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The creak of floorboards, the squeak of a door’s hinges, the pitter-patter of feet on wooden floors. This is what stirred Harry from a dreamless sleep. He kept his eyes closed and his body relaxed. He heard the curtains being drawn away and he knew someone was staring down at his seemingly tranquilized body. He felt a hand come down and brush stray hairs out of his eyes, its owners voice ringing pleasantly through the mostly empty room.

“You look so peaceful when you sleep… one would never know what’s happened to you just by watching you sleep. What happened today Harry? You were fine this morning, and then you go for a walk – skipping lunch and dinner – just to be found sleeping, when you slept very well last night. What’s wrong?” Hermione’s voice started breaking, and her fingers where trembling on his skin, causing goose bumps all over his flesh.

“Ron and I are worried about you… we don’t know what to do to help, Harry. The only way we could know is if you tell us how, and you won’t even speak of it…” She grabbed his hand in hers. “I know, that it hurts… and it will always hurt, but at least you’ll be able to live with it if you talk about it more… Please?”

Harry could feel the burning tears singe the insides of his eyes, but wouldn’t let them escape their haven. Hermione’s gentle sobs made the task more formidable, but he didn’t have to last long. She soon released his hand and quickly fled the dormitory. Once the door was shut, he opened his gorgeous green eyes and silently let the floodgates buckle. He knew now that keeping silent about the terrible tragedies would serve him no satisfaction. He would tell them… everything. Only one question remained.

Where should I begin?

Samara awoke with a start. She didn’t hear a wand banging on her bars, or feel ice-cold waves covering her skin. She woke up on her own… which is never a good thing. She sat up, not recognizing her surroundings. The walls were covered in dried blood left in slashed sprawls, the floor had dry-rotted wood and dust scattered everywhere, and the air smelled stale. Next she heard a horrid scream, only it wasn’t really a scream. It sounded more like laughter; crazy laughter. Realization hit her like a ton of bricks.

I’m in The Hole… Oh God…

Harry was down in the common room when Hermione and Ron descended the stairs for breakfast. He had been plagued with images of fire in his dreams last night, and gave up on slumber around 2:48 am. He had now finally finished his potions assignment, and he threw down his quill, a new task at hand. Being how to tell Ron and Hermione about the Prophecy… and the Dursley’s.

“Hey mate, missed you at dinner last night, you alright?” Ron’s question bothered him a bit. He didn’t like the consistency of that particular question, but he just nodded and stared at his finished paper, wondering how to bring up what needed to be.

“Ah, I see you finished Snape’s essay… you must be ill then…” Ron held up his hand to Harry’s forehead to check his temperature. Harry swatted it away like a fly and ran his hand through his untamable hair. He finally turned his attention to his two friends. Hermione had been quietly observing him, and had her trademark ‘I know something is up’ look on her face. He let out a sigh and gave in.

“Listen… we need to talk, and it’s very important. Can we skip breakfast, and go to the Room of Requirement?” He spoke this just above a whisper, so that students passing by wouldn’t overhear. Even though the room wasn’t a secret anymore, he didn’t want others poking into his private business; it was bad enough his friends and teachers did that.

This bests friends nodded, knowing if he needed extreme privacy, then something serious was wrong. They walked out of the common room and cautiously made their way to the portrait of the fruit bowl. Harry paced himself in front of it three times, thinking of a place comfortable to talk in that had breakfast prepared for them. They entered and saw there a fireplace and a table set for three. On the table was three plates filled with food that was being served in the great hall at that present moment.

“Well lets eat first, for I know Ron is hungry, and I haven’t eaten anything since Friday…” Harry explained. They all settled down and ate their breakfast in silence; even Ron paced himself, when usually stuffs his face in a matter of minutes. When they were finished, the plates disappeared. Harry looked at Hermione, then Ron.

“Well… I know you both have suspected for quite some time that something’s wrong… but I’ve kept it from you guys, because… I was afraid of losing you. You two are the closest thing I have to family besides Lupin, and I wanted to take the burden as my own. I know that was wrong now… and I’m prepared to let you both help me.”

Hermione was smiling sadly, tears brimming her soft chocolate eyes. Ron… his look can’t be explained, but you know that he’s just as relieved as Hermione that their friend wanted their help… finally. Harry adjusted his glasses and took a deep breath to begin his tale.

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