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The Reason For Love by Harryhermione
Chapter 8 : Chapter 8
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Chapter 8

Harry woke up happily but was disappointed that Hermione wasn’t at his side. He got up and glanced out his window. It was a beautiful Sunday so Harry wore cargo shorts, and a blue shirt that said I didn’t do it. He walked around stretching a bit and then went downstairs. He stopped dead.

“Hermione!” He shot her a look of deep disgust. “You evil…” Harry couldn’t find the words. He ran as fast as he could up to his dorm. He sat in a corner and started to sob. How could Hermione do this to him? He heard a soft knocking on the door but didn’t answer it. Later e heard fading footsteps.

“I’ll kill him!” Harry shouted. He went to his side table and grabbed his wand. He could not control his emotions.


Yelling and screaming filled the hall. Harry stood in the middle staring down at what he did. He ignored all the screams and shrieks. A pair of hands grabbed him and blindfolded him. They dragged him out to the Hogsmeade station and onto the train where they roughly tossed him into a compartment.

Harry removed the blindfold and grabbed the door. It was locked. He tried to shake it but it wouldn’t budge. He searched for his wand but it was missing. He pounded on the door. “Let me out!” He started to cry and fell to the floor. His shirt was ripped, and his pants were bloody. His scar was bleeding out fresh blood.

Dumbledore entered the compartment and sat on the chair across Harry. The normal twinkle in his eyes were gone. Harry sighed.

“I am deeply disappointed Harry. What I would like you to do is tell me the whole story.” He didn’t even look at Harry.

“I woke up and went looking for…” Harry couldn’t say Hermione. “My ex-girlfriend. I found her snogging with some bloke in the main hall.” Harry made a disgusted face. “I ran upstairs and cried in my dorm, and then I grabbed my wand. I passed him a note in charms signed by anonymous to meat me in the Great Hall at midnight. When he got there I started yelling at him. We got in a fight and I lost my wand.” Harry smiled an evil smile. “Then I remembered the dagger I found in Grimauld Place. I took it out and stabbed him to death.”

Harry finished. “Harry, you know there will be consequences.” Harry nodded. “I’m afraid, you’re being sent to Azkaban, for the remainder of the year.” Harry’s jaw dropped.

“What! Without trial!”

“Yes Harry, without trial.”

“That’s unjust!”

“Harry, you murdered someone.”


“Harry, calm down.”

Harry sat down and looked at the ceiling. “What have I done?” He banged his head on the wall. “So were going to Azkaban right now?

“Yes. Once you get on the boat I’ll have to go.”


“Yes, Azkaban is in the middle of an island.”

“Why do you have to go?”

“The Christmas ball is tomorrow. I must prepare.” After moments of silence. The train stopped. The heavy hands grabbed him again and blindfolded him once again. They pushed him into a boat and the boat started to speed off.


Hermione sat anxiously at the tip of her chair when Dumbledore entered his office. She sprung up.

“Is Harry okay? Where is he? Is Harry going to be sent to Azkaban?” Dumbledore thought for a moment.

“Yes, in a boat, and yes.” Hermione’s heart dropped.

“Harry’s going to Azkaban.

“Yes I’m afraid so.” Hermione started to cry.

“Its all my fault!” Hermione got up and paced the room. “I pissed him off when I kissed Zack and he killed him.” Hermione grabbed a pillow and threw it across the room. She ran out the room and outside she started running to see if she could take a train and then a pair of arms grabbed her.

“Stop Hermione!” Ron held her tight.

“Something’s going to happen to you!”

She wriggled and squirmed around. “Harry’s going to Azkaban because of me!”

“That’s right Granger.” Said Malfoy laughing.

Ron stood in front of her. “Go away scum!”

“Its all your fault that Potters going to be gone for the rest of the school year!” He said ignoring Ron. “You let him down! You cheated on him!”

Hermione broke free of Ron’s grip and started to run towards Malfoy. He punched him in the nose and then Ron attempted to grab her. She kicked him in the balls, and then her view became foggy. She twirled around and fainted.


Harry got cold inside as He held onto the bars of his cell door. Dementors floated everywhere. Harry looked down at himself. He was wearing the jail suit they gave him and it smelled gruesome. He looked at the stone bowl with a mushy gray stuff that they pushed through the bars. He kicked at the cell door. Then he heard voices.

“I need to see him!”

“No Hermione! Your not in the state.”

Lupin walked up to Harry’s cell. He looked down at him lying on the floor. “Harry. I’m speechless.” Harry looked up at him.

“Then leave!”

“I expected more of you!”

“Well, there you go! I‘m in Azkaban!”

Lupin shook his head and left. He escorted a yelling Hermione out the prison. Harry stared at her. He thought about all his times with her. He remembered them laughing, rolling around the floor, and even snogging. He looked down at his bear feet.



