Harry knew he was like his father. He knew because he had seen it himself, he knew because others had told him, he knew. But there was nothing that bound Harry and James together more than their skill at making trouble, and getting themselves into it. Harry was exercising this skill as he crept down the hall, invisible, under his rare cloak. Hermione hadn’t told him where the Head’s room was, but Harry had seen it before, so he didn’t have to ask. It might raise suspicions. God, I must be bloody crazy. Too curious for my own good. Well, not like she hasn't snuck up on ME before... of course then again she didn’t have a cloak... Oh who am I kidding? Harry wouldn’t even admit it in the safety of his mind. He approached the door, and to his delight, there was a line of light on the right of it. The last person to enter had left it slightly open, but slightly was all that Harry needed. He didn’t think before hand about what to do when he got to the door. He didn’t know the password, but Harry just needed to go. Him being his nosy self, he couldn’t stand not knowing what was going on behind closed (or not so closed, in this case) doors. Harry leaned lightly against the door, his ear aching for any sign of life inside the room. Luckily, there was no portrait on the door of the heads room, for if there was, they would have gotten a nasty shock when something they could not see stuck its ear in their robes. *rustle rustle CRRRRRREEEEEEKKKK* Harry hadn’t meant to enter quite so loudly, but the door thought otherwise. He walked gingerly into the common room, momentarily awed by its beauty. Gold and silver ribbon bordered the room, with cream walls leading to one green door, and one red door straight in front of him. To his right was a door a darker shade of cream, complimenting the walls. Must be the bathroom. Thank Merlin the heads don’t have to sleep together. One thing they can do alone. I’d take that over not having to share a cabin on the train... Speaking of which, where IS Hermione? The door was open.. someone was here at some point. Heh. Harry walked past the bathroom door, giving himself the pleasure of a peek. No Hermione. No Malfoy. Just many assorted soaps of many scents and colors, enchanted to turn into the object that they smelled like. Harry had to admit he admired the little pink rose preening on the sink. Whomever had designed the dorm had style. But still no dorm-ees. He passed the leather couches arranged in the middle of the room. Harry jumped. A sound had come from behind the green door. He instinctively ducked behind the couch, knowing full well he was invisible. Better safe than sorry. He flinched when another noise snuck out from the secrets of behind the Green Door. Harry moved closer, and he could make out two voices. One distinctly feminine. This caught his interest. Finally... It was clear (from what his ear could tell, pressed against the door) the the people in there were not happy. Feminine Voice whispered threateningly to the one Harry could tell was masculine. He couldn’t make out words, but Harry heard something like setting out boundaries. Figures. Hermione liked it how she liked it, but of course Malfoy was a sorry-assed control freak. Harry almost squealed (yes, squealed) when someone opened the door. Instead he fell to the left of the door, just in time, because a very smug looking Malfoy was standing right where Harry had just sat. “Did you think you could just waltz in here and take over? Well, I guess I shouldn’t have thought any better of you. Filthy mudblood, can’t even admit to failure.“ Malfoy smirked his trademark smirk. Hermione flinched, but Harry swelled with pride for his friend when she walked out of the room to meet Malfoy. It could have been the cloak, but Harry thought he saw a flash of emotion in Malfoy’s eyes. It could have been hate, but as much as Harry wished it weren’t true, it was not. It was admiration. “Malfoy, if I have to live with you for my last year of Hogwarts, you’d better be pleasant. I’m not one for fights, but I’d be willing to change in your case.” Hermione tilted up her chin, looked into his cold grey eyes, and.... stormed off to the red door. Slamming it after she’d entered, of course, for the added effect. Harry watched Malfoy stand in front of Hermione’s door for a long time. He couldn’t see his face, just the back of his platinum blonde head. Just lovely. Harry waited for five full minutes until Malfoy finally went back to his own room to leave. It was nearly ten thirty, and he hadn’t gotten his schedule yet. for all he knew he had double potions the next morning, if his luck was as good as it had always been. Which it hadn’t. So Harry crept out of the dorm and into the stone hall. He passed many sleeping portraits, but none of them paid him any attention. That was fine by him. Harry slept in the bed next to Ron, who was already asleep and snoring. Both boys had dreams filled with mystery that left them baffled and groggy in the morning. If only they knew that the mysterious dreams were about to come true. A/N: DON DON DON yes i know, cheesyland.. but what can i say? i had such a fab-u-lous last line to my last chapter (if i do say so myself) that i had to follow it up. i tried. yay! i finally wrote the 3rd chapter! so excited.. please r/r to show you care! --off to go write the next.. and the next.... slow but sure, just keep telling myself that---

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