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Author's Note: Revised.

"Ms. Granger, Ms. Granger! " Professor McGonagall whispered angrily towards Hermione.

"Granger! What's with you? You've never spaced out during the sorting ceremony; you missed the bloody password and everything!" Malfoy hissed at her when the students started shuffling noisily out of the hall.

"What? Malfoy, I don't care, I know where the Head Dorms are, and you're not tricking me, we choose are own damn passwords once we get there you stupid ferret." Hermione said in a monotone voice that Draco found extremely annoying.

"You know, just because you look bloody brilliant this year, doesn't mean you can go around acting like an all mighty person, it's not like you're a ruddy vamp, you can't do anything to me, so get over yourself mudblood." Draco spat at her with a look of utter disgust from her irritating attitude. Hermione immediately got pissed when Draco thought he could just boss her around, especially the fact that he mentioned her being a vampire. Sarcastic or not, she didn’t like the fact that people called her a bloody vampire.

Hermione was letting her blood boil from the looks Draco kept shooting at her while they were walking to the Head Dorms. Soon she could feel the unmistakable strain on the roof of her mouth. ‘Relax, Hermione control yourself, do not get mad!' Hermione clasped a hand over her mouth and closed her eyes stopping in the middle of the halls to try to calm herself. Suddenly, those yellow eyes pierced painfully into her head. She was forced to keep her eyes closed so no one saw her own eyes turn yellow; she had to watch that man's yellow eyes on her from the memory. Hermione collapsed in the hall and screamed from the unexpected pain that flashed through her body and down her spine.

"Granger? What the bloody hell is going on with you? Uh, Granger?!" Draco said his voice some what cracking from the fear he now had flowing through him.

"What's going on with me...?" Hermione asked herself out loud while screaming again. The pain resided inside of her mouth again. She felt the familiar taste of thick liquid copper in her mouth. She tried to swallow, but nothing was in her mouth. What was going on? She could taste the blood, but it wasn't there. Another scream was let out of her mouth when she found herself floating in black.

"Hermione? Oh hell!" Draco shouted running to her now limp figure lying in a crumpled lump on the cold stone castle floors.

Draco had been walking for what felt like forever trying to get Hermione's unconscious figure to the hospital wing. She would periodically toss in his grip, but he never dropped her. Hermione kept seeing flashes of old memories and things that felt like dreams. First she was staring into the longing gaze of those yellow eyes of Armand Drown. Then blackness and a flash of bright white. She was watching herself passionate kissing a very handsome man in what looked like a dark and scary forest. But then in a flash, it was those yellow eyes again. Draco looked down at Hermione, he could feel her tensing and relaxing, and her eyes under her lids were rapidly shifting and fluttering. Hermione's breathe was rapidly increasing and her heart was about ready to burst out of her chest.

"Merlin, what is happening to you?" Draco said softly, picking up the pace when she let out another blood curdling scream. He almost dropped her from the volume of her scream. He wanted to cover his ears, but instead he just clamped his eyes shut and started running.

When Draco finally arrived at the Hospital Wing door he shifted his and Hermione's weight onto his left foot and kicked the door open with his right. "Madame POMFREY! Hermione is...I'm not sure, she needs help!" Draco shouted frantically jogging to a near by bed as Hermione let out yet another scream. But after she stopped screaming, all motion in her body stopped, even her eyes feel motionless and her body relaxed into the white hospital bed.

"Oh dear! What has happened to Ms. Granger?" Madame Pomfrey asked in a rushed tone trying to find a potion that would help in anyway with what was going on. She opened Hermione's eyes and jumped back when she saw the sinful yellow color of Hermione's eyes. Madame Pomfrey even let out a little shriek. Remembering Draco was there, she quickly shooed him out and ordered him to retrieve Dumbledore for her immediately.

Draco trudged through the halls towards Dumbledore's office. He stopped in front of a menacing looking gargoyle and just smirked.

"You don't look so scary." Draco said trying to sound like a hot shot. The gargoyle growled and let its teeth clearly show for Draco to see. "Jelly Slugs!" Draco shouted before cautiously slipping around the still pissed off gargoyle. Draco sprinted up the stairs taking them in two's.

"Headmaster! Madame Pomfrey...Hermione...Hospital Wing...screaming...mean gargoyle...pissed it off..." Draco said huffing and puffing from the amount of stairs he sprinted up.