“But mum!” Ron pleaded. “Something came over him!”

”I don’t care what came over him! RON! HE MURDERED SOMEONE!”


“So you would have done that too? Is that right?”

“If I had to!” Ron was fuming.

“Get out.”


Mrs. Weasley pushed him into the fire and put in floo powder. “Go!”

“Hogwarts!” Ron said clearly. He dusted himself as he stepped inside the Gryffindor common room. He coughed a bit and a small girl grabbed him.

“I need your help!” Alexa stammered.


“Hermione is trying to commit suicide!”


“In her dorm!” They rushed over to her dorm and crashed through. Hermione was about to shoot herself.

“Hermione no!” Ron tackled her and tossed the gun out the window. “What were you thinking?”

“Why should a hag like me deserve to live?” She sobbed onto Ron’s shirt.

“Hermione! You’re not a hag! Come one!” Hermione was screaming.

“HE’S IN AZKABAN! AZKABAN!” She thrust her pillow at Ron. “Go away!”

“No!” He pointed at an extra blanket with his wand and it flew to the floor. “I’m staying here tonight.”

“Why! I’m a big girl! I can stay on my own!”

“I’m worried about you! You might hurt yourself.”

Hermione scowled. She slapped Ron across the face. “I told you to leave!”

“I want someone to stay with you!”

“Alexa can stay.”

Ron looked at her for support.

“I’ll stay.” She whispered.

“Thanks.” With that he left.


Harry banged his head against the wall several times before a bowl hit him in the leg. It contained something green and moldy. Harry needed to eat because he hadn’t for days. The cell door opened and a human jail guard entered. He stuffed the food in Harry’s mouth and finally left when he was done chewing.

Harry bent over his sink and puked. He fell over and landed on the pile of newspaper that was his bed. He groaned and moaned and felt horrible. He couldn’t face the fact that he was in Azkaban. He was starving and smelled and the list goes on. He looked at a dementor.

“Hey! Mr. hood!”

The dementor let out a low hiss.

“Yah! I’m talking to you! Hello! Get me some more newspaper! Hello!”

Harry gave up. The dementor seemed to ignore any shouts prisoners made. The man in the cell next to him stared at him.

“Did you know that you’re Potter!”

“Yah. Who the hell should I think I am?”

He held out his hand. “Enus Mclennen. What are you in for?”

Harry shook it. “Murder.”

Enus smiled. “Me too. Me mum kept shouting at me, so I killed her.”

Harry felt uncomfortable. “I killed my girlfriends other boyfriend.”


“Well, my ex-girlfriend.”

“I hate women!” Enus shouted. “They bloody nag you when you get home late and then they break your heart.”

“True.” Harry said. He turned around and grabbed his cup of grimy water. “Cheers.” He held his glass up.

Enus raised his in the air also. “Cheers! To the fact that women are stupid.”


Harry drank it but would soon regret it. He felt like puking again. “Nasty, the stuff they feed us.” Said Enus indicating to the bowl of purple mush they gave him. “Would you like some?”

“No thank you.”

“I would say the same.” Enus laughed.

Harry grunted and told Enus he was going to bed. He lay down on the cold stone floor with his head lying on a pile of newspaper. He sighed and dozed off.


Hermione had not come out of her room for days. They checked on her every 10 minutes and tried to make her eat but nothing worked. Ron tried once again during his break from classes.

“Hermione! Please eat!”


“Because you’re starving yourself!” He pointed at her. “Over the last 3 days you’ve lost 13 pounds!”

Hermione frowned. “Why do I have to live?”

“Hermione! Harry is going to come back! And don’t tell me it’s your fault!”

“Please go!”

Ron reached in his pocket. “Here.” He handed her a letter. “Harry said if he was gone in a time of need for you, to give this to you!”

Hermione opened it and read it silently.

Dear Hermione,
If your reading this I’m sorry I’m not there.
Please just trust me and work you’re hardest to be happy.
Hermione, I truly love you and want the best for you.



Hermione grabbed her sandwich and took a bite of it. Ron smiled and left. Hermione looked up at a picture of her and Harry. Hermione was in Harry’s arms and Harry was smiling. She loved that picture of them.

She looked at the calendar. She should be celebrating in January. It was holiday and she was miserable. Harry was her life. She needed him. Later on Alexa walked in.


“Hi.” Hermione said not looking at her.

“Look, I know you love Harry, but just try and get a bit better.”

“You don’t…!”

“I know! I don’t know what its like because Sheen (her boyfriend) doesn’t love me nor do I.”

Hermione didn’t expect that. She let it sink in.

“I wish he was back!”

“Me too.”

She looked at her bathroom door. “I think I’ll take a shower.”

