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Author's Note: Revised.

Hermione was having the same dream all night. She was in a candle lit room with a fire going and everything. She was never alone though, everytime she repeated the dream, there was always a different guy with her. In one of the versions there was a tall and strong red head, at first she thought it was Ron, but his features weren't childish enough and he didn't have as many freckles. The next dream was an older man with dark brown hair and very pale skin. That dream didn’t last as long as any of the others. Hermione barely got a look at his features. The last one she had was of a tall, lean and strong blonde guy. Before she could recognize who he was she would be falling on her back onto a very soft couch. Soon the couch turned into a bed and the blonde would be passionately kissing her and traveling down her neck, to every part of her body.

Draco woke up to the light hitting his eyes from the open windows of Hermione's room. He looked down at her sleeping features and couldn't help but stare. He could feel her begin to stir in his arms. He quickly shut his eyes so that she wouldn’t be shocked to wake up and see him staring down at her. Hermione didn't wake up though, just moved even closer into his tight embrace. His eyes shot open when he heard her softly moaning in her sleep. He couldn't help but find her sleepy groans seductive. He tried to block out all the images coming into his mind, but he couldn't control it. He began picturing him and Hermione kissing and doing Merlin knows what in the privacy of his locked room. Draco then felt a twitch in his lower member and jolted from his fantasies. Every time he moved away from her, she would just pull him back or edge towards him. Soon he hit the wall her bed was pushed up against and couldn’t move any further.

Draco kept his eyes fixed closed trying to think of something to calm himself. Nothing was working and Hermione was starting to wake up. 'Shit, shit, shit, what the bloody hell do I do!?!' Draco frantically thought letting his eyes wonder through the room to find an escape of the bed.

"Hmm...." Hermione was awake, and started stretching making her abdomen push harder against Draco's body. He quickly grabbed her waist and stopped her from moving around so much.

"Hermione, don't, just don't move." He said straining to get his mind off of her. He tried thinking about Pansy, and to his surprise it started helping.

"Draco, what's your problem? Can you let me go for a second?"

"No, give me a minute. But don't move." He said closing his eyes again.
Hermione thought it would be funny if she pushed right up against him since he was trying to keep her away.

"Wait Hermione!" Draco tried stopping her, but when she got close enough, she immediately regretted her little joke. Her eyes widened to the size of Quaffles. She glanced down and then back up at his guilty eyes. Both of their breathing was hitched in their throats and they just stared at each other.

"Draco....." Hermione closed her eyes trying to get the images flashing threw her mind to go away. Then her dream came back in bits and pieces. She could feel all the pleasure from the dream and let out another soft moan right into Draco's ear. That was it, Draco couldn't take it anymore. He flipped Hermione to the other side of the bed and stumbled out of the room.

Hermione couldn't help but blush the entire time she was showering and dressing. 'He probably thinks I'm a hormonal mudblood vampire now. Merlin, why did I react like that?' Hermione couldn't help but wonder how she let herself do that, and to Malfoy of all people! She was fixing her chestnut curls so they didn't look so frizzy and dubbed herself ready to leave. She hadn't been so, well, happy since the end of her 6th year. As she was walking out of her room she grabbed her robes and started slipping them on while she ran down the stairs. She had to get out of there before Draco got out of his room.

Draco was taking a very, very cold shower trying to get all the not-so-horrible pictures of Hermione out of his head. 'I have to get out of here before Hermione gets into the Common Room.' He jumped out of the shower performing a simple drying spell and slipping on his clothes and robes. He ran out of his room and snatched his wand putting it into his robes before he got down the stairs. He stumbled down a couple of the stairs and almost lost his balance a few times. Draco got down the stairs and practically fell over himself trying to stop. There Hermione was bent over the couch trying to reach the stack of books. He caught a glimpse of under her skirt and mentally smacked himself. 'Thinking about Granger like that is what got you in trouble in the first place!' a voice yelled in Draco's head. He tried to sneak past her before she grabbed all the books from the coffee table so he wouldn't have to be so embarrassed about what happened.

"Oomph!" Draco tripped right over the upturned area rug in from of the Head Dormitory doors. "Damn..." he whispered to himself, he knew Hermione heard that.

Hermione looked up and jumped off the couch from the loud crash behind her. She saw Draco lying flat on his face right in front of the door and she panicked. Hermione quickly grabbed the rest of her books and sped to the door. She hopped right over Draco's body and out the portrait hole.

Hermione arrived to the Great Hall in record time. She busted through the big oak doors and ran right to an empty seat next to Ginny on the Gryffindor table.

"Hermione? Uhh, why were you just running?" Ginny asked her.

"Dr-Malfoy! This morning...had to NOT...ask!" Hermione told her still out of breath.

"Mione, you just almost called Malfoy Draco." Ginny said sounding stunned.
Before Hermione could say something back to get Ginny to stop talking about Draco, the doors of the Great Hall slammed open. Draco came huffing into the hall and everyone was starring at him. He looked half pissed and half completely embarrassed. Ginny stared at Hermione, she knew it had to do with her, but didn't say anything.

"I'll talk to you about it when all of Gryffindor isn't around."

As Draco was making his way to an empty seat on the Slytherin table he felt a yanking on his robes. He looked back to see Pansy Parkinson pouting at him.

"I can't believe you just blew by me like that, Drakie!" Pansy glowered in an annoying high pitched voice.

"Sod of Parkinson!" Draco growled walking away again. Pansy jumped up and threw her arms around his back and pulled him to her.

"What's wrong Drakie?"

"Back off Parkinson!" Draco yelled a little louder. Everyone in the Great Hall was watching what was happening, even Hermione. He tried to walk away from her again but she just snatched his robes and forced him to sit in an empty seat beside her. Draco just gave in and sat down. He kept glancing over to where Hermione was to see if she was looking at him, but she never was.

"Why do you keep staring at that filthy mudblood Drakie?!" Pansy asked angrily.

"Who, Hermione?"

"What did you just say?" Pansy asked her mouth dropping to the floor.

"Who, Granger?" He said not sure of what was going on.

"No! You just called that disgusting mudblood Hermione!" Pansy yelled but Draco immediately shut her up. Pansy just stood up and ran out of the Great Hall in a sulk of anger.

Before breakfast was over an owl came flying through one of the windows in the Great Hall towards Hermione. This caught everyone's attention because the owls had already come. She quickly opened the letter.

Let the games begin, Mudblood.

Hermione shot a death glare to where Draco was. He was still here, so it couldn't of been him who sent it. He looked up to see Hermione's eyes boring into him. He noticed how mad she was, and could see her eyes tinting yellow. He quickly pointed to his eyes to try to get Hermione to realize her eyes were yellow. She understood exactly what he was gesturing and ran from the Great Hall.

There in the hallway she saw Pansy strutting down the stair case looking especially smug.

"Parkinson! It was you who sent that letter!" Hermione shouted.

"Yeah, what of it, Granger?" Pansy said stopping at the bottom of the stairs inches from Hermione and putting a hand on one of her hips. Hermione had to walk away because she felt a tingling in her mouth.

"Get back here Granger! I'm not done with you!"
Hermione just kept walking without even turning around. She had to make sure nobody saw her change. She waited in a dark corridor when finally she felt no fangs in her mouth. 'Great, time for Potions with the bloody Slytherins...' She thought to herself before hurrying to the dungeons.

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