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Harry Potter and the Exanimgi

Chapter 6 - Into Darkness

Hey everyone! this is the next chapter!! (well obviously!) okay now i shall get down to business, i am really stuck at the moment and dont know what to do... you see i have lost all hope and ideas in the story, and i dont think i will ever be able to finish... i am very tempted to just finish it in a few chapters, so that everyone is happy that voldie is dead, or that prophecy has been ummm.. forfilled, except there is the thing about the name.. i had a big explanation of the name, except if i finsih the story now, the name will seem a bit.. 'big' for the story.. i need to know if you people want me to finish this story, or for me to write a fantabilious sequel to the Half-Blood Prince, which is set to come out on... saturday.. i dont believe that many people will end up reading this after that book comes out, so thats my query, well whether i should write a proper seventh year story, thats full of action and romance and ... Harry... instead of this dark depressing story, which is falling into a hole at the moment... let me know what you think, and let me know what you think about this new chapter!

au reviour!

lotsa love iced_Cherriez



Harry winced as he stumbled through the forest, trying to find his wand. The cut on his leg was no longer as bad, as he had used his powers to try and heal it. Though seeing as he was so tired and had used a lot of his energy, he hadn’t healed the wound completely. Every now and again he could feel a line of blood dribble down his leg, from underneath his hand made bandage. Harry amazed himself when he used wandless magic to create it out of thin air and had been trying other spells ever since.

He had left his beloved motorbike behind resting against a tree. Once he had found his wand he was going to return to it and start a campfire. It was almost impossible for him to see at the moment, even though the thunder storm had long since diminished, hours beforehand.

Harry swore to himself as he tumbled over yet another tree root, imbedded in the hard earth. The ground was still wet and muddy from the rain beforehand, and Harry landed face first in the ground. He picked himself up and rested against an old trunk, wiping the dirt from his face and glasses. He took his old sneaker off and rubbed his socked foot, which he had bruised on the tree root. He sighed and suddenly, with no reason at all he started to laugh. Everything that was happening to him at the moment seemed so absurd; he knew he would never find his wand, especially through the darkness of the woods. His fingers were icy cold and almost numb, and his feet ached from walking so far.

“Just one go…” He whispered to himself and lifted his hand. “Lumos” He whispered and amazing the space in front of his hand lit up, showing him a small area of the forest in front of him. Harry laughed again, trying to pick himself off the ground, but instead ended going no where as his foot was caught in a hole. He re-shoed his foot and pulled his other foot out of the ground, stumbling into a very flat area of ground. For some reason the place where he had ended up looked so familiar, though Harry could place where he had seen it before.

Was he walking round in circles?

Then he saw it. Lying under a small prickly bush at the bottom of a huge oak. His wand!

Harry rushed over and picked it up, and tempted to his it, he thought he might put it to some use. He swished his wand in a very complicated way and muttered the words of a quick healing spell, not for his hurt leg, but for his sore foot. Harry then cast another spell over himself, cleaning the now sticky mud away from his skin and clothes, so that they almost looked like a jumper and jeans.

Getting up off his knees, he sighed as pain shot through his leg and torso once again. Suddenly the forest seemed so quiet, there were no birds or crickets chirping, not animals scuttling around, but the silence was greeted nicely by Harry, for he felt safe and alone. It was not a scary silence, but one caused Harry to have a new spark of hope as he set off back to his motorbike, resting against one of the trees trunks.

The trip back to his so called ‘campsite’ was quite un-eventful, as, now Harry had light, he was not tripping over any roots or rocks that may have been in his way.

The moon was full tonight, and as it was not covered by clouds any longer, it shined across the small droplets of water scattered on the leaves of trees, and those that had fallen to the ground. Harry remembered back to when they had been given their first mission from the Order. Their mission had been to make something for Remus, so that he would not be affected by the full moon any longer. He was very glad that their potion had worked, for if it hadn’t of, at this very moment Remus would be locked up in his own house, affected by the terrible curse that had been laid upon him.

Harry arrived back at his small campsite feeling a small bit more refreshed then when he had left. True his hands were still numb, and his feet were still sore, but with a wand he would be able to fix these in a few seconds.

First his cast a small fire beside him and his motorbike, before he rested his poor feet in front of it, this time his shoes were taken off and Harry could actually relax for a few seconds, where nothing in the world bothered him. That was until all those nasty thoughts came back to him. Terry and Ethan were dead. It was all his fault, his fault! But before Harry would dwell on these thoughts for much longer he heard a strange noise.

For a minute he strained his ears, trying to pick out what it was. It may have been his head, but he almost swore he could hear someone talking. It may have just been his imagination, seeing that the forest was so quiet, he was making up his own noises, though that was very unlikely, for he was sure he heard it again once again, yet this time a bit louder. The only few words he could make out from this speech came from a man, and sounded slightly familiar.

“You go this way, and I will go that way…” He heard the man whisper, and he knew that someone was getting closer.

Everything was quiet again for a few moments, as his ears no longer heard anything that resembled talking or movement of a person.

Then, suddenly, out of no where, there was a sharp crack, as someone stepped onto an old tree branch.

“Hello?” Harry asked suddenly, a tang of fear expanding in his mind. There was silence yet again, but this time Harry was sure he was being watched by someone, just beyond the trees that surrounded him.

Slowly the person came into view, and though it was still dark, Harry could just make out the outline of this person, and they were wearing robes.

“Harry?” The person asked in disbelief, stepping forward yet again, coming into the light of the campfire.


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