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Here it is, number 3! Hope you enjoy, feel free to tell me what you think : ) If you would like notfication of the next update just leave your e-mail in a review or contact me : ) I decided to update today bcause it's my birthday : ) So here's my gift to you,enjoy!

For Lack of a Better Word

"Not alone." The words echoed through gloomy kitchen of number 12 Grimmauld place.

"It's settled then, Sirius and I will go!" Remus face gleamed of hope, something that was sparse in these times. The murmur of disagreement buzzed around them, and the hopeful twinkle in the werewolf's eyes dimmed.

"I'm afraid I'm going to have to disallow that." came the one voice that Remus had dreaded hearing, Dumbledore was the only person Remus took direct orders from. Why did he of all people have to have said that?

"Why?" piped up Sirius from behind them.

Remus was asking the same thing, he had expected Dumbledore to want someone to go, but why would he be against it? Was the old man finally losing his mind?

"We have just lost our most important defense against the rising forces of Lord Voldemort, and a friend. The soul of a child is the most precious thing life can offer, but I'm afraid there is no getting it back." The soft light of the lamp in the kitchen cast long shadows behind them, which looked like ghosts savoring the uneasy silence.

"What are we going to do?" said Ron, who had just filed into the kitchen, along with the other younger occupants of the house. Their expressions could only be described as lost. Lost in the pain and endurance of a reality that was becoming more and more difficult to live in. They shed their tears openly, Hermione slid down against the wall and cried into her arms. Ginny did the same but tried to console Hermione, as tears silently fell over her freckled face. Ron, on the other hand....

Ron was furious.

"WHY DIDN'T ANYONE GO TO HIM?" he seethed, his ears were red with unsuppressed rage. "HE COULD HAVE BEEN SAVED! BUT NOW HE'S DEAD!"

His words caused Hermione to cry even harder, and the adults in the room lowered their heads in shame.

"You need to calm d-"

"I DON'T NEED TO DO ANYTHING MUM!" Ron pounded a fist on the wall, which groaned. His mother fell silent, and continued to cry into her husbands shoulder.

Sirius taken aback by Ron's words towards his mother, he had never heard any of the children, or adults for that matter, speak to Molly that way. Sirius' own fury was starting to rise, how could Dumbledore do this to them?

"I suggest we all try to sleep," Dumbledore said, his voice heavy with sadness, "and hopefully everything will be brighter in the morning. We owe Harry our lives, so let us at least look upon him with fond remembrance." And with that, the gathering of people slowly rose without argument and filed out of the kitchen.

Sirius stood around, feeling hollow. Even Azkaban didn't make him feel like this, his life was just a sequence of failures and broken promises. His eyes drifted to where Remus sat silently at the table, looking into his tea as if he were planning to drown himself in it.

"I hate tea." Came his usually handsome voice, which was now raspy and dry.

Sirius sat down beside his old friend at the table, and pulled his chair closer. "In all of our years together I never thought I would here Remus Lupin utter a single word against his beloved tea." he said, trying to decipher the look spreading across Remus' face. There were a few moments of questionable silence before Sirius spoke again. "Why do you hate tea?" he knew this was the question Remus had wanted.

"Because all it does is show me my pitiful reflection." he said miserably.

Sirius sighed, everything was wrong. Harry was gone, and Moony didn't want tea. The world was about to end, there was no other reasonable explanation. Sirius picked at the table’s rough wooden surface with his unkempt fingernails, realizing that they were now alone in the kitchen, he sighed once more.

"Well..." Remus got up, looking as if he had just made an important decision.

"Well what?" Sirius asked him, more than a little confused. Remus said nothing and started walking towards the door, as he exited it Sirius was beginning to worry. "Well what?" he repeated, a little louder this time in case he hadn't heard last time.

Remus walked into the back garden, where he knew no one would hear or see them. Sirius watched as he sat down on the porch and did the same, never taking his eyes off of Remus. Remus' amber eyes were illuminated by the glow of the half moon, making them lively and full. His eyes swept over the beautiful garden, which he had forced Sirius to care for, even if he did it magically. The blues and reds glowed vibrantly under in the moonlight, lightening Remus' mood slightly as he began to accept everything that had happened, and what he had to do.

