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Disclaimer: I do not claim ownership to any characters, objects, or places used in this story. All belong to the genius that is J.K. Rowling.

Happily dedicated to silver phoenix

Only Hope

It was a hot, yet strangely windy, day in August. A town lay quiet as ever at the foot of a long range of hills. It had been, for many years now, deserted; the shops and houses were boarded up and shielded away from view. But still, an old and weathered sign was gently swaying in the breeze where one could unmistakably see ‘Godric’s Hollow’ chipped into the wood. And as the sign continued to sway, three heavily cloaked figures swiftly made their way into the town.

The tallest one stood in the middle, with the shortest one on his left, and the other on his right. All three were dressed in long black cloaks, their faces were covered completely with their hoods.

The sun blazed mercilessly upon their backs, but they neither shed their cloaks, nor removed their hoods. They continued to walk down the empty street, ignoring the various signs that had been placed on the shops. Clearly, people were not wanted here…

An eerie silence had captivated the town, the wind blew through the streets, echoing with every gust. At the east side of Godric’s Hollow, a tavern was still open to the weary travelers. They made their way into the tavern silently, the owner looked shocked to see three people walk in. No one had gone into town for the longest time. Why would there be people here now?

They sat at the table farthest from the door, evidently not wanting to be seen or heard. The lady walked over to their table slowly, getting their orders for three butterbeers and walking away again. She quickly looked over her shoulder, as if expecting them to attack her, as she hurried behind the counter.

The shortest one pulled out a long, thin piece of wood from her pocket, placing it gently on the tabletop. The other two followed her lead, placing their wands neatly next to each other.

Suddenly, a large tawny owl flew into the tavern and towards the last table. It perched on the shortest one’s shoulder and held out a newspaper. She took it gratefully and handed the owl a shiny copper coin before it flew out again. The tallest stared at the owl as it flapped its way into the distance, becoming a smaller spot in the blue sky every second.

“Three butterbeers,” the lady said in a false cheerful voice, placing three mugs on the table. She walked away hurriedly, again looking over her shoulder. Those three were strange, there was something wrong with them, she could tell. Black cloaks and hoods in August? That just didn’t seem right…

“Anything interesting?” the other asked, taking a sip of his butterbeer.

“There’s always something interesting,” she answered as she flipped through the newspaper’s pages. “Now, there’s always something remarkable.”

“What about the school?” the tallest asked, turning away from the window.

“Closing, just like we thought,” she replied simply, turning the page again.

“Well, obviously. No one would send their kids there,” the tallest said, swirling his mug.

“Oh no,” she gasped suddenly.

The other two were about to question her, but the sound of breaking glass immediately stopped them. The three grabbed their wands quickly and stood, pointing directly at the direction of the sound.

The lady screamed, holding her arms above her head in terror. “S—sorry. It was…just a spider…just a spider,” she mumbled quickly, closing her eyes and looking away. “I didn’t mean…any harm…no harm.”

The tallest flicked his wand, the broken glass repaired itself instantly and flew into the lady’s hand. They put down their wands and returned to their seats, the tallest shuddering uncomfortably.

“I think it’s time to go,” the other said, drinking the last of his butterbeer. The other two nodded, the shortest placing three gold coins on the table.

They filed out of the tavern, nodding towards the lady, who still cowered behind her counter.

The sun was as bright as ever, the windows of the tavern caused small light spots to appear on the street. The wind blew fiercely, threatening to remove their hoods, but did not. They began to walk again, this time towards one of the many hills that surrounded Godric’s Hollow.

“Do you think it’s still there?” the shortest asked quietly, fiddling with her wand.

“Why wouldn’t it?” the other asked, harsher than he intended. “Sorry,” he mumbled instantly.

She didn’t reply, only walked slower behind the two. The other was anxious to reach the house, he had waited much too long for anything to stop him now.

They slowly began to climb a small hill, their feet trudging through the thick, tall grass. The other quickly gained the lead, pushing himself to go faster as seconds passed silently.

They finally reached the top of the hill, where nothing but more grass lay, swaying in the wind. The other stared around dejectedly, before his eyes fell upon two large pieces of stone.

He began to run towards them, his heart pounding in his ears, but he did not stop. The other two followed after him, pushing through the long grass.

The graves of James and Lily Potter lay at the very middle atop the small hill.

The other stopped suddenly, sinking to his knees as he reached the tombstones. He threw back his hood, revealing the face of Harry Potter. His hair still remained messy, his green eyes gleamed as he traced the names of his parents on the stones.

