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A/N --> lol, sorry for the lame title, it really has hardly anything to do with the chapter at all...but it's intriguing all the same, isn't it? So this takes place at the same time as the last chapter did, except this time we are following Lily around...and that Potter kid. Hope you like it! Thanks for the wonderful reviews on the last chapter, i love ya. Enjoy...

Disclaimer - I own none of the characters that you are familiar with...they are all J.K.Rowling's lovely toys. I just play with them!

Ch10. So What Really Happened to James' Cat?!

Dear Diary,

Well here’s the next instalment from ‘yours truly’. Be prepared for another four page rant because I can feel anger boiling up inside of me like lava in a friggin’ volcano. And here I go with the similes again. Lucky you. But, you’re a diary…a plain old book, so I guess you don’t really care what I write in you. Although I do recall Remus once saying something about books having feelings. Silly boy. I do feel sorry for him; I mean just think about how many precious days he spends with those monkeys, (a.k.a. marauders). No wonder he thinks the books are talking to him.

But anyways, now ‘tis the time for my rants and rage. Here’s the story. Well, the shortened version because I’m not going to write down everything that’s going through my head right now. Ok, enough pointless rambling, on with the show…or story as some like to call it…

It all started with the dress. That’s right I bought a new dress for him, but I do recall writing that already in here in another entry so we’ll skip the shopping part. So anyways, I was wearing the green dress that I had bought to impress him. What was I thinking? Well regardless of that, (because I don’t think we’ll ever find an answer for it….), I was wearing it as I stared down the stairs into the common room. And there he was. In the arms of another! And they were salsa dancing of all things! Who in their right mind salsa dances, I ask you?! You’re probably thinking that ‘he is not in his right mind’, and you are absolutely right. Sometimes I do wonder what that boy has running through his thoughts. Probably broomsticks and breasts, (excuse the language...but it must be said). I would bet on it. Stupid marauder, I should’ve known he didn’t feel for me the same way I felt for him. So the gist of what happened next involved me taking off my shoes and throwing them at his head, mad that he couldn’t be mine. I mean, I am Lily Evans after all. He should have been in love with me by now, or at least worshipping the shoes that I had just thrown at him. But no, I guess I’m not good enough for the arrogant ‘ladies man’, am I? Well during my angry run back to my dorm, I realized that I am better than him. He doesn’t deserve me anymore, I’m done playing hard to get. Maybe I’ll start hitting on one of his beloved friends. See how he likes that. Nobody rejects Lily Evans and wrecks her perfect life. He’ll learn…
Padfoot likes men…Wait, why did I write that?…Padfoot likes men……Who cares about Sirius’ sexual preference when I’m in a mood?…Padfoot likes men……Oh my God, what’s happening! There seems to be a mini earthquake in my dorm, I’ll finish this entry later…Padfoot likes men…

Lily woke with a start as she felt something whip her face, causing the bed around her to lightly shake. Not even needing to see who was holding the pillow that had been the cause of her abrupt wake up call, she pulled the covers over her head knowing that James would have to stop eventually. Wondering how Sirius ever put up with these early morning rituals, she heard James’ voice from the other side of her blanket chanting something for the whole room to hear.

“Padfoot likes men…Padfoot likes men…”

Lily quickly recalled what she now knew must have been a dream that she was having just moments before. It was obviously James who had who had interrupted her with his ‘Padfoot likes men’ serenade and had woken her from something that she could now barely remember.

I was writing something, Lily thought to herself trying to recall what exactly she had been dreaming about, and I was mad at someone. A marauder.

It was all she had time to remember when something smacked her sleepy face once more. James had started to hit her with the pillow again, stopping his chant in the process.

“Come on Sirius it’s lunchtime, let’s go get some food,” James said in-between pillow smacks. “I know you can’t resist food. Especially after that mega-adventure last night in the fog. Peter’s already down there, probably sitting by himself mind you, and Remus is still in the hospital wing. So that leaves you and me. Rise and shine!” He positively squealed to the boy he thought was his best friend under the covers.

Lily rolled her eyes from under the blanket, utterly surprised that she had been sleeping until noon. It was the first time she had slept past nine-thirty in a long time. And she hadn’t even been out all night in the fog like James thought she had been.

Being a boy was tiring work it seemed.

She made to remove the covers that were protecting her eyes, when nine simple words came into her mind out of nowhere.

…Nobody rejects Lily Evans and wrecks her perfect life.

She recognized them almost immediately from her dream and was starting to feel a little surprised and sick for saying those things. Even if it had been just a dream. Lily for one believed that dreams were her subconscious reality. Now starting to feel disgusted for sounding so arrogant and full of herself, she stared into the blackness that the blanket was creating in front of her eyes, wondering if Sirius had a point when he had yelled at her in the common room not too long ago about her arrogance.

Those nine words had been an even bigger wake up call then the smack in the face from James had been. Even if she still didn’t believe that she had a ‘big head’ as Sirius had put it, she vowed to be a little less selfish, and a little more selfless.

