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‘Ring ring ring’ “hello” said Ron picking up the receiver.
“Uh…hi is Ron there” said Hermione almost tempted to hang up because she was so nervous.
“This is he” said Ron “who is this” he asked even though he knew for sure that it was Hermione.
“Oh- hi Ron it’s me Hermione I just wanted to call and tell you tonight isn’t a good night for me to go out I’m uh… busy yea busy but I’m terribly sorry you know I really wanted to hang out and all but something came up and I can’t come” said Hermione as an excuse to get out of it because she just needed time to think.
“Okay…” said Ron a little disappointed but he was not going to let Hermione know.
“But really I really wanted to come but, like I said something came up, sorry” said Hermione hoping he would be okay with it.
“Okay maybe some other time” said Ron.
“Yea some other time well, bye” said Hermione hanging up her receiver and Ron did the same. That very night Hermione tossed and turned all night thinking of what Ron had planned earlier that evening and her conscience kept telling her “she should of went” over and over again driving her mad by time her alarm went off at 5:30 the next morning. She rolled over and slapped the clock and it immediately shut up. She lazily climbed out of bed and reached for her robe and slippers in the over stuffed chair in the corner beside her bed. She walked over to her bathroom and closed the door behind her. When she got ready to step in the shower the door bell rang causing her to almost slip because of the fright it gave her. She hurriedly put on her robe and ran down the hall to the person at the door. When she opened the door to find Ron she screeched because she was in a robe.
“Good morning Hermione I’m sorry I didn’t call first I just really needed to talk to you” said Ron walking in the door.
“Um can you come back later” said Hermione.
“No because later, I’m getting married” said Ron kind of nervous of how Hermione may react.
“Um,um married” said Hermione like she had heard wrong because between you and me she had feelings for him to, secretively. “To whom?” she could hardly get the words out she was so shocked.
“To Felicity” he said inviting her inside. “Felicity this is Hermione, Hermione this is Felicity” Ron introduced. The two girls shook hands and Hermione went stiff.
“Nice to have met you Felicity” said Hermione taking her hand back from Felicity’s grip.
“Same to you” said Felicity in return also releasing her hand.
“So, where did you guys meet” asked Hermione tapping her foot a little so that they might see that she was in a hurry.
“Um here actually, it’s quite a funny story come to think of it” said Felicity giggling a bit.
“Oh I’m sure it is but I really need to get ready for work so how about you two come by the Bar where I work, Ron you remember right on the corner of Parker Avenue and Shasta Lane” said Hermione.
“Yea I remember so we’ll see you there?” asked Ron
“Sure around 10:30ish” said Hermione.
“Ok see you there” said Felicity with the little giggle still in her voice.
“Bye” said Hermione closing the door behind them but, as she did she watched them through the little window in the door, Ron was opening the door for Felicity and before shutting it he leaned over and kissed her gently on her tender lips.

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