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I own nothing…now…please excuse me while I sob.

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This chapter is dedicated to my great-grandmother. We’ll see each other soon someday. Rest in peace. I will always love you.

Chapter 6

Leave Me With My Silent Tears

Hermione’s Point of View

It took all the energy I had within me (and trust me, at the time there wasn’t much) to simply open my eyes at the sunlight peaking through my window. Remus had made last night incredible for me and he made me forget what was happening in the outside world. Last night, it had been only him and me; nobody or anything else could have destroyed our little protected world we shared. But, he couldn’t stop what would happen today.

Today, we would all leave to change the world. We would risk our lives fearlessly and uncaringly to death that inevitably waited for us at the other end of the world. We would fight evil to the death and would willing give our lives up for the goodness of mankind. That was how people saw super-heroes. But that’s not what it’s like.

I am far from being a super-hero of any muggle or wizard child’s imagination. A child’s mind is so incredible. They look up to their elders, they have little fear and they see the world, as an incredible place with such a positive attitude, when the truth is that ignorance is bliss. At that moment, I envied every child in the universe.

There are often times that I think a child could rule or run the world better than everyone else could. They just see the world differently. It’s hard to explain why I think this, I just do. I wonder what it’s like to be inside a young one’s mind? What do they see?

Then, reality hits me back reminding me I’m not allowed to have children in the life I’ve chosen. Decree 27 ruled both Remus’ lives and mine. How can one person say that another can’t have the right to happiness? How can a group of people say that another can’t marry and live life normally just because they’re different? And, the question that makes my heart stop; How were Remus and I going to keep this under wraps?

Umbridge suspected something. I just know she did. And when Umbridge suspected something, she nosed herself into that poor person’s business until she proved it. The Ministry was going to find out, and Remus and I were going to Azkaban. Might as well get my jail number ready and start getting used to the idea of black and white. Thank heaven we’d only broken half the Decree. I smiled slightly at the thought.

I planned not to ever think of the Decree. Life would take it’s own course. Whatever was going to happen to Remus and all my friends and me, would happen. I would not mess with fate. But, I already had.

I had killed Peter the moment I saw the Dark Mark on his arm. I was going to stop Sirius’s death, and I had married Remus. But then again, what was fate? Which time was true, this time, or the time I had come from? Were both world coexisting? Was there now two of me? Was there two of everyone? If Harry killed Voldemort there, would he die here? Why was I sent here when I walked through the door of Paths? What was my mission here? This was all very confusing. My head was started to whirl around at all the questions I was asking myself. I turned my thoughts to my friends and family.

I felt like I never really got a chance to know them. It was a horrible feeling. I loved them all so much, and now there was a good chance I might loose them. I couldn’t think like that. If I did they all would really die.

Suddenly, I heard voices out from the hall. It was Molly and Arthur heading to the Ministry.

“I just want to say good-bye to them Arthur!” I heard Molly yell. I felt my heart break. They were leaving already?

“No, Molly.” Arthur replied. “They all need their sleep. It would be rude to wake them up.”

“I don’t care at the moment about being rude!” Molly snapped. I smiled through I felt like sobbing. Molly never changed.

“Molly, we have to get to the Ministry. We’ll be late otherwise. Besides, I’m not good with good-byes. Molly we have to go.” He sounded so sad. I had never heard him sound like that, so; helpless. There was a long pause outside. Finally Molly spoke.

“I just love them all so much Arthur. I love them all so much.”

“I know Molly. I love them too. But it’s better this way. I don’t want any tears. Besides, this really isn’t good-bye. There’s always tomorrow. There’s a very bright wonderful tomorrow.” Arthur said as cheerful as could. I wanted to cry. There was another pause.

“Yes. You’re right. Of course you’re right, Arthur. Let’s go now.” I heard the sound of luggage and supplies moving. I wanted to burst out of my room and hug them till the suffocated. But I knew I couldn’t. I wouldn’t be able to take it. They were two of my closest friends. I gave them a silent prayer. Something in me told me this wasn’t the last time I would see them. We’d be together again. When they’d come back, they’d have Bill resting in their arms. A new life for a new era. Hopefully. Maybe.

But the horrid thing was that in my time Voldemort was still at large. How were we ever to stop him? What was the point of all this fighting if he was going to live and kill Lily and James when all was said done? Wait, was that my mission? Was I to kill Voldemort?

My thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the front door opening and shutting. They were leaving. I jumped out of bed and hurriedly rushed to the window. I saw two of my best friends jump onto the same broom with their things tied to the back. In a second they took off into the sky.

I watched them as they disappeared towards the rising sun. I watched them till they were gone and long out of my sight. Even with them gone, I still watched. I was waiting for something. I could feel it. But for what? What were we all waiting for I this world?

Under the silence of my breath, I whispered, “Arthur, Molly, good luck. I’ll see you soon. We will see each other again someday. Good-bye.” I lifted my hand, as if I was waving to the rising day.


