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I own nothing. Jk owns it all. Please be the kind people I know you are and please review. Chapter 5 Last Night Of The World “This is my future,” Hermione repeated to him, to really let the words sink in. They left the peaceful library. Only, when they opened the door, five people fell backwards onto the dark oak wood floor. Sirius, Lily, James and Molly and Arthur Weasley were lying on the floor, all looking up at Remus and Hermione with innocent faces. “Hermione put a sound proof spell on the door,” Remus said walking past them holding Hermione’s hand. All other heads turned and glared at Sirius. He stood up with his hands in his pockets with a very cool expression on his face. “Well, that explains quite a bit doesn’t it? It was a good idea.” Sirius said with a shrug and walked off. A pregnant Molly Weasley screwed up her face in a glair and punched the air that led to Sirius’s general direction. “Ohhhhh! When will I learn to stop listening to that man?” She said walking down the hall with the rest of the group. James sighed and shook his head. “When will anyone stop listening to the infamous Sirius Black?” The group had a chuckle. It was another rare thing to occur. Then, Molly stepped dead in her tracks, a surprised yet happy look in her gleaming eyes. “Arthur! He kicked! He just kicked!” Molly said taking her husbands. The happiness and surprise were evident in his eyes and face. The two hugged tightly. Even with the war on, even through the suffering and the pain, there were always happy moments. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Lily told Hermione the news of the first ever Weasley child kicking as the whole ‘family’ sat for dinner. Hermione gave Molly a big hug while Remus slapped Arthur on the back and telling him congratulations. Having the whole group together smiling and laughing almost brought tears of joy to Hermione’s eyes. Hermione had never known Bill Weasley that well, but this would give her a chance to. Still, she kept her mouth shut on any information on the child. This was something Molly and Arthur would have to figure out by themselves. It wasn’t long before Molly came into the dinning room with several bowls in her hands and placed them in front of every member of the order. “Stew again! How lovely!” Sirius said sarcastically. Molly walked back over to Sirius and took away the bowl. “You know very well Sirius that we have little. It’s not like we can go out and shop! Until you learn to accept my stew, it’s no soup for you!” She said walking away from him. “So you’re going to make me starve?” Sirius yelled. “Yes, that’s my goal!” Molly said in her typical cherry voice. Sirius gave a heavy sigh and put his chin in his hand, leaning his elbow on the table. Molly kept moving around the table. “It looks wonderful Molly,” Remus said as she handed him his dinner. Remus had said that before! In her fifth year! When Sirius had still been…… Hermione bowed her head to hide her tears. She would not think of that, she would not! She couldn’t. She had promised herself that she would stop Sirius’s death at any coast. But she would not tell anyone else about it. By the time Remus had instinctively taken her hand in his, the group was already talking about names for the newest addition to the Weasley family. “Well, I was thinking of Bonaventure, if it was a boy….” Molly said. James exploded. “Molly, would you really curse a boy or anything for that matter with that name?” Remus was smiling. It was a good feeling for Hermione to see him smile. Too soon, a loud explosion was heard from the near by fire place. Out from the now dirty floor, came from it an even dirtier Albus Dumbledore. “I really must find a better way to get here,” Dumbledore said dusting himself off. The group all greeted him with happiness. Hermione always had loved the soft twinkle in his eyes when he smiled. Dumbledore had thankfully talked with his future self when Hermione had crash landed onto poor Remus Lupin in their time period. He had been her best friend for quite some time. And, her friend he remained. Hermione thought nothing of the future Dumbledore. It hurt her heart to much to do so. “Well, you’re in luck, Albus,” Lily said interrupting her thought. “Grimmauld place is undergoing construction to be eliminated from the Floo network. Goes into effect tomorrow actually.” Lily said laughing. Dumbledore however, was not laughing. Hermione was getting concerned. Something was wrong. Something had to be. Soon enough, her fears were confirmed. “Everyone, I am not here for reasons I wouldn’t like to be. It would all be in your best interest if we could possibly move to someplace more comfortable.” The happy look that had been on Sirius’s face was gone and replaced with a look of seriousness and concern. He led everyone to the living room. Hermione curled up close to Remus holding his hand on the couch along with James and Lily who were in the same position. Molly and Arthur were seated next to each other on a love seat on the opposite side of the room and Sirius and Dumbledore sat in two big arm chairs. The silence frightened Hermione so, that she moved closer against Remus’s side. She could sense his fear as well, even though he hid it by a strong face. He took her closer yet. “Everyone, Voldemort has made a critical error, now is the time to strike. His mistakes are focused in several fields. I need all of you on this mission. The spying is over. The true danger lies in front of you. Based on your fields of knowledge and strengths is based on where you shall go. Molly, Arthur; Voldemort has attacked several at the Ministry with his Death Eaters in disguise. Your job is to get the Ministry to believe it was the death Eaters, get them on our side. Since Arthur works at the Ministry and Molly is expecting, the diplomatic part is for you.” “Sirius, James and Lily; you three shall travel with Remus and Hermione for a bit of your journey for your paths lead to similar directions. Sirius, Lily and James will separate from the group to go to Azkban. The dementors have left Voldemort’s side and have taken many of the more minor and slightly less dangerous Death Eaters to Azkaban. Rumors of revolt are obviously afoot. You three are to make sure none of them escape, and to get as much information out of them as you can. With James and Sirius both strong in the defense arena, and lily being good at interrogation, that is were you three shall go. Azkaban is well guarded, you three are excellent Order member, you should not have to much trouble. Remus, Hermione; I