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Sorry I didn't update soon enough, but I really hope you like this chapter!!
"Hermione," said Ginny dreamily when they were no more than three feet into the forest, "Do you know I love Harry Potter?"
"Yes, Ginny," Hermione sighed, irritated. "Yes, I know."
"Hermione?" said Ginny again. "Do you know I love Harry Potter?"
Hermione looked at her, confused. She WAS nuts!
"All right," said Hermione a few moments later, "The first ingredient we need is the petal of a rose (she had, of course, memorized the love potion book)."
She looked around.
"I'm sure there are roses around here some-"
"Oo! Oo! I've got one!" Ginny yelled happily. She pulled a rose out of her pocket. "I was going to give it to Harry, but I'll gladly donate it to the potion instead!"
She took in a long whiff of it.
"Mmmm . . . . I got it from Professor Sprout!" she said. "She was really happy to give it to me (flashblack: "TAKE IT! TAKE IT AWAY! PLEASE!")! It's got a really romantic name, too-!the Killer Rose!"
The rose suddenly growled.
"Erm . . . Ginny?" said Hermione nervously. "Why do they call it the . . .?"
But she had time to say no more, for the next second, they were attacked by the rose.
"OW! OW! OW! PAAAIN!!!!" Hermione howled as the rose mauled her. Ginny didn't even feel the pain, for she was too busy thinking about Harry Potter.
"Harry Potter! Harry Potter! Harry Potter! Oooo, I see him! Oh no wait . . . that's just my finger . . ."
"There once was a boy named Harry James Potter.
Every night he got cooler, every day, he got hotter.
I love Harry James Potter,
All I need to know now is
If he also loves me!"
They spent another few seconds getting destroyed, when suddenly, the rose stopped vandalizing their bodies. Hermione was perplexed for a moment before she saw the rose in Ginny's mouth.
"GINNY?!" shrieked Hermione, shocked.
"It's okay!" said Ginny, her voice sounding a little muffled with the rose in between her teeth. "I forgot-it stops when you put it in your mouth!"
Hermione rolled her eyes.
"HUFF!" she said. "Well . . . I need a petal . . ."
She plucked a little petal from the rose, which growled as she did so.
"Okay . . . . the next thing we need is . . . ."
She thought for a moment.
"Right," she said, "We need a little bit of pain, because that's what love is, I suppose . . . yep, a little bit of pain."
"How will we do that?" Ginny asked, frowning. "Well . . . " said Hermione. "Here's an idea. Save the rose; we'll use it's thorns, okay?" Ginny nodded. "OH I CAN'T BELIEVE HARRY IS GOING TO LOVE ME!" she screeched, and sighed happily. The rest of the trip was a PAIN: "Harry Potter. Harry Potter. Harry Potter. Harry Potter. Harry Potter. Harry Potter. Harry Potter. Harry Potter. Harry Potter." And it went on and on and on. *************************************
Sorry this chapter stunk; my little brother had the telivision on in the room while I was writing it! It was hard to concentrate.

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