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A.N./ Guys I am so sorry this chappie took so long! I am now back from vacation, and while I was down in Texas my husband’s grandmother died. That’s a big reason I haven’t posted. Been trying to take care of my husband, because obviously he is devastated.

Chapter 11

James just stood there, he couldn’t believe what had just happened. James stood there looking at the spot where Lily had just been standing. James was so stunned that Lily just left that he didn’t even hear someone come in.


“Hey Cassidy,” James spoke up not turning around and still staring at the spot where Lily had just been shouting at him from.

“Where’s Lily?”

“You’ve got me.”

Cassidy walked up to James and stood in the spot Lily had just occupied, “What do you mean you don’t know? Everyone downstairs could hear the two of you fighting, so I know she was up here. Where is she James?”

James looked straight into Cassidy’s ice blue eyes, “I have no idea. Yes we were fighting, I wouldn’t be surprised if all of Hogsmede heard us. We were fighting and then she just disapparated. So no I have no idea where my wife is.”

“Well what were you guys fighting about?”

“Cassidy, I really feel as if that is none of your business.”

“Look,” Cassidy said trying to figure out how in Merlin’s name Lily could put up with this man’s attitude. “I don’t want to get into your personal affairs, trust me. But if you tell me what you guys were fighting about then I can probably tell you where Lily has apparated to.”

“Fine,” James huffed. “But I can’t really talk about it. We were fighting about Lily wanting to do a dangerous job that could get her killed.”

“Oh and you told her she couldn’t.”

“Of course.”

“Oh James Potter,” Cassidy began to chuckle. “You never tell Lily what she can and can’t do. I thought you of all people would have figured that out.”

“What is that suppose to mean?” James snapped at his best friend’s wife.

“Don’t get snippy with me,” Cassidy growled at James. “Now just think, you have pissed Lily off…”

“You aren’t helping me out any,” James growled.

“Where do you think Lily would have ran after the two of you had gotten into a fight?”

James only had to think for two seconds before his disapparated from the room.

“Hey where is Prongs and Lily?” Sirius asked walking into the room, “The whole town could hear the two of them fighting.”

“James pissed Lily off and she disapparated out. I told James to think where she had gone, hopefully he’s got brains and went where Lily had gone.”

“To the cemetery?”

Cassidy nodded, “Precisely.”


Lily Potter was sitting in front of her parent’s graves, with her grandmother’s grave to her right. Lily had put white lilies on all three graves. Lily was crying and talking to her parents. Yes, her fight with James hadn’t really been a horrible fight. Just fighting with him and not being able to go to her mother to gripe about him tore open the wounds she had thought had healed. Lily was upset that James thought she was too weak to fight in the war against Voldemort, when Voldemort had killed her parents too.


“Go away James, I don’t want to talk to you.”

“Too bad, I want to talk to you. Lily I am not going to let you push me away, like you push everyone else away when you are hurting.”

“I said go away!” Lily said sobbing and James sat down on the ground with Lily and held her close. “No…no, go away.” Lily tried to push James away but he wouldn’t let go.

“Lily, Lily I am sorry. You were right, if I join you should be able to join too.”

“No…wait, what?”

James looked into Lily’s tear filled emerald green eyes and he felt his heart break. How could he have brought tears to her eyes? How could he have hurt the only person that meant everything to him.

“If you want to join you can, since I am.”

“I know I can!” Lily said as James saw not only tears in her emerald green eyes but fire.

“I know you can love, I am just saying that I’ll quit being all egotistical. I just worry about you and I don’t want you to get hurt.”

Lily nodded and climbed into James’s lap as he sat on the ground. Lily curled up into James’s shoulder and he held her tightly. “Please don’t leave me like that again Lily,” James whispered into her ear. “I was so scared that I had pushed you away, I can’t lose you Lily…I would die if I lost you.”

“I’m sorry,” Lily said trying to snuggle even closer to her husband.

“No,” James shook his head and pulled her closer to him. “Don’t apologize, it wasn’t your fault it was mine. I was just scared to lose you.”

Lily pulled back and kissed James lightly on his lips, “That’s how I felt when I realized you were really going to be an Auror. I knew it had always been your dream, but when you were really going to do it…I was terrified James.”

“I’m sorry,” James said kissing her back.

Rain started to fall down and Lily began to laugh, James smiled to hear her laugh. He had heard her laugh earlier this morning, but this morning felt like years ago. Lily began to twirl around and around in the rain. Lily was laughing and so was James. James picked Lily up and then began to twirl Lily around and around.

“Can we go home?” Lily asked a little while later.

“Why you don’t like playing in the rain?”

“Yes I do, but we are wet!” Lily said laughing as if there was no tomorrow.

James laughed at his wife, “Yes love. That is what happens when you play in the rain my love.”

“I know this James,” Lily said hitting him playfully.

