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Chapter 8
OSC Flames
“Okay team,” Bill began as he looked at the faces of his family. Fred and George were swinging their bats, building up momentum with each swing. Ron had a huge, goofy grin plastered across his face. Angelina and Cho had stopped talking to listen to Bill. Charlie had graciously stepped in to take the place of Ginny. Susan decided she would be best utilized behind the scenes. She had never played Quidditch outside the friendly family games, if that is what you would call them. Harry stood there along with the others flexing his fingers and biting his bottom lip as he bounced from one foot to another. Bill continued with his little speech. “This room contains probably the best Quidditch players that the Wizarding World has ever seen. Together, you all can bring home the World Cup and it all starts with tonight. I know this project was begun for other reasons but I see no reason why we can’t have a little fun while we are doing that job. Now, the cup has never been won by a first year team, however, other teams were never made up of Weasleys and Potters.”
Mrs. Weasley sat nervously in the Minister’s private box with all her grandchildren. Mr. Weasley and Mad-Eye were making their way across the pitch to join her. Penelope and Fleur were dispersing pumpkin juice and sweets to the children. This was to ensure they were happy when the action began. Ginny walked with Susan and after snatching herself a pumpkin juice she sat down close to her mom. “I am so excited.” The box was plastered with red and gold and everyone was dressed in attire of the same colors. Banners were flying and the crowd was a sea of pennants that matched the boxes décor. They chose to pay homage to their old house (by majority) and used the brilliant colors of their dear Gryffindor. Ginny could only imagine the excitement her family behind that gate was feeling. Although she would love to be down there with them she would rather be up here carrying Harry’s baby. They had hoped for so long, now it was their reality. “Ladies and Gentlemen,” The familiar voice of Lee Jordan echoed throughout the stands. “You are about to witness history in the making, for the first time in wizards history you will see an entire team make up of one family. Let me be the first to introduce to you the Ottery St. Catchpole Phoenix Flames.” They all shot from their positions in a streak of red and gold. Lee took a deep breath so he could begin his screaming fit once again. “Keeper- Ron Weasley,” Ron wove in and out of the goal poles before zooming past the stands. “Chaser- Angelina Johnson-Weasley,” Angelina stopped in midair and bowed to the stands as they roared on. “Chaser- Cho Chang- Weasley,” She zoomed straight up and feinted back towards the stands. “And her husband, Chaser- Charlie Weasley,” Charlie raced at top speed to the spectators in the stands before looping and ending mid field. “Now these two are always thought of as one, so let’s introduce them that way, Beaters- the Bash Brothers- Fred and George Weasley- The legends of Hogwarts,” Fred and George had taken their places at either end of the field. And once introduced they began speeding towards each other and at the last minute they veered, exchanging high fives as they passed. “And now Seeker- Harry “always gets the snitch” Potter.” Harry went for his signature move; he dove directly below and just before plummeting into the ground beneath them he pulled from his dive. “What a show, and they haven’t even begun yet. If you will direct your attention the floor of the pitch Quidditch fans you will see the team’s leaders the Minister himself Arthur Weasley and Alastor “Mad-Eye” Moody along with team coach and older brother Bill Weasley. So, Good Luck all and let’s have a great game.”
“Isn’t partial, is he?” Mrs. Weasley asked as she refilled her cup. He never has been,” laughed Hermione. “You should have heard him at Hogwarts. Prof. McGonagall was on him non-stop. “Yes, and it didn’t help any, now did it.” The room turned to find Prof. McGonagall standing in the doorway with Prof. Dumbledore. The Weasley’s rushed to welcome their guests and offered them refreshments. Professor Dumbledore peered around the room. “Minerva, it looks as though we should start preparing now for a new lot. I don’t believe I have ever seen so many red-heads in one place before, have you?” “Did you expect anything different,” Professor McGonagall laughed slightly. She counted herself as best she could. “What ten now, I can’t keep up.” “And two on the way,” