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The halls were empty, and each uncertain step Hermione made echoed. It was in the middle of classes, so most of the population of Hogwarts was tucked away behind a desk, sleeping through their second class of the day. It had been a week since Hermione had awaken from her long, toxin induced sleep. It took her the entirety of that week to regrain control of her own body. She felt frustrated that she could barely even move herself around. She'd made much improvement, and this morning, after much persuasion, Hermione was allowed to return to her normal life.

Although she was capable of movement on her own, each step was shaky, and she felt weak. Slowly, she turned the corner on the floor of her dorm, ready for a full day of not sleeping. However, it appeared she hadn't turned slowly enough, has she walked smack dab into a smiling, red haired boy.

"Ron!" She sqeaked, throwing her arms around him. He held her back, except his touch sent a cold shiver up her spine. Something seemed different, his hand was cold and stony, no longer warm and inviting. Had she worried him too much?

"What are you doing out of class?" said Hermione, after their embrace broke.

"Snuck out because I heard Madame Pomfrey was releasing you today," Ron beamed.

"Er.." Hermione stumbled on her words. "How? I didn't even know I was getting released today." At her statement, Ron's face grew pale and icy.

"That doesn't matter," he brushed off. "All that matters is that we're both here now."

Something about the way he'd said the words, the tone in his voice, or his awkward emphasis on certain words made Hermione shiver. Before she could ask what was different about him, he lunged forward and started to kiss her. His lips bumped up against hers, knocking them open. Soon his tongue began to jet in and out of her mouth, far too quickly, far too unlovingly. She tried to push him away, she certainly didn't like what Ron was doing. Maybe he was just a little overzealous at not seeing her for so long. But his kiss had changed. She pushed harder, trying to get Ron off of her, but he only seemed to hold onto her tighter, squeezing her arms as he smothered her face. He pushed her up against the cool wall, putting his arms on the wall, enclosing her within them.

"Ron, stop it!" Hermione hissed, as soon as she could get Ron's tongue away from her. "Please, stop!"

"Oh, c'mon, you never said no those nights you spent in my bed," he leered at her, his eyes shooting daggers through her own.

"What is the matter with you!?" She cried back at him. She pushed past his arms, breaking the cage he entrapped her in. She stalked away, quickening her pace. But Ron cought her by the arm.

He pulled her close to her, wrapping his fingers around her arms. He leaned close to Hermione, and whispered into her ear. "Don't say no to me, mudblood."

Hermione's face stiffened. Ron had never called her mudblood, Ron would never. "Who are you?" she screeched, trying her best to sound intimidating.

But he didn't giver her an answer. He pushed her forward, then clutched onto her wrist. Pulling her with great strenth, he dragged her into a broom closet that was located in that corridor.

"Let me go!"

"I don't think so." He sneered.

Soon, he pushed her to the wall once again, and began to kiss her roughly. She felt him press himself against her, she felt his body up against hers. All she wanted was to get away from him, to be safe again. His hand found her thigh, and began to wonder up her skirt. She felt dirty, she felt her innosence leaving her body. She wanted him to stop.

She pulled away, and turned her head. The man clamped his hand around her jaw, and pushed her face against his. But in that short glimps, she saw his hair fading from ginger red, to pale blonde. She pulled away again, and soon, she was looking face to face with the stone colored eyes of Draco Malfoy.

"Get away from me! It's been you, all this time? Hasn't it!? The strange sounds in my room, the doxies, the photograph? You've been stalking me!" The words slipped from her mouth, and she felt dirty with each one.

"Its funny how it took the smartest witch in our year this long to figure out what was going on," he grinned. He pulled her closer to him, in the tiny broom closet, positioning himself so that he blocked the door, and her only escape. He began to feel the curves of her body, running his fingers up and down her sides, over her back. Each touch sent shivers of fear through her body. She struggled, trying to break free. She reached her arm up, in one swift movement, to slap him away. But he caught her arm. He clamped his fingers around.

"Ouch, stop it! Let go," she begged.

"Don't you dare," he hissed. He raised his hand, and in one violent movement, he had slapped her across the face. She felt the blood rush to her cheek. She felt the pain.

"Now, thats not any fun for me now, is it?" He took a vial out of his robe, and wrapped his free had around her waist, pressing her against him. Stiffling her struggles to get free. He clasped her face, and pressed her jaws until her lips came open. He poured the vial into her mouth. "Swallow, or I'll kill you right here." He held her mouth closed, and waited until he felt movement in her throat.

Within minutes, she collasped onto the floor. Draco smiled.

* * *
It felt much later in the night when Hermione shivered awake. Her clothes were somewhat wrinkled, and her blouse was torn in one place, but she felt relieved that they were on her body.

"Good morning, Granger." Came a voice from the corners of the stone room.

"You, what did you do to me?" Hermione whimpered.

"Oh, once the sleeping affect in that potion wore off, you were much more fun. Willing, even."

Hermione shook. "Let me go."

"I can't do that now, you'd surely go and tell that boyfriend of yours."

Hermione sat down, she needed to be calm. She needed to think a way out of this.

"There's no use, Granger, your brains won't get you out of this. When I get bored of you, you won't remember a thing. You see, I'm very experienced at this. Ginny, that red headed friend of yours, she was the object of my obsession last year. Only, one dose of this," he held up a small goblet, "and you won't remember a thing. And you unexplained absense, I can take care of that. I'll just put a bit of this memory potion in Hogwart's breakfast feast. The house elves have been quite the help, they have." He smirked, and he lunged out from the corner, toward Hermione.

But Hermione was a step ahead of him. With one blow, she punched him square in the jaw. Draco staggered backwards, touching his figner to his lip, feeling the wetness of his own blood. "Now you've done it, Granger. No one is going to remember you at all. You'll have vanished from this world. Kept in locked away, for my own entertainment."

Draco flicked his wand out of his with one deafening mutter he immobolized Hermione in her tracts, and darted for the stairs. He emerged from his multi-lock trunk and lunged for his desk, his black robes billowing out behind him. He'd always had a secret brew of memory potion in his room. Adding a pinch of Hermione's hair would make the world forget.

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