“Do you want to go out to eat?”

“No, let’s get the house elf to cook dinner. I want us to extend our Honeymoon at our house, now that it is empty.”

“Wow!” James said purring at his wife. “Let’s go.”


“Cass?” Sirius asked looking around the room she was sitting in with a questioning look upon his face. “Where is Lily and James? Everyone could hear them screaming at one another from downstairs.”

“Yeah I know,” Cassidy said turning around to look at her husband. “But the Potters are gone.”

“Gone?” Sirius asked looking oddly at his wife, “What do you mean gone?”

“Yeah what do you mean gone?” Came another voice at the bedroom door.

Cassidy and Sirius turned around to see not only Alice and Gabriella, but also Frank and Remus.

“James pissed Lily off and Lily left. James of course ran after Lily.”

“Wait.” Peter said peeking his head over everyone else’s heads, “I thought this party was for them?”

“It was Wormtail,” Sirius said chuckling at his very close friend.

“You don’t have to get snappy Black,” Peter said disapparated.


“Yes Sirius,” Cassidy said starting to laugh at her husband. “That would be our last name.”

“Damn it Cassidy I know that!”

“Don’t yell at me!”

“Uh oh,” Remus whispered in Gabriella’s ear.

“So where have they gone?” Frank asked looking around for them.

“They aren’t here Frank,” Alice said rolling her eyes.

“I knew that,” he lied.

“I figure Lily apparated to the cemetery.”

“Cemetery?” Frank asked still not getting on subject with everyone else.

“You know where her parents bodies are kept,” Cassidy said looking at Alice and trying to figure out when Frank got this dumb.

“Oh yeah.”

“Why do you think she went there?” Gabriella asked from her wheelchair.

“Lily and James got in a really big fight and James really didn’t disclose the information,” Cassidy lied on the last part. “I asked James that since he and Lily got in such a big fight where else did he think that she would run. James instantly said the cemetery and he disapparated out of here.”

“I hope everything will be okay,” Gabby said looking worried.

“We should just leave them alone and let them sort out their problems,” Alice said nodding at all of her friends.

“What was up with Pete?” Sirius asked changing the subject.

“I don’t know but I’ve never heard him spat your last name like that,” Remus said frowning.

“Maybe you should go to his flat and apologize.” Cassidy said offering her two cents.

“For what?” Sirius asked looking at all of his friends to see if they knew what he had done wrong.

“No idea,” Remus said shaking his head.

“Peter has been on edge like that lately hasn’t he?” Gabriella asked turning to Alice.

“Now that you mention it, he has been acting kind of weird lately,” Frank spoke up while Alice nodded her head yes. “He has been rather touchy since right around Lily and James’s wedding.”

“You don’t think he’s jealous do you?” Alice asked looking between all of her friends.

“Why would he be?” Sirius asked with attitude.

“Isn’t it obvious?” Cassidy asked looking back and forth between Sirius and Remus.

“No,” both men said shaking their heads no.

“Everyone is doing well off except for Peter.”

“What do you mean?” Sirius asked still a bit confused.

“Well think about it,” Gabriella spoke up from her wheelchair. “Sirius and Cassidy are married and trying to start a family. Lily and James and then Alice and Frank are both married and most likely going to start a family soon. Remus and I are living together and we’ve talked about getting married. Sirius, James, Alice, and Frank are about to start training to be Aurors. Lily is going to school to be a Healer. I’m going to work at Gringotts break curses. Cassidy is going to be a housewife until their little bundle of joy is here with us all.”

“What’s Peter doing?” Gabriella asked looking from friend to friend.

“Being a bartend at the Hog’s Head with that crazy man that owns it,” Sirius said as his eyes went wide as he realized exactly what Gabriella was going on about.

“He doesn’t have a girlfriend that any of us know about,” Cassidy said as her eyes went as huge as Sirius’s.

“Yeah,” Alice said shaking her head yes. “You would think that if he did have a girlfriend he would bring her around as we are always all couplish.” Frank rolled his eyes at his wife’s new word.

“Couplish?” Sirius asked looking back and forth from Frank to Alice and then Sirius began to laugh hysterically.

“What’s wrong with the word couplish?” Alice asked turning to Cassidy for answers.

“Couplish isn’t a real word,” Gabriella giggled from her wheelchair.

“Yes it is!”

“No it’s not,” Cassidy said agreeing with Cassidy.

“Are you sure.”

“Positive,” Remus said nodding his head to his girlfriend and his best friend’s wife.

“Oh,” Alice muttered turning quaffle red.

“That’s okay,” Frank said pulling his wife close and gave her a big kiss. “I still love you, even though you are such a blond.”

“Gee thanks,” Alice said rolling her eyes at her now cocky husband.

“Well if the newlyweds aren’t here, then what’s the point in staying?”

