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CHAPTER THIRTY-THREE- Telling Everything Harry was sitting on the rug in front of the fire, looking at the scorch marks. His eyes met yours and he ran to you and pulled you into a tight embrace. Then he pulled away and looked at you. “Kat, what happened ……” “Harry” “I mean, I was so worried and …….” “Harry” “What did you need to talk to Fireze about ……” “HARRY!” you yelled. He stopped and looked at you. You had tears in your eyes. Why does he have to go on like this!? Why can’t he just make this easy!? You thought. He walked closer to you. You took a deep breath and opened your mouth to speak, but no sound came out. You slowly closed it and turned your back to him. Tears flowed from your eyes and you felt two thumbs wiping them away. You looked up. Harry was standing in front of you again. He hugged you close and you sobbed into his shoulder. “What’s wrong Kat? What’s happened to you?” he whispered. “I love you Harry” you whispered into his shoulder. “I love you too Kat, but what’s happening?” he said soothingly. “Harry” you looked up at him “Last night ….. last night …… did Voldemort try to get into your mind?” He looked at you surprised, telling you that he had and he didn’t know how you could know that. Then he smiled. “No, of coarse not. Why?” he asked. You glared at him. “LIAR! I KNOW HE DID! WHY ARE YOU LYING!?” you scream, tears streaming down your face. He looked away and sighed. “Yes, he did. But how could you know that?” he asked. “Because I felt it too.” You said quietly. “Kat …..” he said looking back at you. “Don’t say I’m lying. You know I did.” “I wasn’t going to. I was going to ask you what the scorch marks are from.” He said. “I manipulated fire again. I found out that it’s triggered by my emotions. The day that Norbert gave them to me, I was scared that the fire would hit me. It stopped because I wanted it to. Last night I was angry ….” You paused “very angry, and it shot out of the fire place without me realizing it. After that I felt Voldemort and ……” “And what?” he asked. “Your scar.” You said walking away to the rug. “My….. what?” “Your scar Harry! I felt it. It burned like crazy.” You said feeling the spot on you head where it had hurt. “Why were you angry last night?” he asked. “I got in a fight with my mother, but that isn’t important..” You said. He walked over to you and wrapped his arms around you. You leaned your head back and looked up at him. “How many times have you felt it?” he asked. “Twice. Once when I was in the Hospital Wing and then last night. Why?” you asked turning around. He’s taking this better than I thought he would. “Because he’s tried to get into my mind a few times in between. He hasn’t succeeded yet, I’ve gotten better at keeping him out, but why didn’t you feel him then?” he asked. You thought about this. “Because I wasn’t manipulating fire at the time. That’s the only thing it could be.” You said. “Or maybe, he got in because you didn’t have control over your emotions at the time.” He said. “Maybe. I guess we won’t know. But watch. I think I can do it now.” You said raising your hand at the fire. A few seconds later a stream of fire came out and went around you and Harry forming a heart. Then you felt a pain in your stomach and made it go back. Harry looked amazed. “It was so gentle this time. I guess it varies with which emotion it’s coming from.” You said smiling. “And which emotion was that?” Harry asked you. “A couple of things. Relief that you didn’t think I was lying and relief that it was easier telling you than I thought it would be. But most of it came from the strongest feeling that I have ever and could ever have.” You said. “And what’s that?” he asked. You turned around to look at him. “My love for you Harry. Please don’t forget that I love you. Please don’t ever forget, no matter what happens.” You said, your eyes swelling with tears. “I won’t Kat. I love you too. I love you more than anyone I have ever known or ever could know. I don’t know what I would do if I ever lost you Kat.” He said. “You won’t loose me. I promise. And I hope to never loose you.” “I’ll never leave you Kat. I’ll always be here.” He said then kissed you. Tears streamed down your face at his touch. You pulled away. “Harry, I need to tell you something. It’s something really bad, and I don’t know if you can ever forgive me for it. But if I don’t tell you then you’ll eventually hear it from someone else, and I don’t want that to happen. I love you to much to let that happen. You need to hear it from me.” You said sobbing. He put a hand on your shoulder and looked into your eyes. “What do you need to tell me?” he said, sounding worried. “I need to tell you why I really came here, to Hogwarts.” You said. “I thought you transferred here from Durmstrang because it cost to much.” He said. “I did transfer from Durmstrang, but not for that reason. My parents are rich, they wouldn’t have that problem.” You said. “Then why did you say that?” he said sounding confused. “Harry, I didn’t want to do it. I love you, they told me to. That’s why I got in a fight with my mother last night, because I refused to do it.” You sobbed. “Kat, your not making any sense. What didn’t you want to do?” he said. “Harry, do you remember how I told you that my sister was killed?” you said. “Yes.” “She was killed two years ago in the Department of Mysteries.” “What …..?” he looked horrified. “I don’t support him Harry, but my sister and brother-in-law were Death Eaters. My parents are too.” You said. “Is that what was so horrible. Is that what I shouldn’t forgive you for? Because your crazy if you think I would be mad at you for that. I love you Kat, and your family’s history isn’t going to change that.” He said. You shook your head. “That’s not why, Harry. My parents ….They …..they sent me to take revenge on the person who killed them. They sent me to kill you, but I love you too much! I won’t do it! I WON’T DO IT!” You cried putting your head in your hands. “You ….. what?” he said sounding hurt. “I love you Harry. I’m so sorry!” you said then ran up to your dormitory. “KAT! WAIT!” he yelled. You shut the door and heard him yell your name again and a sliding sound. You knew the staircase had turned into a slide and he couldn’t get up to you. He kept trying though. “Kat! Please come down!” he yelled. You could tell he was crying. You started crying at his voice. He stopped trying to get to you about two hours later and you sighed as you heard his footsteps retreating towards the fire. Thirty minutes later and owl carrying a letter flew through the window. It was from Harry.

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