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A/N: Wow, the story is almost over. Only about two or three chapters left! I’ve decided that I am going to do a sequel, but it is going to be a long one-shot. I know that if I tried to do more than that, I would just run out of ideas and end up ruining the story. I want to thank everyone who has reviewed on this story. Even if I didn’t reply to it (hey, give me a break there were a lot!) I still appreciate every last one of them, so THANK YOU!! You guys are great, really. *Tear* I promised myself I wouldn’t cry… No, but I honestly loved writing this story, and I even got a couple ideas for a new one in the process of writing this one, so thanks for keeping me going. Okay, and now for what you all are here for… Chapter 35.

The next morning Hermione woke to find herself more comfortable and well rested than she had been in weeks. She also found that she was naked, and partially wrapped around Draco. She smiled when she remembered why. She sat up and stretched her arms high above her head, almost forgetting she had nothing on.

“Now that’s what I like to see first thing in the morning.” Draco said smirking from his position next to her. He was staring unashamed at her exposed chest.

“Be quiet Ferret.” She replied teasingly.

“Hey! No need for name calling.” He said, kissing her bare shoulder.

She wrapped the sheet around her middle and shuffled down the narrow hallway into her room.

“Come back with my blanket Granger!” He called after her.

“Not a chance Malfoy!” She yelled back, a wide smile on her face.

Something looked out of place, but she wasn’t sure what. She opened up her dresser and pulled out some clean clothes to wear. Sliding on a pair of jeans, and then pulling a deep purple cardigan over her head, she started to walk towards the bathroom to brush her teeth. That’s when she noticed it. The chair from her vanity had been jammed under the doorknob of the bathroom door, which meant that…

DRACO MALFOY!!!!” She screamed.

Draco smirked as he heard her yell his name. She must have found the chair. He thought slyly. Took her long enough. He was buttoning up his shirt when she busted into the room armed with a pillow.

You” *Whack*

Bloody” *Whack*

Did” *Whack*

That” *Whack*

On” *Whack*

Purpose!!” *Whack*

“Nope, I did it by mistake.” He said sarcastically. Haha, oh I love it when she’s angry.

“Oh!! Why you… you… despicable… m-mean, conniving… nghuh… SLYTHERIN!!” She struggled to get the right words out through her anger.

“There’s a reason why I’m in that house babe.” He said kissing her on the cheek.

“I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU, DON’T CALL ME BABE!!” She screamed. Her face was as red as a tomato.

“It must have slipped my mind.” He said casually as he combed his hair.

“Errrgh!! You are so… argh!” She turned on her heel and stomped down the hallway to her own room.

“I love you too babe!” He called after her, knowing that would make her even madder.

“Oh now that is it!” She ran back towards him and leaped, tackling him and causing them both to land with an “ooph” on his bed.

“Hermione, if you wanted to have another go you could have just said so.” He raised his eyebrows at her.

“I h-” She was cut off by Draco’s lips colliding with her own. “Mmmmh…” She moaned softly and settled into the kiss, pulling Draco closer to her. After a minute or two he pulled away so that his face was just an inch away from hers.

“I love you.” He said.

“I love you too.” She replied. They smiled lovingly to each other, enjoying the marvelous feeling of the others embrace.


“Draco!” Hermione called, frantically gathering her notes for the prefect meeting that started in three minutes. “Draco!” She called again. Where was he? He hadn’t gone out the portrait hole, she would have seen him. He couldn’t still be sleeping, it was one o’clock in the afternoon, plus she had seen him get dressed this morning. “Draco we are going to be late! Get down here now!”

“I’m getting some parchment, I’ll meet you there!” He yelled from upstairs. Sighing, she hurried out the portrait hole and rushed down the staircases to the conference room where she was to meet the prefects.

“Hello everybody. I’m sorry we are running a bit behind today, but let’s get started…” She said breathlessly.

“She was probably too busy shagging the Head Boy to be on time.” Dennis Creevy whispered to the girl next to him, who giggled. While most Gryffindors had forgiven Hermione for dating a Slytherin, some others still marked her as a traitor.

“What was that Mr. Creevy?” She asked politely.

“Nothing.” He mumbled.

“Oh, well then you won’t mind me taking five points from Gryffindor for speaking badly of a Head student and another five for withholding information now, will you?” She said in a sticky sweet voice.

“What?! You can’t take points away from your own house! You’re acting like a damned Slytherin!” He exclaimed, jumping from his seat. Her smile instantly fell at his words, despite the fact it was fake in the first place.

“Mr. Creevy, you have ten seconds to calm yourself and take your seat before I refer you to Dumbledore.” She stated maturely.

“Fine.” He grumbled, sitting back down.

“Now, there has been some debate over whether or not to have a Valentine’s Day Ball or not, due to what happened at the Christmas Ball with the butterbeer. Should we vote to have one, it would be for all the years, not just 4th years and up. We would need to start immediately, and most likely be working all through tomorrow. Let’s not forget that some of us are participating in the dance performance being organized by Professor De Palma, better known as Rebecca. For those who are, myself and Mr. Malfoy included, will need Wednesday and Thursday for rehearsal.”

“Where is Draco, anyways?” The Ravenclaw prefect asked. Just as she asked, Draco came in, looking rather grave. He came in silently and took a seat next to Hermione.

“What are we talking about?” He asked quietly.

“We were just discussing the matter of whether or not to have a Valentine’s Ball.” She filled him in. “So, if you all would like to put in the extra effort and time to make this happen, you have our support, but remember that after the ball, there would be the performance, and then the end of the year tests, and finally graduation for some of us. It is all going to come up very fast.” She finished her little lecture, and gave them a moment to think.