And I might as well actually try to make a little effort with James, she thought to herself as James hit her face with a pillow one more time, even if it is an impossible task.

She smiled as she pulled the covers off of her head and sat up on the bed, the black hair that once belonged to Sirius, sticking out in all directions.

“About time, mate,” James said as he threw his pillow back onto his own bed where he had taken it from in the first place.

Lily noticed that he was smiling too.

Or was that a smirk?

Deciding that the differences between a smile and a smirk on James Potter’s face were almost impossible to notice anymore, she yawned as she slowly stood up and stretched her arms in the air. Lily then walked over to Sirius’ trunk, found his favorite pair of jeans that he wore almost religiously on weekends, his white shirt and socks, and then walked directly and silently into the bathroom.

“Fine ignore me. See if I wait for you next time,” James threatened in a fake mad voice. Lily knew he wasn’t really mad though and that he would always wait for Sirius no matter what the circumstances.

“I’ll be out in five minutes, hold your horses, boy,” Lily replied through the now closed door to James on the other side.

“You know I don’t have horses, Siri,” James said, and Lily rolled her eyes for the second time in the ten minutes that she had been awake. “Mom thought it inappropriate to buy me a pet that was bigger then me, remember? That’s why I got stuck with that cat,” James said thoughtfully, and Lily knew that he had now sat down somewhere to wait for his friend.

“Right. Your cat,” Lily said, not knowing at all that James had a cat. He just didn’t seem like a cat person to her.

“I wonder what ever happened to her. I think we scared her off after that magic show we put on for the neighbours that one summer. Remember that? Good times, buddy,” James said as he thought about his past. It sounded to Lily like James almost wished he could go back and relive the specific day with Sirius. “Pity too, cats are so much easier to train then dogs."

Lily knew that James was trying to start a pretend fight with her, or at least get a reaction after that dog comment.

“Maybe that’s because dogs find that being told to ‘play dead’ by you isn’t exactly a fun way to spend one’s time,” Lily stated right back at James as she opened the door fully clothed, hair brushed and gelled. She stepped out into the messy room in Sirius’ snugly fit jeans to find James unsurprisingly hanging upside down off of their bunk bed.

“Finally, let’s go eat. Maybe Evans is down there, and I can force myself to apologize again about hexing Snape last week,” James said as he sat up and then jumped off of the bed not caring at all about the previous conversation. “Oh, and Peter and me were talking this morning about the new look you’ve been sporting lately,” James said with a smug look on his face as if he was trying not to laugh before the time called for it.

“What are you talking about Po…James?” Lily said as she became instantly nervous. She almost had gotten sidetracked from their conversation when he had mentioned the apology thing.

“Well you haven’t shaved in days Padfoot. Going for the motorcycling, outdoorsman look this week, are we?” He said, as he led Lily out of the room, laughing.

Now it was Lily’s turn to almost kick herself. She had completely forgotten that Sirius used to always shave his face everyday. Wondering how that little detail could have slipped her mind, she followed James out into the hall and down the stairs.

Needless to say, he still had his head back and was laughing uncontrollably as they set foot into the common room. So Lily felt the need to say something about the whole shaved look thing she had unfortunately given Sirius.

“I’m actually going for the bad boy look, James. Recent evidence has told me that girls like that sort of thing,” she said trying to put a smug look on her face like the way Sirius used to do.

“Really? Thanks for the tip,” James said as they both walked across the common room and towards the portrait hole. Lily saw James waving at a couple Gryffindors who were talking in the armchairs and found herself raise her own hand to do the same.

They walked down the hallways and Lily found herself for the first time since the switch, liking the fact that kids would actually stop in the hallways and smile if they got a mere wave from her and James. Well, Sirius Black and James that is. She could now see why the boys liked being popular, and saw that James never acted arrogant to anyone unless they came up to him first. She had never noticed that about him before.

Lily walked beside James until they had almost reached the Great Hall. Amazed at how well James could handle people gawking at him all of the time, Lily found herself interested in this non-arrogant side of James.

Even if she didn’t want to be. And she desperately didn’t want to be.

But she did and wanted to now learn more about the infamous Potter. So she mentally told herself that the next time she talked to Sirius, she would tell him that she wanted to stay switched in his body for as long as possible. Lily figured that she had secretly wanted to be able to fully enjoy the new side of James, learn the hard task of being nice to him, and learn more about the ways of the marauders since the beginning of the switch. She just couldn’t bring herself to admit it before now. She guessed that she had the desire to watch them do what they do for some reason, and now for the first time, Lily appreciated that she could be a part of their fast paced lives. Since it was so unlike her own.

In fact it was almost the polar opposite.

They entered the Great Hall after James had opened the doors. Lily followed him with one thought now on her mind.

