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Author's Note: Revised.

"Antoinette? Is that you Annie?" a desperate voice pierced through the cool summer night's silence. "Annie, stop walking, I know that it's you... but how?" Hermione began feeling uncomfortable with this man wandering around the dark park calling for some woman named Annie. A couple minutes later, Hermione turned around noticing the man had stopped calling for that Annie woman.
'I hope he found her safely...' She thought to herself before turning back around. Slowly she turned around; her head still pointed towards the pavement, to head back home to her, most likely, worried parents.

"Antoinette, why would you ignore me like I was some crazed stranger?!" Hermione gasped at the sight of the man from earlier standing square in front of her.

"Who are you, I-I'm not name is Hermione Gra-"

"Stop this foolish charade! You came back to me, after two hundred and seven long and lonely years without your warm touch, you came back!" the man whispered, grabbing tightly onto Hermione's shoulders. Hermione was too confused at what was happening to her to realize the pain shooting through her arms. This man looked only twenty, twenty- five at the very oldest. Even his thick jet black hair held not one gray hair. His body was perfectly toned, but surprisingly pale for someone so athletic looking. How could he possibly be over two hundred and seven years old? Then she saw it, those piercing blue eyes he had, they looked aged and full of complete heartbreak.

"Who is Antoinette?" Hermione finally choked out.

"You are! My fair Ms. Antoinette Papillion. How do you not remember? Love, our love. The eternal love that I died for and rose back from the pits of hell again for." The man's voice began to break from his efforts to hold tears back. "You were taken from me, stolen at the eve of your very living! Taken by that rat of a Prince Marius Talvio!" The man suddenly roared as tears of pain and anger cascaded down his pale cheeks.

"Who-who are you?" Hermione whimpered from the unexpected fear she had towards the man standing in front of her.

The man said nothing, just began taking steps towards Hermione.
'Oh Merlin I have to run!' Hermione was about to turn on her heel when the man whipped her around to face him. Those intense blue eyes of his cut into her and without any discern he whisked her head to the side. Hermione was so entranced in those eyes of his that she had not felt the tightening and sharp release of pain in her neck. The cool dew covered ground was suddenly underneath of her and a pair of horrifying yellow eyes just stared down at her.

"I'm Armand Drown, Zeus of Walachia; I died and rose again in the name of the eternal love of Antoinette Papillion. You taste just like her..."

Hermione jerked up in her bed so quickly that her chestnut curls swung up on her face and stuck to her sweaty skin. Her breathing was rapid, but began to slow as she tried wiping the strands of now wet hair off her face. She stumbled from her bed as her alarm clock sounded, echoing through her quiet home.

"Hogwarts, one more bloody year to go..."

Hermione was quick to shower for she wanted to get to Platform 9 3/4 early so she could get a compartment all to herself. She loved her friends dearly, but they didn’t know of her dark secret yet. As she stepped from the shower she took a quick glance in her mirror.

"Oh god, not again!" She whispered to herself seeing the reflection beaming back at her. Each time she had that nightmare, or even thought about it, those yellow eyes in her dreams were mimicked by her own. Hermione's beautiful honey eyes turned evil and yellow. Shivers were sent up her spine at just the sight of the yellow eyes. She blinked and shook her head around a little to get her eyes to go back to normal. They slowly faded back to her normal color and she proceeded in getting ready, but a bit more frantically than before.

Hermione arrived at the Hogwarts express 20 minutes later. It surprised her because only a couple people were waiting. The train wasn't boarding quite yet, so she set her luggage down and sat quietly atop her trunk. Crookshanks happily jumped onto her lap, rubbing against her chest purring contently. Hermione couldn't help but smile at the fact that her loving pet wasn't afraid of her.

"Now Boarding!" a conductor shouted to the eagerly waiting students. Hermione was fast to pick up her trunk and run to the nearest entrance to the train. Crookshanks yowled and scampered off to the other end of the platform. Hermione didn't mind because he would always get onto the train and find her eventually. 'Just find a compartment, hide, nobody has to see you.' Hermione thought to herself over and over.

Hermione walked into an empty compartment by the end of the train and quickly shut the door behind herself. She breathed in deeply feeling relief that she atleast had a short while before anyone else came to find her. She stored her trunk away and spread out over one of the seats. Suddenly she felt sleep pull at her, making her realize just how little sleep she had gotten. Yawning and stretching more she comfortably let sleep take her away.

Hermione felt a tugging at her waist, then an arm snake around spinning her around into the strong hold and warm, soft lips of a mystery man. Hermione pulled away and looked up-

"Hermione?! Helloooo?" A hand was waving in front of her face and a man's voice echoing in her head. She stared into the freckled face of one of her best friends, Ron Weasley. She just weakly smiled and turned back to look out the window to the scenery whizzing by around the train.

"Ron...did you just see...whoa..." Harry said slightly stunned.

"They were yellow, Harry." Ron whispered still staring at Hermione. She wasn't even paying attention to the two boys sitting across from her. She looked up at them again and just blankly stared at them, on the brink of tears she forced her eyes closed swiftly.

"Hey 'Mione are you okay?" Harry asked concerned at his friend's disheveled appearance. She went to open her mouth to say she was fine, when the doors of their compartment shot open with a loud crack.

"Hey, Gin- MALFOY! What in ruddy hell do you think you're doing here?!" Ron shouted immediately turning bright red.

"Malfoy leave...none of us are in the mood..." Hermione said softly but still with strength behind it.

"Well, look who it is, the filthy little mudblood. Actually, can't call Granger here little anymore can I? She doesn't look so little from where I’m standing." Draco said while looking Hermione up and down and smirking to himself. Ron shot out of his seat ready to pounce on Malfoy for his comment when Hermione stopped him.

"He's not worth it; the bleached ferret just wants attention from us..." Hermione said with no emotion at all while still staring out the window.

"I don’t want attention from Potty, Weaselbee and especially not you!" Draco shouted obviously offended by Hermione's little statement.

"But Hermione... he just-" Ron started.

"I know what he just said, I'm not bloody deaf Ron, I just don't care, he just isn't worth my time anymore." Hermione said standing up and brushing past the three dumbfounded boys. Draco couldn't help but notice how she had filled out during the summer. She sure did have more sex-appeal then she used to. Bloody hell what did the mudblood do over the summer that caused such a brilliant change?' Draco thought to himself still staring at Hermione's swaying hips as she almost glided away down the compartments. She was in search of another empty compartment, she needed to be alone, and Harry and Ron would just depress her with all their questions about how her summer went. She didn't want to lie to them, but she knew they weren't ready to know the truth about what happened during her awful summer in her darkened loneliness.

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