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Disclaimer: See chapter one…

A/N: Hope this chapter was worth your wait. Thanks for all your supportive reviews!

Chapter 12: Werewolves


A few weeks passed, entering July, and Harry had become much more relaxed around Sirius and Remus. He was finally getting used to them and how they went about doing things. Dumbledore had visited a few times though, and on those occasions you could find Harry hiding behind Sirius or Remus’ legs - whoever was closest at the time - but recently he was slowly getting used to Dumbledore as well. Remus had told him that Dumbledore was a good friend of theirs and that he was the headmaster of the magic school Harry would attend when he was older. That had brightened the boy up quiet a bit, but it did not take away his timidity around the old man. The two friends knew that pushing Harry to trust people was the wrong way about doing things, and that once Harry knew who he could trust, he, himself, would come to terms about trusting them just like he had with Sirius and Remus. Dumbledore’s visits had been good and informative, in Sirius and Remus’ opinion, for according to Snape, Voldemort and his Death Eaters were none-the-wiser about Harry’s location and were not too happy about it either.

Now mid-July, Sirius had not been home much. For some reason he would be sitting there talking with Remus or Harry and would abruptly say, “Oh yeah!”, as if remembering something important, and would apparate on the spot leaving Harry quite bemused and Remus shaking his head. Harry had gotten used this after the first five times, and was able to refrain himself from yelping at the sound of the loud ‘CRACK’ each time.

“Is Padfoot okay?” Harry had wondered aloud to Remus once.

“He’s fine; he can just be…mental…at times,” Remus had answered amusedly.

The lycanthrope knew, of course, exactly why his friend would apparate unexpectedly. Sirius had become obsessed with making Harry’s birthday perfect ever since July first. Remus wished he, too, could go out and help get things, but someone had to stay with Harry, who still had no idea what was going on. It was now the evening of July fifteenth, Sirius was out again, and Harry was watching as Remus levitated everything in the basement out and into the living room.

“Moony…?” Harry interrupted the concentrating man.

“Yes, Harry?” Remus replied, lowering his wand, and turning to his young charge.

“Why are you taking swuff out of the basement?” The boy inquired innocently. Remus smiled softly at the boy, went and sat on the couch, and motioned for Harry to join him. Harry did so, climbing into Remus’ awaiting lap, and looking up at him expectantly.

“Harry,” Remus began, wondering how to word this exactly, knowing that it would have only been a matter of time before this subject would be brought up. “…you believe in magic,” Harry nodded once to this. “…you know that there are different ‘kinds’ of magic,” Remus continued. Harry nodded again. “…you know that Sirius is a wizard, and that you and I are also, except you can do some things that we can’t, right?”

“…Yeah.” Harry answered slowly, though not impatiently, with another nod.

“Well…” Remus sighed. “I can do something that you two can’t do as well.”

“Like what?” Harry wondered curiously.

“…Harry…I’m a werewolf,” Remus finished frankly, not knowing how to go around the bush anymore than he had, fully expecting the boy to know what that was - considering even Muggles knew folklore - and be scared…which Harry was not at all.

“A werewolf?” Harry repeated with a confused look.

“You don’t know,” Remus breathed with relief, thinking this could make things easier, making Harry’s first view of werewolves a good one.

“You see, Harry, every full moon, a wizard, who is a werewolf, transforms into one. Most people don’t like werewolves, because they can hurt you, but what they don’t know is that there is a potion that makes a werewolf harmless,” the Lupin clarified.

“Like you. You don’t hurt people, Moony,” Harry stated matter-of-factly. Remus smiled a true smile. Prongs’ son was not scared of the fact that he, Remus, was a werewolf. That could also be because Harry did not understand it completely, but Remus took his blessings as they came.

“Right, but I do transform, even with the potion, and tonight happens to be a night of the full moon, and that is why I’m clearing out the basement. To stay in,” he explained.

“But you’we safe, why can’t you stay up here when you chwange?” Harry asked, not wanting Remus to have to sleep in the basement. It reminded him of when he had to sleep in the cupboard.

“No matter how safe I am, I’d rather be completely sure I can’t hurt you or Padfoot, and for that reason I will sleep in the basement tonight,” his Guardian answered in a way that left no room for argument. Harry looked saddened, but nodded understandingly and laid his head underneath Remus’ chin. Remus wrapped his arms around the small boy, resting his chin softly on Harry’s head and closed his eyes tiredly.



“How many times is the full moon?”

“Just once a month.”




