Fairy Tale




Once upon a time in the far away hills of Scotland lay a school. It was not the typical school; you could notice that by just looking at it. It was a huge castle, with thousands of turrets, it over looked a giant lake and behind it was a dark forest. Inside its’ walls there were young children who carried amazing gifts, the gift of magic. Also inside this castle sat three young ladies, dreaming some prince would save them.

On the right was Faith, she was quite shy and secluded, she had blonde hair that fell to her shoulders and bright blue eyes, she had a wide smile and soft creamy skin. She had a beautiful laugh that rang through the Gryffindor common room as she listened to one of Nini’s jokes. Nini was very lively and bubbly; she had long brown wavy hair and dark brown eyes. She was tanned and quite a small build. She was trying to cheer up her Best friend Lily Evans who was depressed because she recently found out who she would be Head Girl with. The joke did cheer her up as she tossed her flaming red hair letting it fall loosely down her back. Her bright green eyes were full of life and hope as they looked over the top of her book. She was pale skinned and a small skinny frame with curves all in the right place; everyone called her the perfect beauty.

They were all giggling when in walked the Marauders Sirius Black, the most mysterious of the group he had dark black hair but his eyes were equally dark, he was extremely handsome, in very good shape and was coveted by all the girls in school. But with that he got a cocky disposition, he was vain and quite the bully. Then there was Remus Lupin, he was very weedy but still good looking, he remained quiet and studied hard, he still was a practical joker and his blue eyes shone whenever he saw a new joke made up by Sirius. Next was Peter Pettigrew, why he was part of the Marauders was a surprise, he was completely different. He was plain looking, mousy and chubby, he was small with a scare squeaky voice, and he was often found hiding behind the others shadows. Finally there was James Potter, the Quidditch Captain, handsome, he had wild jet black hair and hazel coloured eyes, he had a cocky smile which made girls melt but he too was a bully and very big headed.

They were all laughing about something until they spotted the girls, they all flicked their hair and walked that way.
“Hello ladies.” Sirius said putting on his most sexy voice. Nini began to giggle, she had quite a thing for Sirius. Remus and Peter sat down quite on the other side of Faith, where as James and Sirius sat on Lily’s left, James closer of course. Lily rolled her eyes.
“How are you Evans?”
“Alright.” She replied “until you came along.” They all burst out laughing except James and Sirius.
“He was only asking Lily. Jesus you need to cool the ice.” Lily looked at James, who looked hurt at what she said. “Jesus.” She mouthed sorry to him, he stayed quiet. Lily stormed off into the Head Room. James followed her with his gaze. “Well, that was interesting.” James excused himself and went up to the Head Room.
“What’d you reckon those two are you to?” Remus asked.
“Nothing.” Faith replied “Lily’s very sensitive.” With that they all said good night and went up to their rooms.

James went to find Lily and saw her sitting by the fire in the Head Rooms common room. He sat next to her; she was lost in a book.
“Hi,” James started “Look, sorry about that.” She stayed quiet “What are you reading.” He said looking on the book she was glancing at.
“Fairy Tales.” She replied. He stayed silent. “You know what James.”
“All these creatures in these tales exist so why can’t the happy ending?” he didn’t know how to answer. She grabbed the book at her side and went to her room. James pondered her question. “Why can’t the happy ending exist?”


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