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How did I come up with the idea? - I am not entirely sure where... I do like angsty fics, and I figured the thing that would cause me the most angst in real life would be if everyone thought I was crazy, so that’s where, I think.
Is Mrs. Malfoy supposed to be Mrs. Weasley in Harry's world? - Aye, you’ll notice it a lot more in this chapter. She seems the only one to be able to control Lucien. Hehe!
Is there a reason Harry made Draco evil in his mind? - I’m not sure if I’m going to explain that in the near future in a chapter, so I’ll write it here. It won’t really spoil anything. Harry and Draco were becoming friend’s way back then. (Draco had just moved to/close to Surrey). So he didn’t know Draco all that well yet. Harry’s mind created the evil Draco in his mind to put all his built up anger because of a certain parental unit abandoning him. You guessed it – Rita. Around the time he was falling into his delusions, he realized (when his mum came for a visit) that she held no real love for him and he was mad, you can say. So, he kind of turned up evil. The reason Harry is so against Draco in real life and won't let go is because he has learned (all over again) that Rita doesn’t love him, so he’s putting that anger back in Draco. Make sense?
Neville thinks he's both Alice and Frank, right? - Yup, kinda ironic that his parents are in a mental hospital, too – only in his mind – which ended up in Hogwarts Sanitarium. (Oh, the people in his mind, Alice and Frank, aren’t his parents. Harry just interprets them to be.) And yes, he does have split personalities, if you hadn’t already guessed.
Yuck, butter packets? - Okay, so this isn’t really a questions, necessarily, but w/e. Yes, butter packets. Just for amusement and a reason to keep Harry more (you’ll see in this chap) polite.
Author Question for this chapter:
How far do I plan on taking this story? - I actually plan on finishing it. Lol, okay, that wasn’t answering the question. I plan on it being far more than twenty more chapters, we’ll see how far I get it. Also, you might not get the ‘The End’ chapters until after a longer delay, as I plan two different scenarios / alternate endings. Although, neither are really what any of you are thinking.

What’s gone on before…
“Shall we go?” Mr. Malfoy said in a monotonous voice.
“Yeah,” Lily stared at him darkly. “Let’s.”

Chapter Nine: Fury of the Father

“I did not take time from my busy schedule to walk around aimlessly!” Lucien snapped towards Lily, who heaved her basket on her shoulder as they walked through some woods.

“Oh, Lucien,” Mrs. Malfoy looked at him disapprovingly. “You didn’t have anything planned tonight. You were complaining yesterday about it right before we got Dr. Porter’s call.”

“I might have had a sudden engagement!” Lucien glowered.

“But you didn’t,” Mrs. Malfoy said, unfazed. Harry’s forehead was beginning to sweat as they walked up a steadily steep hill under the sun’s searing glare.

“Well, it’s not exactly healthy for the boy, either,” Lucien continued as if Harry wasn’t even there. “He could escape and murder someone for all we know!”

“Lucien Cornelius Malfoy!” Mrs. Malfoy set her basket down and put her hands on her hips. “What a horrible thing to say! Apologize immediately!”

“Sorry, boy,” Lucien sneered towards him.

“His name’s Harry,” Draco piped up, this being the first time he’d spoken in his father's presence. Harry glanced at him, but Draco was looking at his feet almost determinedly.

“Nasty common name, if you ask me,” Lucien kept walking forward, so his wife picked up her basket once again and walked after him.

“I didn’t ask you, though, did I?” Harry was irritated, and Mrs. Malfoy’s eyes shone with deep respect. Draco, however, winced and looked up at his father expectantly.

“What did you just say to me? I’m going to have to have a talk with your mother! She didn’t do a very good job raising you-”

“Good luck finding my mum, then,” Harry said. “I bet she’s all the way across the globe or something.”

“I would do the same if I were in her position, I suppose,” he said thoughtfully.

“Lucien!” Mrs. Malfoy snapped.

“Here we are!” Lily said almost distastefully, whilst faking a cheery expression. She took out one of the hospital sheets and laid it down neatly on the floor. Mr. Malfoy sat on a rock that was nearby and stared at Lily’s basket with distaste.

“So, Harry, dear,” Mrs. Malfoy laid out plenty of snacks and foods. There was an assortment of subs, some turkey slices that were still steaming (It was in a heated storage bag.), a plastic bowl of mashed potatoes, another bowl of candied carrots, a carton of white milk, and an entire bag of homemade chocolate candies. “How have you been doing? I haven’t been able to visit you for almost six months!”

“You came and visited me, Mrs. Malfoy?” Harry asked, awed.

“Call me Molly, dear. And I love visiting. You’re such a polite boy and a good influence on my dear Draco-” She darted her eyes towards her husband as if challenging him to say something. "I’ve driven him here when I have the chance, but I’ve had to work on this new wedding lately and it’s been hectic.”


“I’m a wedding cake designer and I make deserts for their meals,” she said sweetly.

“Oh,” Harry said, eyeing the foods longingly.

“Draco’s going to be a doctor,” Lucien bragged. Draco seemed to sink further in his spot. Harry would have felt sorry for him if he wasn’t so hungry.

“He’s told you this?” Molly asked, eyeing her husband critically.

“Mum,” Draco pleaded with his eyes.