“…Can I go with you?”

“I don’t think that’d be a very good idea, Harry.”




“Will I see you in the mowning?”

“The very second you wake up,” Remus replied fondly, and Harry smiled softly.

A ‘pop’ from outside announced Sirius return. It was possible to apparate out of the house but Dumbledore’s wards made it to where you could not just apparate in. Remus smiled when Harry jumped up, ran to the door happily, and swung it open.

“Padfoot!” the young child squealed gleefully.

“Hey, Prongslet!” Sirius responded picking the boy up and spinning him around, causing him to giggle. He was empty-handed, of course, because he had taken to dropping the things he bought in Dumbledore’s office before returning home… It was safer that way and he had a less likely chance of getting caught by Harry.

“Padfoot, did you know Moony was a werewolf?” Harry asked with the same childlike innocence as earlier. This took Sirius by surprise and he quickly looked over at Remus who nodded.

“Of course I do, kiddo,” the canine Animagus acknowledged with a smile.

“Oh. Well…me too!” Harry disclosed happily.

“Then it’s a secret between us three, mmkay?” said Sirius with a grin.

“Alright!” Harry chirped, his eyes sparkling with the thought of keeping a secret.


But that night Harry could not sleep, he kept dreaming about dark cloaks, evil laughter, and green light. He was currently lying in his bed gazing at the ceiling.

It was just a dream, he kept telling himself. Just a dream…

After a few seconds of making sure he was completely calm again he allowed his mind to wander out to other things. Like how much his life had changed. He did not know what he would do if he ever lost Padfoot and Moony.

Moony… Harry thought, remembering where his second guardian was. He could not help it, it was the Gryffindor in him; he grabbed his blanket and quietly crept out of his bedroom. First he checked in Sirius’ room to find his Godfather sprawled on his bed, sound asleep and snoring. Harry felt like giggling but held it in; this was an inopportune time to wake him up. Being heard would get Harry caught and if he was caught he would not be able to do what he wanted to do, which was visit Moony. He padded downstairs and into the living room, which was still full of books, shelves, vials, boxes, and a cauldron; all the things that usually occupied the basement. He opened the basement door and was hit with a sharp draft of cold air, causing a shiver to run down his spine. He wrapped his blanket around him tightly and slowly descended the stairs, closing the door behind him. Harry had never seen a werewolf before, and that was partially a reason for coming to visit Moony as well, now that he thought about it.

At the bottom of the stairs Harry looked around in the darkness sensing that Moony was there, just not able to see him. He decided it was kind of silly to be looking in the dark, so he sat down on the floor, took off his blanket, laid it beside him, and with a flick of his wrist, produced a flame to sit in front of him, illuminating the basement. Not as much as a florescent light, but enough to see. In the corner of the room sat the astounded wolf-like creature, Moony.

“Hi, Moony,” Harry greeted softly as he picked up his blanket and moved over to where Moony was, unperturbed with the extreme change in the Lupin’s appearance. The werewolf, in his right mind thanks to the Wolfsbane potion, could do nothing but look at Harry incredulously. What was the boy thinking?

“I know you said it wouldn’t be a vewy good idea, but I still didn’t want to weave you awone,” Harry explained. Remus wanted nothing more but to be able to talk in that instant, and explain to Harry, thoroughly, of the dangers of being here, but was resigned to the fact that Harry being here was nothing he could prevent now that he was mute and that Sirius was asleep. Though, he did have to admit to himself that having company was not so bad, especially with it being his late best friend’s son.

“And…” Harry continued, lifting up the blanket. “I thought you might be cold down here.” If werewolves could smile, Remus would have. He then looked at the fire wondering how much control Harry had over it. Would it stay where it was with no boundaries stopping it from spreading out?

“Oh, the fire?” Harry questioned sensing the worry. “It stays where I tell it to.” Remus nodded slightly and laid down tiredly; doubting Harry was going to leave that night. And he was right, for Harry covered him then laid down next to him, covering himself as well.

“I think I wike werewolves,” Harry yawned, scooting to cuddle up next to the other's warm fur. “G’night, Moony.”

Night, Harry. And…thanks.


A/N: And another chapter is done. How’d you like it? Give me your input if you would please, and I’ll try and update as soon as possible.

Don’t you all thinks it’s high time Harry had someone his age to befriend? I’ve been thinking on it and the next chapter should be good for you Weasley fans…-Grins- Anywho, expect it soon and please review if you want it out sooner than you’d hoped!


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