“Sirius!” Cassidy’s eyes almost accomplished popping fully out of her head.

“What?!” Sirius asked innocently.

“They are our guests too.”

“It’s okay Cassie,” Frank said trying to hold his laughter in. Cassidy’s face looked as if it was a balloon about to bust, and Sirius looked scared at what his wife was going to do to him. “We need to be going anyways, we have lunch with my mother.”

“No!” Alice groaned, and the Longbottoms were gone shortly afterwards.

“I am getting tired Remus,” Gabriella sighed.

“I bet,” Remus said nodding at his beautiful girlfriend. “You won’t let anyone push that chair, you are so stubborn that you can do it on your own.”

“Because I can,” Gabriella said not coldly but with great pride.

“True,” all three friends agreed with their very spicy friend.

“Sorry to leave so early,” Gabby said smiling at one of her best friends.

“No,” Cassidy said shrugging it off. “As much as I hate to say this, Sirius was right.”

Sirius fainted at these words, yes he literally fainted. Never in Cassidy’s eighteen years had this woman ever admit that she was wrong and someone else was wrong.

“What’s wrong with him?”

“I finally admitted I was wrong,” Cassidy laughed with her friend.

“How are you going to get rid of all those people downstairs?”

“Wake Sirius up and make him tell everyone they have got to go.”

“You are going to let Sirius tell everyone that they have to go home because the dream team had a fight?”

“Nope,” Cassidy said shaking her head no. “Have to let everyone still believe that Lily and James are the perfect couple and that they never fight.”

“Ha!” Gabriella said beginning to giggle all over, “Like James and Lily are the perfect couple. You do remember how many times they have broken up and gotten back together, right?”

“Of course I do.”

“Sirius wake up,” Cassidy said shoving her husband.

“No Mummy P, five more minutes.” Sirius muttered in his sleep.

Gabriella broke out in giggles all over again and Cassidy couldn’t help but laugh too.

“No come on Sirius you have to get up…”

“Go away you horrible woman!” Sirius now yelled in his sleep, “You are not my mummy!”

“What?!” Gabriella asked flabbergasted looking to Cassidy.

“His mother.”


“Sirius, look at me I’m all naked!” Cassidy yelled.

Sirius sat straight up but as soon as he saw that Cassidy was dressed he put on his pout face. “That’s no fair.”

“That was so funny Cassie,” Gabriella giggled and Remus agreed.

“Wasn’t it?”

“No it wasn’t, now what do you want?”

“You need to tell everyone downstairs that the party is over.”

“What?! Why me?” Sirius now whined like a baby.

“Because if you are a good boy, you might get a present later on.”

“Gag,” Remus said staring to make the gagging noises in which Gabriella burst into giggles again.

“Oooh, I likey!”

“Good, I thought you would.”

“What do I tell them?”

“Tell them that Lily got sick and that they went home.”

“Alrighty,” Sirius said kissing his wife’s cheek and left the room with a smile a mile across his face.

“Nicely done,” Gabriella said shaking her head in approval.

“Yeah but you didn’t have to bring up the subject of shagging with us in the room,” Remus moaned.

“Who said anything about shagging?” Cassidy asked innocently.


“No I didn’t.”

“Yes you do.”

“No,” Cassidy said shaking her head a her really good friend. “I said that he could see me naked.”

“Yeah but we know that there will be some shagging done tonight, as the two of you are trying for another baby.”

“Exactly,” Gabriella said shaking to Remus’s comment.

“Okay good,” Cassidy said smiling at her two close friends. “Then the two of you can leave so you don’t hear us getting all randy in here.”

“Ug,” Remus groaned. “Gabby we really have to go before I get sick right here.”

“Thanks for having us tonight,” Gabriella said wheeling herself of to Cassidy.

Cassidy bent down to hug her close friend, “No problem. Sirius and I love to have you guys over.”

“Night Cassidy,” Remus said hugging her.

“Night,” Cassidy said hugging Remus back.


“Where did they go?” Sirius asked five minutes later to find Cassidy lying in their master bedroom on their bed.


“So it’s just the two of us?”


“How interesting.”


“Wormy,” Bellatrix Black-Lestrange purred as she had apparated into her lover’s apartment. There was no answer, “Pet?” Bellatrix looked around the living room, kitchen, nook, and then upstairs to the bathroom and two bedrooms. Unfortunately for Bellatrix Lestrange, Peter Pettigrew was no where to be found.

“Where in Merlin’s name could he be?” Bellatrix asked out loud to herself, “He should have known that the Dark Lord called us. It’s not as if we wait to hear from him through owl post. No our skin gets burned where our Dark Mark is. Where the hell are you Peter?!” Hogwarts’s ex-resident bitch screamed before she apparated back to her home, where her husband was waiting on her.


“Wormtail,” Lord Voldemort sneered at his servant before him. “I do not find you trust worthy.”

