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New chappie!! Yes!!! This thing is really rolling!!! YEAH!!!! Please review. Thank you kind people. Thank you so much to all who have reviewed! You are wonderful!! It means so much to me!!! Chapter 7 She Will Be Loved Remus’ point Of View 1 month Later It had been four weeks since I had seen three of my best friends last. Leaving them had been one of the hardest things I had ever done. Our good-byes had been short, to avoid any emotional complications. Here I, Remus John Lupin, stand, trying to keep a strong and determined face for Hermione, when all I really feel is; anger, hate, the need for vengeance. It was hard to deal with. Between the two of us, we were putting on a fabulous masquerade. I could see right past her strong face as she could mine. Hermione’s face is calm and serine now, though. She was sound asleep on the cold, hard ground we were forced to reside on. Traveling for four weeks knowing that we were going head on into danger wasn’t easy to deal with. We were close to our destination now. I could feel it through my veins. The urge to make contact with members of my own kind were getting stronger everyday, but maybe that was only because the full moon was only twelve hours away. A gust of wind came our way, making my hair blow in the breeze and Hermione cuddle closer to herself at the cold. I smiled at the soft pout on her lips at the unwelcome wind. I leaned over to kiss her forehead, but I saw a note and a bottle of disgusting green liquid near her. The note read: Remus~ Take your potion. No…I don’t care what you say just take it so I don’t have to smell it. I love you, Hermione. Why did she always have to remember? But I had to take the Wolfsbane potion. I could hurt her (or do worse) if I didn’t. I popped the cork. Instantly, the horrible smell filled me. “Well,” I sighed softly. “Bottoms up!” The liquid slid down my throat with difficulty. After it was down, my eyes started to water. That stuff was foul! Another gust of wind hit me. A forest was near by. I needed to go look around, I had to run, to break free of the madness. I kissed Hermione on the forehead gentle, sat up and ran. I ran as fast as I could. The howl of the wind echoed through my ears as it brushed past me. Hermione new I had to run before a full moon. It was one of those animal instinct things. I loved to feel the wind rush past me when it was this close to transformation. It helped calm my nerves. At each full moon, the pain was intense. To feel my muscles crack and my DNA change to that of a wolf. The horrible thing was; they never got easy. This one would be as bad as the first time I ever changed when I was a young boy. When I reached the woods, I stopped and bent down and put my hands on my knees. I hadn’t ran like that in a long time and it felt good to step away from the world like that for awhile. After I caught my breath, I started walking through the dark forest. I let my wolf senses take over. Instead of looking, I heard. Instead of feeling, I smelled. I let myself drop in my senses that my body had to build up for the painful transformations. For a few moments, I felt nothing. I sensed nothing. I let myself become one to nature, I opened my senses to all that was around me. Then I felt everything in the world around me. Then, I smelled blood. Tons of innocent blood, just near by. Within a second, I was on knees behind a bush. Someone was close to me. I made my breathing shallow, as my heart rate picked up. They were close, whoever they were. They were magic, I could feel that too. I picked up my wand and looked in front of me, ready to arm myself. But from behind me, I heard a voice cry, “Expelliarmus!” And my wand left my hand in a painful jab. “Really, Remus! If you’re going to leave me while I’m sleeping, you could have at least left a note!” Hermione said to me in a huff. I gave her a small smile. “No!” She yelled at me. “Don’t you DARE give me the ‘I’m so cute, don’t you love me, it’s twelve hours till my transformation, I just couldn’t help myself, look. It won’t work.” I just stared at her opened mouthed. The ‘look’ always looked. She rolled her eyes. “No the look is going to have to stop working. You are such a man!” she yelled in exasperation. Wait, did she just read my mind? What was up with that? What was up with her? She never acted like this. She had never called me a man before! When I was planning a ‘project’ with the rest of the Marauders, it was often, “you immature air heads,” but it was never, “you are such a man.” Should I take this an insult or was something wrong with her? “Hermione, I just needed a run. Are you okay?” I asked her standing up to really look at her. Her face was red. Had she been crying? “Remus, we’re getting very close to where we need to be. You can’t go running around like a housedog whenever you feel like it! There are dangerous people here! Please promise me you won’t do that again.” I gave her a strange look. She was being really protective of me. She always sort of had been, but this was extreme. “Hermione, you look like you’ve been crying. What’s wrong? I’m alright. See? Safe and happy……” “You’re not happy, I’m not happy neither one of us are happy! We’re dirty, we smell like animals…” “I take offence to that,” I said lifting my hand up. “Sorry,” she said continuing. “But we do! We’ve been rolling in dirt and mud and some other stuff I’d rather not recall for four weeks Remus! What have we accomplished? What have we accomplished for our friends? For this cause?” I took her in my arms. This had to be unhealthy, it had to be. “Hermione, were close. We’re so close, I can smell it….” She looked up at me. “Smell it?” “Well, yes, actually. Hermione, right before you snuck up on me, I smelled blood. Innocent, young blood has been spilt near here. I know it.” She looked at me with an almost frightened expression. “When we find the pack, we find the Death Eaters.” She looked at me with a frightened expression. “Hermione, what is it?” I asked her. I had never seen her this frightened. “Remus…..” she said hardly above a whisper. “I can smell blood too. I don’t know how I know it’s blood, but I know that’s there’s blood.” Hermione didn’t tell fibs, and she didn’t lie. “How?” I asked her. “How do you know?” I asked taking her forearms in my hands and pulling her close to me. “I don’t know!” she said shaking her head. “I feel scared, nervous. Everything aches and I don’t know why. Remus, behind you!” she screamed pushing me to the side. I hadn’t even heard the word ‘Crucio’ get shouted from behind us. All I heard was Hermione’s screams as she fell to the ground. It felt as if the moon had rosin in the sky and I hadn’t taken my potion. I charged at the being in the all black cloak, knocking him to the ground. I don’t know how many times I hit the thing till I heard, “Now, now Remus! Does the mudblood mean that much to you?” I knew that voice. I had known that voice all through school. “Snape! Why did you do that to her?” I screamed hitting him again. He pushed me off him with surprising force. I crawled over to Hermione, who was coming back to consciousness from the pain of the spell. I took her in my arms, protecting her. I wouldn’t let him hurt her again. I would make sure he wouldn’t. “Awh! How cute! The werewolf is in love. What’s it like Granger? What’s it like having a werewolf love you?” Snape asked her. ‘Don’t answer Hermione!’ I thought to myself. ‘It’s not worth it! I can take it! I’m used to this by now! My pride isn’t what’s at stake here!’ Hermione hissed through her teeth at the pain, and turned to face Snape. I felt her pull my wand from my hand. She gave Snape a fake smile. “Easy,” She said. She was going to answer him wasn’t she? “I just love him right back. Expelliarmus!” Snape’s wand flew into her hand. In an instant though, thirty figures in black cloak were around us. I moved closer to Hermione, pressing my entire body against hers, covering and protecting her from harm. Thirty wands were pointed at us. I bent down near Hermione’s face and whispered, “You really are, the brightest which of your age I’ve ever met.” She smiled gently at me, as I stood, still standing over her body. “Please, it’s me you want.” I said. “Leave Hermione out of this.” I heard a laugh from the group and a figure approached us. It was Bellatrix Lestrange. “Amazing!” she cackled. “The second after we capture them, the werewolf begs for his lover’s life.” I stood my ground, I would not give into the insults. But, then I saw Hermione was next to me, my wand in her hand, pointing it at Bellatrix. “First of all, we aren’t captured yet, and I’m not just his lover,” she said, actually, with a smile on her face. “I’m his wife. Stupefy!” she cried. Bellatrix blocked it and grabbed Hermione, twisting her arm around her back, almost breaking it, with her wand pointed at her neck. I stood my ground. If I charged, I would put Hermione’s life on the line. “What secrets do you hide mudblood?” She asked her, pointing her wand at Hermione’s heart. A Death Eater had my hands behind my back and bound. We were now, ofically captured. A jet of white light came from Bellatrix’s wand going into Hermione’s soul. “Can you tell us where you’re friends are……or, hum, this is interesting!” Then, she laughed. “Oh, this is too good!” she said as she cackled. “What did you do to her!” I screamed. Then, I felt a twinge in my body; the moon was approaching. I looked up to the sky; sunset. “Don’t worry werewolf, you’ll be locked up safe and tight for you’re transformation. And the question isn’t what I did to her, it’s more like what did you did to her.” She fell into a burst of laughter as she pushed Hermione against me. I wanted to hold her (the spell had weakened her) but my arms were bound. I pushed my head against hers. “What!” I yelled. What had I done to her? Had I hurt her? “Haven’t you wondered why she’s feeling the effects of the full moon like you? Her body’s morphing too, just not all of it, but a huge part of it!” she burst, once again into a fit of laughter. “Tell me now, Bellatrix!” I said through gritted teeth. The full moon was just on the horizon. “She pregnant!” I heard another fit of laughter, just before the moon hit me, and I was caught up into a world of pain. I let out a long howl into the night. (start Hermione’s POV) ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Pregnant? How could I be pregnant? I can’t be pregnant! Could Bellatrix be joking? I had little time to think. The full moon came up, and as Remus howled, I dropped to my knees in pain. Something was shifting within me. It was small, but it was agonizing. I felt tiny emotions running through my body. I was with child. I was feeling my child’s emotions. ‘It’s all right, mommy’s here. This will be over soon. I’m here. I won’t leave you. I can’t leave you. No matter what, I’ll be here. No matter what, I will never leave you or your father.’ I thought to the microscopic celled being inside me. I felt fear, pain and then, peace running through me. My child. I was pregnant with Remus Lupin’s child. And my child was a werewolf. I heard another cry from Remus. My child would go through this from the day it was born. I fell to my knees, tears falling down my face. I felt myself getting dragged. I heard another howl, and then, my world went black. I woke up later to the horrid sound of rain and thunder. The moon was still up. My lower stomach still felt uncomfortably restless. I looked up to realize I was in a cage. I saw a barred window letting in cold air to the already freezing cold dungeon. I was lying on hard concrete and my back felt like it would explode as I sat up. I heard a soft whine to my left and I saw the werewolf Remus lying on the floor in the corner. When he saw me, he stood up to his full height and moved towards me. He sat down beside me; anger in his eyes. The wolf in him was still there. I thought maybe the potion didn’t work. Why hadn’t it? I instinctively rolled over so the front of my body was protected. If he were going to attack, he would attack my back. Fear filled me for my child. I rushed positive thoughts to the small life within me. I felt like crying. He would kill me. I would be killed along with my unborn child by my husband. I waited for the first attack. It didn’t come. ‘Why are you scared of me?’ I heard Remus say inside my head. I looked up at his wolf like face and I sobbed. The look on his face was one of shame and the deepest hurt. I sobbed for him and me and the health and safety of our baby. He took me into him with his great claws, being so gentle not to scratch or hurt me as I sobbed. ‘Hermione, are you really……..’ he thought to me. ‘Yes,’ I thought back. ‘And………’ I took a deep breath, I had to spit out or, I was scared I would never tell him. ‘It’s a werewolf, Remus. I’m so sorry.’ I reached up and kissed the side of his face. He reared his head back and howled. He howled for who know how long. When he stopped, it was whining. He rubbed his head against my shoulder as the whines echoed into the cold, unfeeling room. ‘I never wanted to do this to you…’ he thought back to me through the whines. I turned his head to face me. ‘No,’ I thought back to him. ‘We’ll love it no matter what.’ Thought holding his werewolf form tight against me. ‘What will happen if the Ministry….wait, I don’t care. I won’t let them do anything to my child…….’ ‘Our child, Remus. We’re in this together.’ I thought back to him. ‘Thank you Hermione, for making me happy. Did….when the full moon came up did it hurt you?’ ‘No,’ I lied. He gave a gentle growl and pushed his snout against my cheek. ‘Yes, it hurt, but I don’t care. She will be loved…………’ ‘Hermione, she?’ I closed my eyes and used my thoughts and soul to dig deep within me. The same way I talked to Remus in werewolf form, was the same way I talked to our child. I an through the child emotions, I pressed my emotions against it’s form. Yes, it was female. ‘A daughter, Remus. We’re having daughter.’ He gave a gentle bark at the news. I took his dog like paw in my hand and pressed it on my lower stomach. ‘Think to her the same way you think to me.’ I felt him contact our child, and I felt my body give a happy jolt. He howled in a joyous howl, I could feel him singing with his daughter. ‘Did I really make you happy?’ I asked him. ‘Happier than I’ve ever felt Hermione,’ he thought back holding me. We stayed like that for a long time, for hours. After the longest time of bliss, Bellatrix opened the door, putting reality back into our hearts and souls. Remus instantly took me in his arms, shielding me from the Death Eater. “Don’t worry, werewolf, I’m not here for the girl. It’s almost time for your transformation, I was sent to retrieve you, oh happy days.” Remus gave a gentle whine not wanting to leave me alone. Bellatrix rolled her eyes, prying me from his grasp as he kept whining. “You know, you really are the most pathetic, love sick puppy I have ever had the displeasure of meeting.” She said as she threw me against the cell wall. Remus growled and leaped for her. “Remus, don’t!” I screamed at him. He heard me, and backed off. Bellatrix patted him on the head, slipping a chain around his neck. “You’re a good boy, yes you are! Yes you are!” she hissed in distain. She hit him against the head and started dragging him across the floor. “Wait!” I cried in my prison, “Let me be with him! He needs me!” Bellatrix cringed and turned back to me and opened my cage as I ran to Remus. “God, I can’t stand girls who beg!” She cried in disgust as I held Remus in my arms. She ripped me from him and handed me what looked like a metal leash. “Here you take him. I’d as soon die then touch a half-breed, and since he listens to you……..” I took the chain in my hands. I gave Remus a gentle smile as the two of us stood up. I gave him soft kiss on the muzzle, and Bellatrix pushed us out of the dungeon as we walked to meet our fate…………… ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~~**~*~*~*~*~ A/N Please review. It makes me feel good about myself. Update soon!

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