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Author's Note: Revised.

"Hey, Granger," Draco broke the silence in the common room. Hermione didn't say anything, just continued staring into the fire like she was being mesmerized by the flickering orange flames. "I'm sorry about overreacting back in Dumbledore's office." He knew she heard him, but she stayed silent, not blinking once while staring into the heat of the flames. Hermione was running through the events of the past hour in Dumbledore's office. She was only there for five minutes or so, but she stormed off after Draco blew up on her.

"You're a WHAT!?!" Draco yelled.

"...a...a vampire..." Hermione whispered. She didn't want Draco to get even madder than he was already.

"So, you think its peachy to just not tell me you are some blood sucking monster! For Merlin's sake, Granger! I live with you now!!!" Draco stood yelling in Hermione's face. She couldn't look at him; the anger boiling in his eyes would have gotten her worked up.

"I'm not like other vampires! Why are you overreacting like this?" Hermione said loudly but then softened her tone to a whisper and proceeded to force her gaze to her feet.

"ALL vampires are the same! They hunt and kill just for the hell of it! How can you say you're different, Granger!?" Draco was getting so enraged that he began pacing around Dumbledore's office. The Professor left so that they could talk in private.

"Malfoy, do not start with me. I am NOT like other vampires. I have a heartbeat! I eat normal food! For the love of Merlin, I walk in the bloody sun!" Hermione was getting really mad now; she could feel her blood boiling right in her veins. All her senses began heightening, she was changing again, but this time she didn't want to suppress it. Draco’s heartbeat was quickening with every tensing muscle in Hermione's body. He didn't know what was going on, but his anger was slowly being replaced with worry. Hermione looked back to the floor because she felt tears burning under her eyes and didn't want him to see how upset she was getting.

"Look at me." Draco spat at her. Hermione shot her head up to meet his eyes. He wasn't expecting to see Hermione's sudden change. Her eyes were a cold emotionless yellow. And her showing fangs were white and glittering in the light from the office. Her chest was heaving from the pain she had just gone through, she even had small beads of sweat on her forehead.

"I was forced to leave my family because of the way I am now! Because of how I look! This scared my parents, my friends and everyone who ever knew me in the muggle world!"


"Is this what you wanted to see, Malfoy? The blood sucking vampire at her shining moment!? Well good for you! You get your chance to see me!" Hermione shouted as loud as she could. Draco wasn't scared, but more ashamed at what he had done to her. He drove her to the brink and she came back a monster.

"Hermione...I'm s-"

"Shut up, Malfoy! It's not worth explaining, I know what you want to say and I don't want to hear it!" Hermione scowled at him running from the office letting the tears burning in her eyes fall. She felt her fangs go back in hiding and assumed her eyes were normal again. She just wanted to get back to the Common Room.

"Hermione? Hermione, are you okay?" She could hear Ginny yelling from down the hall behind her.

"Let me be alone Ginny..." Hermione sobbed before she whispered the password and slipped into the dark Common Room.

"Hermione, please come out and talk. You’re going to miss your first class, that isn’t like you. Please just come back out here." She heard Ginny begging, but she just kept walking to the couch in front of the fire allowing the heat to overcome her tear stained face and aching body.

Hermione had been running through that memory many times before she came back down to reality. She had felt the cushions of the sofa depress and that shook her from her thoughts.

"Granger, please, I really mean it, I'm sorry." Draco had been pleading with her since she had moved to her own little world. She never even heard Draco's broken voice begging her for forgiveness.

"Malfoy, I don't care, just leave me alone." Hermione said under her breath.

"No, not until you except the fact that I am truly and completely sorry I got so mad. I was just scared at first, and then upset that you would hide something like that. I bloody live with you, Granger! I can't be living with a vampire and not know the threats of it."

"There are no threats Malfoy, I don't kill, when I do...drink blood... I cry because of what I've become. Merlin, my bloody parents couldn't handle this. I'm used to people overreacting."

"I'm still sorry... I should have been, open minded I guess. Granger, just don't kill me." Draco said trying to get a smile out of Hermione.

"Maybe, if you’re lucky." Hermione smirked at Draco's face. He fake smiled because he wasn't exactly sure if Hermione was joking or not.

Hermione drifted into a deep sleep right on the sofa after an hour of silence between her and Draco. Draco was still sitting in the common room, but on a black leather love seat of his own. He was swaying in and out of sleep as the fire slowly died down. He had been watching Hermione sleep and had forgotten to put wood in the fire. Draco finally fell into a light dreamless sleep when he was jerked from his slumber by a loud scream. He ran over to Hermione's limp body that was still screaming in her sleep.

"Hermione, wake up, Hermione snap out of it!" Draco was now cradling her in his lap on the couch trying to get her muscles to relax.

"He's here!" Hermione shouted wrenching her body to a sitting position and breathing heavily.

"Bloody hell are you okay?" Draco's eyes were wide with concern and freight. Hermione started quietly sobbing into his chest. She had seen the man, Armand Drown, but it wasn't the same dream from in the park. This time she was in a dark damp place and the man was drinking from her. Touching her, and torturing her.

"It felt so... so real." Hermione whispered into Draco's strong chest after a couple minutes of quiet crying.

Draco was lying on the couch with Hermione softly crying into him for what felt like all night. He didn't mind her weight on him; he really couldn’t feel the difference. He was stroking her soft brown curls in an attempt to calm and stifle her tears. When she finally drifted back into sleep, Draco picked her up and carried her to her own room so she could sleep in an actual bed.

After her got her into her soft, cozy bed, he sat there just watching her sleep. Exhaustion finally got the best of him and he had to get to his own room. While he was standing up he felt a tug on his shirt. He looked down to see Hermione had woken up from the shifting he caused on her bed.

"Where are you going?" she asked him sleepily.

"Um, to my own bed?" He said but it came out as more of a question then statement. Hermione actually looked disappointed that he was leaving.

"Could you...just stay with me case...just because." Hermione didn't want to be alone tonight. Her last dream was still fresh in her mind and still scaring her everytime she closed her eyes. At the moment she didn't care if it was Malfoy that stayed the night with her, "I just need someone with me tonight."

"Err, okay, just don't hurt me tomorrow morning if you don't remember asking me. I don't need any bruises, especially trying to explain them." He said casually. She slowly crawled towards him and snuggled up to his chest using him as a pillow. To Draco, the smell of Hermione's hair was almost intoxicating to him. He was laying with the mudblood, but it didn’t feel as wrong as he had been taught it would.



"Please don't leave this time..." But instead of answering, Draco just slid both his arms around her waist and pulled her even closer causing her to sigh in content. Half of him wished she wouldn’t remember this in the morning and they would go back as if nothing had ever happened. But the other half of him was comfortable how they were together in that bed.

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