“All those in favor of having a Valentine’s Ball, raise your hands.” Draco said. Both Hufflepuffs and one Ravenclaw raised their hands. “All against?” The remaining five raised their hands. “Alright, there will be no Valentine’s Ball this year. Granger, unless there is something else you need to add, I think we are done here.”


“Great. See you all later.” Draco rose from his seat rather quickly and walked out the door. Hermione, confused, went after him.

“Hey, slow down Draco!” She grabbed his arm and turned him to look at her. “What’s eating you?”

“You could have at least told me before I went and made a fool of myself by giving you that ring.” He said bitterly, with a hint of pain in his voice.

“What? What are you talking about?” She searched his eyes with her own, trying to make sense of what he was saying. He held up a thick cream colored envelope.

“I needed some parchment and this fell out. Were you even planning on telling me?”

Hermione covered her face with her hands. When she took them away she saw Draco still standing there, waiting for answers. “Draco I swear on Merlin’s name I didn’t even find out that I got in until a couple weeks ago, and I wasn’t even sure if I should take it or not.”

“Why in the bloody hell wouldn’t you take it?” He asked. She held up her left hand for him to see. Her ring sparkled in the bright afternoon sun. His face fell. “You are not giving this up because of me. You can’t.”

She shook her head at him. “It’s too late; I’ve already decided I’m not going.”

“What? When did you decide this?”

“Last night.” She answered plainly.

“You’re going. You can’t pass this up, it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. No one deserves it more than you Hermione.”

“Could we… could we just talk about this later? It’s too soon to even worry about it.” She said. She could feel her stress level increasing.

“Sure.” He wrapped his arm around her shoulder and guided her towards the Great Hall for lunch. Once they were there they parted ways and went to their own tables. Hermione spotted Harry, Ron, and Ginny sitting in their usual seats. Taking the vacant one next to Ginny, Hermione began to pile some food onto her plate.

“Hi Hermione. How’ve you been?” Ginny asked.

“I’m okay, thanks Gin. How are you guys?”

“Eour ihne.”

“Swallow your food Ron.” Hermione instructed.

“We’re fine.” He tried again. There was a short silence, until Hermione spoke up again.

“So, you guys know that highly advanced wizardry school I applied to in fifth year?” They all stopped eating and looked at her. “Well, I got in.”

“Wow! That’s great Herms!”

“We knew you’d get in for sure!”

“They would be daft not to take you.”

“Smartest witch at Hogwarts…”

“In London…”

“In Britain…”


“Hey! You guys, thanks, but I’m not even sure if I’m going to take it.” She took a large bite of her turkey sandwich. Three mouths hung open and three sets of eyes bulged in surprise.

“Hermione Jane Granger…” Ginny started.

“If you don’t take that offer…” Harry continued.

“I will…” Ron went on.

“Clomp you on the head with a kneazle.” Ginny finished.

“But please Hermione, tell me it’s not because of…” Harry began.

Malfoy.” Ron said with disgust.

“Would you three cut that out? It’s becoming rather annoying. And no, it wouldn’t be entirely because of Draco…”

“What do you mean ‘entirely’? You would actually give up your dream to stay with him?” Ginny asked. “That is soooo romantic!” She said in a daze. “But,” she snapped out of it when she saw the looks the boys were giving her. “But it’s wrong, very wrong. You can’t let it go.”

“I can’t let him go either.” Hermione said sadly.

“Well maybe- ” Harry started to suggest an idea, but Ginny held her hand up to stop him.

“I’ll handle this one Harry.” She turned to Hermione. “Hermione, why don’t we go up to my room to talk?” Hermione nodded and followed her out. They made the familiar journey up the moving staircases and down the long corridors until they reached the portrait of the Fat Lady.

“Password?” She asked.

“Loyalty.” Ginny stated. The portrait swung open and they stepped into the place that had been their home for six years.

“I’ve really missed this place you know.” Hermione said. “I mean, the Head’s room is magnificent, but this,” She looked around the room. “This is home. So much happened here, I’m truly going to miss it when I leave.” Tears started to form in her eyes, but unlike with Draco, she didn’t try to hide them from Ginny. She let them flow freely. “Oh Gin, what am I going to do? I’m so scared to leave this place, I’m scared to leave Draco now that we are finally okay again, and all of you. I just don’t know. What if I go to Cairo and I fail, then I have lost Draco and my chance to get a great job? What if I stay but Draco and I don’t last and I’ve given up my only chance to excel?”

Ginny hugged Hermione and pulled her down to sit on one of the couches. It was still lunch time so there was no one in the common room besides them. “Shhh… It’s going to be okay.” Ginny smoothed her hair back and held her by the shoulders so that she could look Hermione in the eye as she talked.

“First of all, these tears will not help any, so suck it up. This is not the strong willed Hermione that I know.” Hermione laughed and wiped her cheeks. “Good. Now second of all, you are the most intelligent person in Hogwarts. You are going to be Valedictorian remember? There is no way that you could fail at Cairo, not even if you tried, and you will excel no matter where you go. Third of all, if Draco doesn’t want you back once you are finished and are making a name for yourself, then it wasn’t meant to be anyways. Plus, you don’t need to be scared about leaving all of us, because we will always be right here for you, just an apparation away. We aren’t going anywhere, and you know Harry, he’s the-boy-that-just-wont-die.” Both girls laughed at Ginny’s last joke. “And Ron,” She continued. “Well, I’ll keep ol’ Ronnikins in line for you.”

Hermione nodded and did her best to smile at her best friend. “We would never let you do the wrong thing Hermione, and if you think we are going to let you brush this off, then you my friend are sorely mistaken.” The two girls hugged for a long time. Finally, Hermione pulled away and took a deep breath.

“I can do this.” She said. Ginny nodded.

“Yes you can, but first,” Ginny grabbed Hermione’s hand. “You’re going to dance.”

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