“It’s a nice, respectable job,” Lucien said. “Of course he wants to.”

“I always thought he seemed more of an artist,” Molly hummed. “I mean look at his room!”

Mum,” Draco repeated, sweating.

“We’re all entitled to a hobby, I suppose,” he looked at his son. Lily looked very tense; something that Harry thought was very odd.

“Why don’t we start?” she piped up, unpacking some napkins and paper plates and hiding some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and chips behind her back, as if embarrassed.

“Good Idea,” Molly opened the bowls. “Draco, darling, would you pass out the plates, and Harry, love, the napkins?”

“Sure,” they got up, and passed them out, but before Harry sat back down, Draco cut in.

“We’ll be right back,” Draco said. “Come here for a second, Harry.”

“But…” Harry’s stomach rumbled and he crossly got to his feet.

“Don’t go far,” Lily warned.

“It’ll only be a second,” Draco muttered and Harry followed him behind a couple of trees a couple of yards behind.

“Huh?” Harry asked, stomach rumbling again.

“Er… I just… I just wanted to... My father, he’s…”

“A jerk?” Harry offered.

“Don’t listen to him, okay?” Draco asked quietly.

“What do you mean?”

“He’s going to try to get to you,” he continued. “Don’t let him.”

“Okay?” Harry said. “Is that all?”


“You want to be a doctor?”


“Thought so,” Harry muttered.

“I want to be an artist, like Mum said. I sent you some pictures once, but you threw them away,” Draco sighed.

“Oh,” Harry felt slightly ashamed. “Sorry.”

“Doesn’t matter,” he said. “Let’s go back before Mum starts to worry-” Harry’s stomach began to rumble. “-Or you die of starvation.”

“Yeah,” Harry said, not really knowing what else to say. They walked back and took their seats, Harry’s mouth watering from the smells.

“Tuck in!” Molly smiled. Harry immediately piled some mashed potatoes on his plate and grabbed a sub and munched on it, but nobody seemed to notice it but Lucien.

“You’re a civilized being! Eat like one, boy!” Lucien snapped.

“He can eat how he likes!” Molly pursed her lips at her husband. Harry was a little – no, very irritated, now that he had food in his mouth. Mr. Malfoy would never change.

“So, Draco, when are you planning on getting the mark?” Lucien asked Draco, who sneered up at him.

“As soon as I get the chance,” he answered smugly. Harry froze, and then realized what was happening and searched desperately for Muggle objects, like he had seen last time. He sifted his hands on the ground, to get up, and instead of touching the grass, it was a warm, squishy substance, and he had found his object.

“Harry!” Lily held his arms side by side, locking him in place. He opened his eyes stupidly. He was beginning to hate these world shifts – it was so hard to tell, but he had done it. And he was quite proud as well. He looked around, observing the scene around him.

“Oh, Merlin,” Harry grumbled and shook his arms for Dr. Porter to release him, which she had realized he was back at the picnic and had obliged. “S-sorry.”

“Oh, it’s okay, love,” Molly didn’t look that frightened, but her face was concerned. “You are all right, aren’t you? How many fingers am I holding up?” Harry looked at her for a moment and stole a glance at Lily, who looked moderately amused at her tactics.

“Two,” Harry said.

“You’re okay,” Molly sighed with relief. Harry, however, didn’t feel completely back to normal.

“You’re a mad young delinquent!” Lucien roared. “Stay away from my son!”

“Lucien!” Molly gasped. Draco’s face was almost beet red, which looked oddly like Uncle Vernon when he was angry, but in this case, Draco was embarrassed.

“It was a very mild one, father,” Draco tried to calm him.

“We’re leaving!” Lucien got up wrathfully. “Now!”

“No,” Molly said firmly. “Sit.”

“Now, Molly!”

“Lucien, sit, or you can forget coming home tonight!” Molly snapped. Lucien looked ready to kick her, but he sat back down and Draco looked like he was going to hyperventilate.

“Mr. Malfoy, you forget why you are here,” Lily was very peeved. “You are here to support your son!”

“I came, isn’t that enough?” he glared.

“No,” Lily hissed.

“I’m sorry,” Harry said, his voice hardly over a whisper. “I didn’t – didn’t mean to, really – I-” he stumbled over his words; wiping his hands on his robes… wait… robes? Under his breath, so nobody could here, he mumbled. “Not real… not real…” Lily, however did hear him.

“Harry, can I talk to you?” she didn’t hesitate to pull him up and over out of view. She seemed to know that he was trying to conceal it.

“D-Dr. Porter!” Harry looked around, wildly, not seeing her, but feeling her hands clutch his elbows. “It’s not going away!”

“We need to get you back to the hospital,” she held him to keep him from moving.

“No, please,” Harry said. He hadn’t even gotten to eat yet and he was very hungry.

“Deep breaths, Harry,” she said, quietly. The Forbidden Forest was just how he remembered it. He could even hear familiar thumps of something gaining. Very familiar…

“Oh bloody hell!” Harry coughed, his breath becoming rapid. “Not real!”

“Stay with me, you just got out of it, don’t go back!” she whispered. Harry turned his head slowly, a large, slimy black creature breathing down his back. A large, slimy black eight-legged creature, to be exact.

“Aragog!” Harry whimpered.

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