"Mr. Malfoy, are you saying Hermione Granger is in the Hospital Wing from a gargoyle attack and Madame Pomfrey wants me to come see her?" Dumbledore asked obviously amused with Draco's guessing game.

"No," Draco said finally catching his lost breath. "Hermione had a weird episode, she was screaming and holding her mouth and forcing her eyes to stay shut. She kept screaming and tensing up while I was taking her to the Hospital Wing. Madame Pomfrey was checking her out and she kicked me out to come get you. She said it's urgent you see what is going on."

"So...what about a gargoyle?" Dumbledore asked slightly confused.

"Oh...that stupid gargoyle you have guarding your door got all pissed because I said he wasn't scary." Draco said simply like nothing was wrong.

"Florence? Oh Mr. Malfoy, you should be careful with her, she's got a mighty bite on her." Dumbledore said with a small grin on his face. As Dumbledore turned to head towards the Hospital Wing, Draco mouthed to himself, 'Florence?' But quickly fell in step with Dumbledore's long strides to see Hermione.

"Oh, Dumbledore, thank Merlin you came so quickly. You must see what Ms Granger...Mr. Malfoy, please wait outside." Madame Pomfrey said in an obviously annoyed tone. When she was sure Draco was out of hearing distance she hurried back over to Hermione's bedside. "Professor, please, come see this..." Madame Pomfrey said while waving her hand to get Dumbledore to come over to where Hermione laid. "Look," Madame Pomfrey opened Hermione's eyes, "see, still yellow."

"What do you think this means?" Dumbledore asked not believing his own secret allegations.

"It is not just her eyes, this also..." She said weary of what she was about to show the Headmaster. She slowly opened Hermione's mouth to show Dumbledore the sharp canines protruding out of the young woman's mouth. They were extremely white and glistened in the lamp light.

"Oh dear, this is not good. Not good at all." Dumbledore mumbled to himself. "Can you wake her up? I believe I need to have a word with Ms. Granger."

"Of course, she should be up on her own in a couple minutes, Headmaster. I'll go and fetch you a seat so you may be comfortable." Madame Pomfrey then disappeared into an office and reappeared only seconds later with a luxurious wheeling chair rolling in front of her. "Here Professor Dumbledore."

"Thank you, Pomfrey that will be all until she wakes up and I'm done talking with her." Dumbledore said with a gentle waving of his hand to show that Madame Pomfrey could go back to her work.

Within a few minutes, Hermione had jerked up in her bed screaming again. She saw herself killing someone, she didn't see who, but just the fact she murdered.

"Ms. Granger? Are you alright?" Dumbledore asked kindly.

"Yes, but why am I here?" Hermione asked completely confused. 'Oh god, I killed someone!'

"Ms. Granger, you are here because you had a bit of a fit. As I recall young Mr. Malfoy telling me, you were screaming all down the hall until you got here." Dumbledore said with a light chuckle in his voice.

"Malfoy? He brought me here? No, professor, that's not possible, sorry." Hermione said doubting every word coming out of the old man's mouth.

"No it's true, but that's not why I'm here. Ms. Granger, I believe you have something to tell me. I want to hear it from you instead of me having to tell you."

"What do you mean Professor?"

"Hermione, what have you been hiding from me, I already know, I would just like to hear it from you first."

"Oh, I guess you saw my eyes..."

"And those daggers you call teeth." Hermione's fingers shot up to her mouth feeling around for he fangs. "They aren't there any longer, once you came to you went back to normal. Now, when did this happen, Ms. Granger? I must know."

"The summer. Please Professor! Don't kick me out of Hogwarts! I swear I can control myself! I've never killed! I could never kill anyone!" Hermione pleaded with Dumbledore.

"Oh, Ms. Granger, dear, I would never do that to you. Besides, you are Head Girl, and you have many responsibilities that any other young lady would crack under." Dumbledore said cheerfully as his blue eyes sparkled with laughter.

"Are you going to tell the other Professors and the students?"

"No, but, I suggest you get used to the idea of vampires being bad. Your Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher will be covering that for a lengthy amount of time. Maybe you will learn something too."

"Umm, Professor? May I leave? I have classes tomorrow and I want to be ready, also I need to get to the Head Dorms and set my password and everything."

"Of course, but Ms. Granger," he said before Hermione left the wing, "Do be careful, what is forbidden holds many secrets..."

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