“W-why not m-my lord?”

“You didn’t come to me when your Dark Mark was burned tonight, are you going soft on me Wormtail.”

“N-no sir.”

“You better not, you know the price of betrayal to me, correct.”

“Y-yes master.”

“So where were you when were so obviously pre-occupied when I beckoned your call?”

“A party for the Potters.”

“How lovely,” Voldemort said with sarcasm just dripping off the words. “Why in Merlin’s name would you do that?!”

“You told me even though I am so obviously different from them, but s-sir you told me to stay friends with them. S-since they are all so close to Dumbledore.”

“Ah ha,” Voldemort said shaking his head yes. “You are to become a spy for me, to tell me what your blood traitor friends, the Mudblood lover, the Mudblood, and that damned Dumbledore is doing. Do you understand your mission?”

“Y-yes sir.”

“You know the price for failing and them finding out that you are actually a spy for me.”

“D-death,” Pettigrew said flinching.

“Correct, because if they don’t kill you…well I will. That is all.”

Pettigrew nodded and apparated back to his apartment, and he looked at the clock. Peter smiled, the one thing good going in his life should be popping in anytime soon. Peter didn’t love Bellatrix, no he would never love her. Bella was just a good shag and whatever her name was that he took to the party with…well was getting dumped tomorrow.


At three-thirty in the morning Cassidy O’Brian-Black sat up in a pool of sweat. Cassidy’s blankets were all thrown around her body, and Cassidy could feel her heart bounding hard against her chest. Cassidy was sure that Sirius would hear how fast her heart was beating any moment now. But he didn’t.

“Sirius?” Cassidy whispered with tears filling in her eyes, but there was no response from Sirius. “Sirius! Sirius!”

“Huh?!” Sirius asked sitting up in bed and frowned when he saw how upset Cassidy looked.

“What’s wrong love?”

“I had a horrible dream.”

“It’s okay love,” Sirius said kissing the top of her. “It’s all over now, so let’s go to sleep.”

“No. I had a bad dream and then I heard a window break downstairs.”

“No, you were just imagining that love. Your senses were still heightened because of your nightmare.”

There was another crash downstairs and Cassidy had tears running down her face, “Sirius please!”

“What in the hell!”


“I’ll be back love,” Sirius said kissing her forehead and going to pound the crap out of the intruder in their home.

Cassidy pulled Sirius’s lips on to her own as a few tears fell down, “I’m scared.”

“Don’t be,” Sirius said kissing her again. “I’ll get him out, but I have got to go and catch him now.”

“Okay,” Cassidy said nodding in which she kissed Sirius one last time. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” Sirius kissed her forehead and crept downstairs to catch the burglar.

Cassidy sat up in bed looking around in the darkness, she didn’t feel safe. Something was wrong and she could feel it in her blood.

Cassidy turned sharply to her left, where the wardrobe was. “Who’s there?!” Cassidy hissed but she got no reaction back. “I am armed.”

Before Cassidy could ever pick up her wand a Death Eater came out of the wardrobe and yelled to disarm her before she could even lay a finger on her wand.

“This is the end of the line for you O’Brian.”


“Shut your mouth you dirty blood traitor,” the Death Eater hissed.

“I know you.”

“N-no you don’t.”

“Yes I do,” Cassidy’s eyes got wide and before the Death Eater knew she had taken off his mask.

“Peter?!” Cassidy whispered, “No. No.” Tears fell down her face, “No please don’t hurt me. I swear I won’t tell a soul.”

“Too late you meddling blood traitor!” Peter put his mask back on, “Avada Kedavra.”

“Noooooooooooooooooo!” Sirius screamed as he saw the Death Eater throw the killing curse at his one and only love. “I’ll kill you! Avada Ked…”

The Death Eater had disapparated before Sirius could kill his wife’s murderer.

Sirius ran to the bed and on to her lifeless body. Sirius reached over and picked up the muggle contraption Lily had taught him to use a few years ago, the telephone. Sirius had the phone on his shoulder while cradling Cassidy’s cold, lifeless body.

“H-hello?” Came a sleepy Lily Potter’s voice.

“L-Lily? Is that y-you?”

“Yes…Sirius? What’s wrong?”

“D-Death Eater…k-killed my C-Cassidy!”


“Lils, she’s dead. Please get James to contact everyone and get over here fast. I-I can’t be a-alone right now.”

Sirius Black dropped the phone down, without hanging it up. Sirius cried the biggest tears he had ever cried in his entire life over his dead wife. The woman he was suppose to live the rest of his life with, the woman who was suppose to give him the most beautiful children in the world, the woman that was suppose to make him smile everyday by just smiling at him. No, she was dead. Cassidy Black was dead and there was nothing Sirius could do to bring her back.

Knowing this, Sirius wept until someone showed up to console the now young and lonely widower.

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