Alexa smiled and left. Ron looked up. “Well?”

“She’s gone to take a shower.”

“Well that’s a start.” Said Ron sinking into his chair.


Enus looked at Harry. “You look horrible.”

“Thanks.” Muttered Harry.

“Well! You haven’t been eatin’”

“Do you blame me?”

“Guess not.”

Harry turned away and looked at the brick wall. Harry had found a piece of chalk and wrote on the wall. In big white letters he wrote Hermione and was tallying the days till he’d see her again. He cried every night when he remembered memories of them together. He turned back to Enus.

“What happened to me?” He had tears running down his cheeks. “I killed a man because, because he kissed my girlfriend.” He slumped down to the floor.

“Yah thas’ pretty bad.”

“Yah, you should be talking! Oh, me mum was shouting so I killed her!” Harry imitated him.

“Well! Moms are annoying! You should know that!”

“Remember who I am! I’m Harry Potter! Voldemort killed my mum! HE KILLED HER!” Enus winced at the name.

“Brave of you Potter. To say You-Know-Who’s name.”

“A wise man once told me, Fear of a name only increases fear of the thing itself.”

“What stupid bloke told you that?” said Enus smiling a toothy grin. His teeth were grimy.

“Albus Dumbledore” Harry turned away from Enus.

Harry pulled a time turner out of his pocket. He grinned and set it to when he saw them kissing. He broke up with Hermione and then lived happily ever after (yah right). Harry woke up and clunked his head on the bar doors. He so wished that dream was true.


Hermione sat with her head down listening to the droning voice of Professor Binns. She could not take notes, she was thinking about Harry too much. She had decided to start attending classes again.

“Class dismissed.” Professor Binns said.

“Hey, Granger!”

Hermione turned around and faced Malfoy. “What?”

“Missing Potter huh?” he said whispering.

“Shut up!” She ran away until she crashed into Professor McGonagall.

“Ms. Granger!” She dropped all the parchment she was holding. She took a look at Hermione. Her hair was messed up, her robes were falling off, and she had tears splattering her robes. “Come with me dear.” She led Hermione to her office and kneeled down below her chair.

“Look, you need to get better.” She said sympathetically.

“I know. Its just so hard.”

“I know, I know.” She helped Hermione up. “Come on, you should be at lunch.” She escorted her to lunch where Hermione sat next to Ron.

“Hello Hermione.”

“Hey Ron.” She played with her fork.

“Come on, you ate yesterday.”

Hermione took a bite of her spaghetti. She felt sick. She didn’t want to eat but knew she had too. She stared at Luna who was sitting on the other side of Ron. Ron’s arm was around her. She got up and walked outside.

“Hermione! What’s wrong?” Ginny said running up to Hermione.

“Seeing Ron and Luna makes me remember Harry.” She looked at Ginny. “Everyone I know has a girl or boyfriend.”

“That’s not true!”

“Seamus and Lavender, Luna and Ron, You and Draco, Dean and Pavarti, I can say them all night!” Hermione yelled.

“I’m so sorry.”

“Its okay.” She looked at the lake and smiled for the first time in days. “Would you like to go swimming?”

“Sure.” She laughed. They walked upstairs and changed into their bathing suits. They ran outside and jumped in the lake.

“CANNONBALL!” said Ron jumping in the water.

“Ron! What are you doing here?” said Ginny.

“I saw you guys walking upstairs to change and changed myself.”

“Oh.” He shook his head and water flew everywhere.



Ron splashed Ginny in the face. “WATER FIGHT!” They started splashing water everywhere. And, speaking of water…


A dirty glass with water was shoved into Harry’s cell. He grabbed it and gulped it out. He then threw the glass at the wall and it shattered.

“Hey!” The human guard shouted. “We don’t have much of those! Don’t break them!”

Harry nodded and burped.

“Nice one Potter.”

“Thanks Enus.”

“Well, its February.”


“Those tallies are multiplying!”

“I know.” He pulled out of his pocket a picture of him and Hermione. “Hey Enus.”


“Is there a reason for love?”

“I dunno?”

“If there was one, what would you say it was?”

“I’d say, the reason for love is to have someone you can always depend on, trust, and friendship.”

“I didn’t know you were that wise Enus.”

“I didn’t know that either.”

Harry laughed. “Hey, when do you get out Enus?”

“I get out in May!”

Harry frowned. “I get out in June.”

“Don’t worry. You can talk to Malfoy.”


“When I leave they’re switching Malfoy to this cell.”


“Because he’s in heavy security and he’s moving to normal.”

“What? He should stay on heavy!”

“I know.”

Harry felt glum. No Hermione, but instead he gets Luscious Malfoy. Great. He sat on the floor. What did he do?


Hope you liked it!

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