginger coloured cat was curled up on a seat cushion. A grandfather clock with nine hands stood on top of a basket of laundry. What she could see of the sitting room was inviting. Spare spell books and bits of knitting littered the mismatched chairs and couches. Parchment cluttered the coffee table. The couch looked comfy. Zenia drifted into a daydream about her and Harry cuddling on that couch…but before her thoughts could get any further they were interrupted.

    “And this is Zenia?”

    “Hi…” Zenia looked at Molly.

    “You’ll have a lot of fun here, love. The kids are great. In fact, let me call them down. You’ll have to share a room with Ginny and Hermione if that’s okay?”

    Zenia smiled. There was no way to say no to this lady. She was too likeable. “That’s fine. I’m sure we’ll all get along.”

    Mrs. Weasley smiled back and went to the stairs. “Hermione, Ron, Ginny. Come down and meet our guest!”

    Three pairs of footsteps came down the steps. One belonged to the red head boy who had come to the door earlier. The other two belonged to a red head girl and bushy brown haired girl.

    “Hi. I’m Ginny. This is Hermione.” The petite girl offered her hand.

    Zenia smiled shaking it. “I’m Zenia. It looks like I’ll be spending the summer here.”

    “I’m Ron, one of Harry’s friends. Mum said you met Harry already.”

    “Yeah. My family moved in across the street from Harry and his aunt and uncle. They aren’t very nice people.”

    They took their conversation into the living room while the adults went back to the kitchen. Ginny took a big pillow on the floor. Ron cleared off the couch for himself and Hermione. Zenia sat in a chair across from them getting the feeling that the two had something going on between them.

    Hermione spoke up first. “So you are going to be new at school this year. What house are you in? From what school did you transfer? What classes are you going to be taking?”

    Ron and Ginny chuckled. “Don’t mind Hermione. She’s a bit study obsessed.” Ginny stuck her tongue out at Hermione.

    Zenia smirked. She felt at ease around these people. “Okay. One question at a time. Yes, I’m new this year. About two months ago I went to the school on a trip here. The headmaster had me sorted then. I’m in Griffindor.”

    “Brilliant. You’ll get to hang with us.” Ron picked up a quill off the table and nibbled on the end. Zenia gave him an odd look. “Sugar quill. Sorry.”

    Zenia shifted in her seat and got jabbed in the back. She pulled out a wand, which squawked and turned into a rubber chicken. She laughed, a light tinkle, almost like a bell.

    “That would be one of Fred and George’s fake wands. There is still some of their stuff laying around so be careful.”

    Paul poked his head into the room. “Goodbye Zenia. I’ll see you at Christmas time. We’ve all been invited to come here for Christmas.”

    “Bye Dad!” She went and hugged him. Then returned to her seat. “So where were we. I transferred from a school in Australia. And I think I’m enrolled in N.E.W.T. levels of Potions, Charms, Defence Against the Dark Arts, Transfiguration, Herbology. I might dapple in some other stuff. But of course this is all just because I want to. I passed my N.E.W.T. level equivalent last year.”

    Hermione’s eyes got wide. “You what?”

    “In Australia we start school two years earlier than you do here. If you are from a wizarding family you can even go to an elementary school that teaches you the basis foundation of magic. The N.E.W.T. equivalent there is called H.A.T.”

    “Standing for?”

    “Horrible Application Testing. I am fully qualified to become anything I wish to be. When I turn seventeen I might put in an application to be an Auror. Or maybe I’ll work for the Order and get a desk job at the Ministry. I haven’t decided.”

    Ron looked incredulous. “You’re taking N.E.W.T. level courses for fun?”

    “You already passed N.E.W.T. level classes and tests?” Ginny’s mouth was open.

    Hermione was speechless. Here was someone who may be smarter than her and the girl didn’t realize it. “So, Hogwarts this year is just for fun?”

    “Well, that’s part of it. The classes are for fun. Being around Harry and Dumbledore are good because I am willing to help fight Voldemort in anyway. Back in Australia, Dad had me buddy up with Death Eater kids so I could get dirt on their parents. I came home some days with enough to put the parents in jail and the kids in foster families, some times they were young enough to learn better ways. As I got older sometimes the kids got sent to jail too.”

    “Wow. That’s gotta be hard. To have to put your friends in jail.”

    “Actually, I never really had any friends. I was happy with just my parents and Zeke.”

    Ginny looked confused. “Who’s Zeke?” The tiny monkey jumped on her head and Ginny shrieked.

    Zeke jumped and ran to Zenia who laughed again. “I’m sorry Ginny. I’m not laughing at you…” she lapsed into laughter.

    When everything calmed down Zenia began to explain Zeke and the four began to talk about lighter subjects.

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