"Are you going to answer me now or what?" Sirius was becoming slightly annoyed, he was once again greeted with Remus' thoughtful silence. Sirius moved a little closer to Remus, looking straight into the depths of his eyes.

"What're you thing\king about Moony?" he asked quietly, his onyx eyes not leaving Remus' amber ones.

Now it was Remus' turn to sigh, "The marauders."

Sirius was surprised to hear this; it wasn't something they often spoke of. "What do you mean?" he pried on.

"Do you remember when there was four of us?" Remus stared into the sky as he spoke, as if seeing his thoughts in the stars. Sirius nodded mutely, and Remus continued. "We vowed to watch out for each other, no matter what. Our bond was made of the strongest magic. We would do anything for one another, there were never any questions asked or any thoughts of the repercussions, we just did what needed to be done. Like the way you kept my condition a secret, or when I saved you from falling through that veil. “Sirius was amazed to see one transparent tear roll through down the defining lines of Remus' face, one drop of shining silver, one drop that embodied everything Remus had held in for so long. Sirius felt his throat tighten as the man before him opened up completely. "What happened to those days Sirius? What happened to us?"

Sirius was silent, not having any response that could possibly console Moony. The only sounds were that of the neighbors cat that always slept in the bushes of the garden. He only wished he knew what Moony was trying to tell him.

Remus finally turned to face Sirius directly, it was then that Sirius saw the hints of youth buried within him. the mischievous twinkle that had never really died. Sirius was brought back out of his thoughts as Moony spoke once more. "Did we ever listen to Dumbledore when we were in school?"

Sirius gave one half-hearted laugh, "No, never..."

"So why are we now?"

Sirius was dumbstruck, finally realizing the point of Remus' revelry. "What are you planning Remus?" he asked, suspicion overtaking him.

"I'm going to get our Godson back..." he said, and to Sirius' surprise, and slight concern, there wasn't a trace of doubt on his elegant face. Sirius contemplated what he had just said for a moment, and finally spoke. "Well, I guess we'd better get going then."

Remus nodded and then suddenly turned to face Sirius, realizing what he had said. "We? Are you sure?"


Sirius didn't know what, but something had happened in th last twenty four hours, something had changed Moony significantly. But not changed, Sirius then thought, more like brought Moony out. The tired, worn out appearence of Remus Lupin had been traded for the confident, unstoppable Remsu that Sirius now witnessed. As Sirius watched Remus he realized that he ws only doing what needed to be done. He was keeping the promise he had made to Harry to keep him safe.

It was about time Sirius started keeping his promises as well....

Without another word, they stepped off of the porch and back into the house. Sirius went upstairs into Harry's room. His heart ached as he looked at all of the painful reminders of Harry's existence. He took a deep breath and found what he sought, the invisibility cloak. He ran back downstairs, past a few people who looked at him curiously, to find Moony shrinking various items and storing them in an old backpack that he had always used in school.

"Ready?" Sirius whispered so as no one would hear.


They headed don the dimly lt hallway to the front door, and waited a moment for Ginny to head upstairs before leaving undetected. Both men walked silently down the deserted street, heading away from the lights of London, and into the darkness of the countryside.

If any muggle would’ve looked out their windows onto the main road that night, at that moment, they would’ve seen what appeared to be two friends walking down the street, chatting idly. They wouldn't have seen tired, miserable men walking, but old friends. There was no way they would every have known the pains that these two men had been through. The separation they had endured for thirteen years. All that was visible was hope, and the and the trust that only true friendship could bring. They saw not men, but marauders.

Sirius scanned the road ahead to make sure that no one was there, as soon as they got off of the main road he would feel a lot safer.

"Are you sure about this?" Sirius asked.


"But Remus you're uh, well, for lack of a better word, you're a smart person, and you must know that this can't possibly work!"

Remus only smiled, "And Sirius, you are, for lack of a better word, an idiot."

Sirius' canine laugh was the last thing be heard on the moonlit street before the two men disappeared into the night.

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