Yes, I’ll definitely tell Sirius that we need to stay switched for a long time…


After eating as much as they thought their stomachs could hold, James, Lily, and Peter sat in a comfortable silence together in front of their empty plates.

“So does that count as breakfast or lunch, guys? I mean seeing how it is lunchtime but we never ate breakfast,” Peter asked his idols who were sitting across from him.

“It was brunch, my worm tailed friend,” James replied, a smile playing on his lips.

“I like brunch,” was all Peter said before he grabbed his wand that he had laid on the table in front of his plate and made to stand up.

“Where are you going?” Lily asked quickly before she could stop herself. She had become suspicious about Peter’s behaviour lately.

“Er…well,” Peter stuttered before mentioning something about the Library.

“Hey wait Pete, where were you last night?” James asked before Peter could scurry away, “we looked for you mate, but never found you. Remus could’ve used the extra company…it was a rough transformation,” he finished to a guilty looking Peter.

“I…er…got lost in the fog James, I tried to look for you guys though,” he said before walking away quickly.

Lily had to admit that Peter seemed to be getting better at lying to his friends.

“There’s something with that boy, James,” She said to James who looked appalled that Peter had just walked away from him mid-interrogation.

“We’ll figure it out sooner or later, Padfoot. But not now. Now it’s time for Quiddich!” He said absolutely excited with himself before jumping up and motioning for Lily to do the same.

Now it was Lily’s turn to do some quick thinking, for she had vowed to never play Quiddich again with James outside of team practices if she could.

“I’m actually going to see how Remus is doing. But I’ll catch up with you later in the common room, alright?” She said as they started walking to the doors that led out of the Great Hall.

“Suit yourself. This will give me the perfect opportunity to find Evans though. I’ve haven’t talked to her in forever, Siri,” James said, smiling as he opened the doors.

“You talked to Lily,” and she put extra emphasis on the word Lily as if to urge him to start calling her by her first name, “like two days ago. Is two days, forever, Prongs?"

“Yes. When it comes to Lily it is. I miss her, you know?” He said, surprising Lily with his sincerity.

“She’s not your girlfriend, James. You know that, right?” Lily said as they walked closer to the stairs where she would have to leave him soon in order to go to the hospital wing.

“As if I need reminding, Sirius. I get enough of that from her, on a daily basis mind you. One day she’ll love me as much as I love her. Just you wait buddy, I’ll even let you be best man at our wedding,” James said in a joking voice, even though Lily knew he was being completely serious.

They had reached the stairs and Lily was silently relieved for she didn’t know what to say now to James. He had just said that he loved her. She had foolishly thought that he had just had a silly crush on her all those years and that it would eventually fade away. But if it was love…now she really wanted to stay in Sirius’ body for as long as she was allowed. She had to find out if he was just saying that, or if it was somehow, though unbelievably, what he honestly felt.

“She’s warming up to me though, Sirius,” James continued talking as Lily stopped at the staircase, fully ready to part ways with him. “I notice these things. The little things, Padfoot. She’s totally starting to like me,” he finished, causing Lily to look up from the floor where she had been currently staring.

“What makes you say that?” she asked.

“Have you smelt her lately,” James replied, looking off into space.

That was not what Lily was expecting to hear, that was for sure.

“Excuse me? You smell her?” She asked, starting to find humour in the otherwise serious topic of conversation.

“Er…sometimes…alright yes! I smell her, ok? Is that such a crime? It’s just that she smells so good,” he said, and then went so far as to smell the air as if he was imagining her smell right at that very second.

Lily didn’t know whether to laugh or to bring the boy to a therapist.

“But I don’t understand. How does her smell have anything to do with you thinking that she’s starting to like you?” Lily asked, causing James to stop smelling the air and put on his trademark smirk.

“Well my friend, it’s simple. You may not have noticed, though how can someone not, but lately, Lily has been smelling strongly of vanilla. Ah, sweet vanilla,” he finished as to remember the smell before he continued, “Well pretty much everyone in Gryffindor has known for a long time that my most favorite smell in the whole world is vanilla.”

And with a wide smile playing across his face, he turned and set off in search of his vanilla smelling love.

Lilt stood rooted to the spot of the bottom stair she had been standing on. It was true though; everyone did know that James’ favorite smell was vanilla. And of course Sirius would know.

Sirius is going to wish he was dead, she thought to herself as she began the ascent to the floor which housed the hospital wing, and a certain amber haired friend.


A/N--> Well it seems that Lily and James are getting along nicely, lol. Alright as for the next chapter, (which should be out soon, mind you), here’s some things to think about:

- What will Lily and Remus talk about in the hospital?
- Is Sirius still trying to find Lily to talk about switching back? Does he seriously want to stop being a girl…*raises eyebrow*…
- Will James find his vanilla smelling love before Lily does?
- Where is Peter?!? (We will be seeing more of Peter in the next chapter… mark my words…)
- And what ever happened to the whole ‘truth and dare thing’ from many chapters ago?

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