Breakfast with the rest of the group latter on that morning was held in silence. Packing was the same. All of us would carry a pack on our backs with all the supplies we would ever need. Remus packed with his head bowed, as if he was in deep concentration. With everyone in comfortable outfits, (we would be walking. It was to dangerous to fly) we left. I never glanced around in an effort to remember what had been my home for so long. It would be too painful.

So, together; James Potter, Lily Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and myself, headed out without a word to change the fate and future of the world. All with strong determined faces, all hand in hand, all brothers and sisters, all family, we ventured out into the early sunrise.

Time went by as we walked. Sirius walked by Lily and James who were walking hand in hand. Remus and I took the rear, also hand in hand. The minutes turned to hours, and the hours felt like years weighing down on my friends and me.

Towns and then civilization faded in our wake, but we kept on walking. Still, no one spoke. Looming and forbidding looking forests that made our world dark and frightening were pressed in our way and still we pressed on. No one spoke a word. We still walked together as a family. No one acknowledged each other. It was like everyone was caught up in his or her own world of thought and hidden worry. Every so often, Remus would give my hand a gentle squeeze or press his arm against mine but that was it. For five hours. We walked with fake hope in our step for five hours.

At mid-day, we stopped. I had begged for a break. With fifty pounds of supplies on my back, (and on everyone else’s) no one asked for a break. I just suggested it first. I had simply spoken what everyone else wanted. We sat down on some grass to rest and eat. I had little appetite but I was exhausted. The fear and stress was getting to me. It was all so tiring. I laid down in Remus’ lap and he stroked my hair while he ate.

Sirius and James were talking in a serious discussion about location and the smartest wrought to Azkaban. Their conversation spiked a thought in my mind.

“Remus,” I said with my eyes shut.

“She speaks. Speak again fair angel,” Remus said trying to make a joke. The fact that he was about to pass out from exhaustion made it loose the pun.

“Do you know where we’re going?” I asked him as he kept stroking my hair.

“No idea.” He said, “But, I know where the group separates soon. That’s good enough for now. After that, we’re going to have to just find our own way. Don’t worry.”

“I do worry,” I said dryly as I sat up from his lap. I looked in his eyes and felt guilty for getting to rest. “The full moon was only two days ago. You’re still so drained. Rest.” I laid his head in my lap, paying forward for the kindness he always showed me. I put my hand on his back and felt how tense his muscles were. This was all too much for him. All of a sudden, Sirius stood up.

“I’m gonna have myself a look around. Remus, you watch out for the ladies.” He said. Remus’ face didn’t change.

“Don’t worry. James is safe with me.” He said with no emotion.

“Hay!” James yelled from next to me. I kicked him in the leg with the leg Remus wasn’t leaning on and gave James my ‘Shut up,’ look. In an instant, Sirius had turned into the huge bear like dog I had missed so much and had grown to love and trotted off towards the near by forest.

“Be careful!” Lily called after him. A low bark was her only response.

“Lily!” I whispered. Remus was almost asleep. “You can’t do that! We’re closely reaching dangerous territory. We can’t be seen or heard.” She nodded in affirmative agreement. The group was silent for quiet some time. Remus’ lips were parted slightly in his sleep, a habit I had come to discover about him when he slept. My leg was falling asleep and tingled painfully at his weight but I ignored it. He needed rest, and that was more important to me. My leg’s comfort would have to wait.

I unconsciously started caressing his sandy blond hair. Unlike in my original time era, his hair was not flecked with gray. He was still a young man; strong and healthy. But his heart still held sadness. His life held much heartache from his past. I knew that. I wanted to make him happy. But in the present situation, how could I do that?

All to quickly I saw Sirius pounding back to us at a rapid speed. He reached us quickly and turned back to his normal state panting from the run. Remus woke up at the commotion and I couldn’t help but feel a little agitated at Sirius.

“Death Eaters,” he said still trying to catch his breath. “Past the woods…….didn’t see me….have to go. Now.” I instinctively stood up, knocking Remus’ head to the hard ground. He stood up quickly too at the news, his hand on the back of his head.

“Sirius,” I said, “Are you sure they didn’t see you?” He nodded.

“Hermione, they were the Death Eaters you are after.” The realization hit me hard. This was our time to part. The truth hit everyone as well. I would rather not recall the short, yet powerful good-byes that followed.

Remus and I watched as Lily, James and Sirius left us. We had our own mission to fill. I pushed my other friends away from and out of my heart and thoughts. I felt Remus take my hand and gave it a firm squeeze as we walked away from our closest friends.

“We’ll see them again.” He said gently. “I promise.” I nodded curtly and pressed on with my husband. Another two hours passed. We had traveled far in the course of the day. Near the end, Remus and I stood at the top of a great hill, overlooking what looked like to be all things. Our things on our backs, and my love by my side, we continued down a path of silent, unshed tears and destiny.


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