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disclaimer: i only own the plot After the opening feast, Dumbledore rose and gave his usual start of term speech, reminding students not to use magic in the halls and to stay out of the Forbidden Forest. “And to those of you who do not already know, Mr. James Potter and Miss Lily Evans are our Head Boy and Girl this year, if you should need them for anything.” Lily beamed proudly, while James smiled at the look of pure happiness on her face. He loved seeing her smile because it was something he didn’t get to see very often. Not that Lily was a miserable person, quite the contrary. She just never smiled when James was within speaking distance. As they all got up to retreat to their common rooms, the Head of Gryffindor House, Professor McGonagall, came up to James and instructed him to get Lily and for the two of them to meet her outside of the Great Hall. He looked out over the stream of heads (he was a good foot taller than almost all the students he could see) until his gaze rested on her shiny, auburn head. James jogged to catch up to her, and stopped her by placing a hand on her shoulder. She turned around with a smile on her face (which made James smile back), but it slid from her face when she saw that it was him. Impatience in her eyes, she was about to tell him to go away when he spoke first. “McGonagall wants us,” he said, motioning towards the door with his head. Lily looked down at his hand, still resting on her shoulder, then back up at him challengingly. He removed it quickly, giving her an innocent grin. When he waited a moment for her to continue ahead of him, she narrowed her eyebrows at him. “Don’t walk behind me.” “Why not?” “Because,” she replied, and hint of a blush in her cheeks. “I don’t like it when people walk behind me. Coming from you, it’s not exactly a gentlemanly gesture, anyway” The real reason she didn’t want him behind her was because, as she had admitted earlier, he was a fit and good-looking boy, one who she didn’t wish to be granted access to view what she felt was her sub-par body. “Not like it’s any of your business anyway, Potter,” she added, more as an after thought. He shrugged. “Where would you have me walk, then?” She began walking and pointed to a spot to her left. “Right there’s good.” Obediently, James walked beside Lily, perhaps a little closer than she had intended, but she kept that opinion to herself. When they emerged from the Great Hall, they found McGonagall standing beside a large portrait of a little girl with blonde ringlets. “Hello, Professor. You needed us for something?” Lily asked in a pleasant tone, one much different from the one she had just used with James. “Good evening, Miss Evans. I have been instructed by the Headmaster to show you to your Head’s rooms.” At this, she turned to the portrait of the little girl. “This is the entrance to your common room and study. You will find that only the two of you can open the portrait and gain entrance. Visitors, of course, are welcome, however you will have to be with them for them to enter. On top of this, you will both need to agree upon a password. You will find all of your belongings inside your respective rooms. I shall now leave you for the evening to explore your new quarters, and will see you both tomorrow for class.” McGonagall left them with a nod and bustled down the corridor. “So,” James said, turning to Lily, “what should we make our password?” Lily thought for a moment. “How about something like Dumbledore’s, like Ice Mice or something?” “Well, I was thinking something like ‘Lily and James are the most amazing sex gods in Hogwart’s history’, but whatever you like will work.” She raised her eyebrow at him. She was about to respond scathingly when Amelia’s voice floated to her mind, telling her to just give him a chance. Sighing audibly, Lily responded with, “it’s a little long, don’t you think?” James was shocked by this; he was sure the moment that the words had left his mouth that she would yell at him and tell him to grow up. He stared at her with an expression of deepest surprise, his eyes wide and his mouth agape. Lily snapped her fingers in front of his face. When he blinked and came to, she shook her head, and though she fought against it, a small smile crossed her face. “It’s funny how someone as odd as you is so popular, Potter.” Though he couldn’t be sure he had really seen it, James thought he saw the shadow of a smile pass Lily’s face– a smile at him! His confident air restored, he grinned at her, then turned to the Little Girl. “Ice Mice it is!” With that, she smiled down from her portrait, revealing a deep dimple in her left cheek and a mouthful of pearly white teeth. She curtsied, and the portrait swung open. They walked into a comfortably warm room with two squashy armchairs and a small sofa. There were two separate desks with hard-backed chairs tucked under them. A fire was roaring in front of the sofa, and to either side of it stood a closed door. On the other side of the room, there was another door. Portraits of previous Heads hung on the walls. James grinned at Lily as he walked over to examine what was behind the solitary door. He walked into a pale yellow, blue, and green bathroom, complete with a tub the size of the one found in the Prefects bathroom. “Whoa, Evans, you’ve got to come see this!” Lily came closer and stood on tip-toe to try to see over his shoulder. “I could see a lot better if you weren’t in the way, you know,” she said in a half-hearted sarcastic way, placing a hand on his shoulder and lightly pushing him over so that she could enter the room. “Wow,” she whispered, slowly letting her hand slide from his arm. James let out a quiet chuckle as her hand left his body. He felt a strange feeling in the pit of his stomach, something he’d never gotten around any other girl. His insides were squirming at the thought of her touch– both a nauseating and exciting squirming at the same time. Pulling him from his thoughts, Lily rounded on him and said, “come on, I can’t wait to see what out rooms look like!” She skipped lightly across the room to the door on the left side of the fireplace. “Oh, sorry! This one must be yours.” Backing from the room quickly, she stumbled into him, as he had quickly crossed the common room after her. She turned around to face him and realized that she had never been this close to him before. There were tiny flecks of gold amongst the brown of his eyes, she noticed, and he smelled incredibly good. She felt something odd, almost like a sense of belonging... James was having trouble breathing. Being this close to Lily without her yelling at him or hitting him was something he only imagined in his dreams. He tried to find something to say, but for the first time in his life, he was speechless. Lily finally realized what she was doing and stepped away from him. She brushed passed him and walked over to the door on the opposite side of the fireplace. “Goodnight, Potter,” she grumbled, more forcefully than she had intended. The door clicked tightly behind her, leaving James feeling more confused than he ever had in his life.

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