The other two had finally caught up with Harry, their hoods had flown back as well. Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley stood on both sides of Harry, Ron’s hand lay on his shoulder comfortingly.

They stood in silence, Harry continued to stare at the graves of the parents he never knew. He could feel a lump grow in his throat as he bit back tears, ignoring the wind that was now billowing his cloak around his feet.

His parents lay below him, resting in an eternal sleep, never to wake again. They could no longer breath life, they were destined to lay dormant forever. And he, Harry, would never know them. He would never see them smiling down at him, his loving parents happy and alive.

Harry stood up finally, keeping his head down. Hermione bit her lip sadly, wiping her eyes, Ron holding her. They looked around them, they must have been standing where the old house had been destroyed that night.

“I thought I’d find you three here.”

The voice broke the silence instantly, the three turned around quickly, pointing their wands at the tired wizard that stood behind them in the grass.

His wand shot out of his hand, Ron caught it in the air with ease. They stared at the wizard, who beamed at them.

“I see you’ve been keeping on your toes…And practicing your non-verbal spells.”

He was wearing shabby robes that were mended with innumerable patches, and his hair flecked with gray, he looked much older than he was. Remus Lupin still smiled brightly at the three, who put down their wands.

“Lupin…” Harry whispered, walking towards him quickly. They hugged each other tightly, they hadn’t seen each other in months.

“Harry…” Remus said, holding Harry in front of him. “Harry, what are you doing? Everyone’s looking for you.”

“We know,” Hermione said quietly, as she and Ron walked towards Remus and Harry. She pulled out the rolled newspaper from her cloak, holding it in front of her. “‘The disappearances of Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger are nothing short of cruel abandonment in a time of war.’”

Harry laughed bitterly. “‘Cruel abandonment’? We’re saving them, and they think it’s abandonment.”

Remus looked at him, his eyes gleaming with sadness. “We’re all so worried about you. Molly worries about you.”

“Tell them not to worry. You’re here, you’ve seen us. Tell Mum not to worry,” Ron said, handing Remus his wand again.

“Where have you been? Where are you going?” Remus pleaded. He needed answers, he needed to know, he needed peace within himself.

Harry shook his head. “You wouldn’t understand.”

“I can’t understand if you don’t tell me,” he replied. “Please…tell me. I can help you, whatever it is. You can trust me.”

“We can’t tell you, Professor—” Hermione began, but she was cut off.

“Please…Hermione. Please, all three of you, call me Remus. I’m not a Professor anymore…” he trailed off.

“Remus,” Harry said slowly, awkwardly. “It’s just…something we have to do. Something that can’t be avoided.” He began to walk away, Hermione and Ron followed after him sorrowfully. Hermione took one last glance at Remus as they made their way down the hill.

“Wait!” Remus called after them. “I think you’re making—”

“You think we’re making a big mistake?” Harry replied, smiling. “I think we’re trying to save the world.” And with that, he walked out of sight.

He did not give up. “You’re risking your lives—”

“Exactly,” Ron said, following after Harry.

“Goodbye, Remus. I hope we see each other again soon,” Hermione waved and walked out of Remus’ sight with the other two.

The three walked down again, pushing through the long grass of the hill away from their path. They did not speak until they reached the streets of Godric’s Hollow once more. They walked past the empty shops and houses, their footsteps echoing in their ears.

“Harry?” Hermione asked suddenly, catching up with him.


“Dumbledore, he—he said You-Know-Who would make Horcruxes to signify more important deaths, right?” she asked quietly.

Harry paused, looking down at her. “Yes.”

“I have a feeling we’ll be here again,” Ron said.

Harry nodded solemnly, understanding what the two meant. Voldemort was very likely to have made a Horcrux to remember the murders of James and Lily Potter…The question was, what?

“We’re doing the right thing, Harry,” Hermione said softly, laying a hand on his shoulder. “You-Know-Who…he has to be stopped. We’ll find them all, we’ll destroy them all.”

“Yeah…” he replied listlessly. “Yeah, we have to. There’s no hope left if we don’t…”

“Ready?” Ron asked them.

Harry shifted his cloak uncomfortably and took one last glance in the distance. Where his old house had stood, where his parents were killed, where their bodies now lay in the earth.

“Yes,” Harry and Hermione said together.

The wind began to howl. With a swish of their cloaks, the three were gone, leaving the small town of Godric’s Hollow eerily silent once more.
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Title: "Only Hope" Switchfoot

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