never wanted to put you to this, but I have no choice.” “Lucius Malfoy, Vincent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle and the other of the most dangerous Death Eaters have captured and tortured a pack of wild werewolves. Your job is to set them free, kill the Death Eaters, and get the werewolves to join our side. It will be dangerous, and it will be hard. I won’t deny that information to you. The Death Eaters are alone, Voldemort is not with them. That much is a guarantee to the both of you. Remus, you are one of them, you can talk to them in werewolf from, speak their language. Hermione, you have to have his back. You have to support him, help him. You are one of the smartest people in this room Hermione, if anyone is right for the job, it is the both of you. But, out of the three, this mission is the hardest. I hate to say this to you two, but there is the possibility that one of you will not make it back alive.” Dumbledore finished his news in a sudden. Hermione was clinging to Remus so tight, her knuckles were white. How would they do this? How could they do that? “Hermione, if you could end this war, right now, by sacrificing you life, isn’t that worth dieing for?” Dumbledore asked her. “Yes sir.” She answered him softly, tears falling from her eyes. “Yes, without a thought it would be worth it.” He gave her a sad smile. He looked them all in the eyes, trying to give them hope. “We have come far together. It is time to end this war. You are by far, the best people I have ever met. On this cold January day, we prepare for a bright and glorious future. We seal our fates tonight. You know your missions. So now I’ll say goodbye.” “Wait!” Hermione whispered. “How long do we have?” “You all leave tomorrow. Tomorrow will start the beginning of a new time. I shall all leave you in peace. I love you all. Be safe.” There were a few sad good-byes, and then, he was gone. The group of friends got up and left to their rooms. Not a word was uttered amongst them. Too much was going through their heads. Could this be the last time they would ever see each other? They would all leave the next day, would they ever have a chance to say good-bye? Would any of them die? Hermione stopped the silent tears from falling down her face. That was a pleasure she would not allow herself. A few tears, but that was all. She would not allow him that gratification. It was all his fault. She took the time to stare at each of her friends. Her family. She might never see them again. This may have just been the last time she would ever see them all together. She might die before the weeks end. Hermione felt as if all her life force had been drained from her body at each passing step she took. Her eyes were weak, and her soul felt empty. For the first time in four years, four long hard years, she felt like a soldier, a fighter. She felt her face put on a determined, almost emotionless, hard angry look. She would make the wicked pay. She looked like a girl ready to die, willing to die. To a random passer by, she would look like a woman with nothing left to loose. But, she had everything to loose. She could loose Remus. She couldn’t walk any further at the thought. Her eyes shut and she pushed her entire body weight onto her husband. She barely registered that he had picked her up and carried her to their room, one arm at the bend of her knee, the other, supporting her back. She did register however, the gentle kiss he put onto her lips as he laid her on the soft bed. Hermione wanted to sink into that soft bed and just ignore the rest of the world. She wanted to just drift away until this was all over. She wanted to float on a cloud and look at the blue peaceful sky not clouded by a storm. She wanted to hear the birds sing. How long had it been since she had smelled the sweet aroma of a flower? To long, much too long. When she opened her eyes, however, Remus’s worried face was still lying next to hers, his smile and joy faded in the midst of the storm approaching. She was still in that dirty old room in the Black house, not in her own imaginary country home with just her and Remus that she so often dreamed about. At that, the tears were forced to fall. Remus held her, consoled her. What else could he do? True, he had wanted to throttle Dumbledore when he had told him of the danger he was forcing upon him and his wife. ‘No,’ he thought to himself, ‘this isn’t Dumbledore’s fault. It’s Voldemort’s. He’s the reason Hermione and I can’t be happy.’ Remus wasn’t worried for himself. He could care less about what happened to him. ‘Torture me, hurt me, attack and bully me, strip me of my pride.’ He thought. ‘Just don’t let anything happen to Hermione! She doesn’t deserve this.’ He thought as he pulled her closer to him. “Remus,” Hermione said finally speaking. “What’s going to happen to us?” “If I could only answer that question Hermione, I would. But I won’t lie to you. This is a dangerous mission. Death Eaters aren’t a problem. The wild werewolf pack has me worried. I’ve met groups like them in the past. They refuse anyone who’s not like them, like me. Hermione, you’re in great danger in going on this mission. They wouldn’t think twice about ripping you to shreds. The fact that I’m with someone not my kind will make them think me as a traitor.” “I just don’t want you hurt, Remus. By werewolf or by anything else. I’ve seen you hurt before, when you’ve been close to death’s embrace. It almost destroyed me. I couldn’t bear it if it happened again.” He gave her a weary and sad smile that nearly broke her heart. He looked around the room, observing everything around him. “I can’t believe this is our last night in this place, my last night to be with you.” Hermione cut him off. “There will be many more nights were we just stay up late and talk. Remember? Like we did before things got like this.” “I remember. The memories are fading though. It’s been too long.” For the longest time, the two just stared at each other, memorizing each other’s faces. After what seemed like forever, Remus rolled over and buried his head into the pillow, needing sleep. Hermione turned him to face her, one last shinning tear falling down her cheek. “Remus,” Hermione said taking his hand, “Dance with me like it’s the last night of the world……..” ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* A/N WOW!!! That took me forever to write!! I think this has been my favorite chapter to write so far. I hope you all enjoyed to too. Please review your thoughts and ideas. More to come soon, I promise!!!!

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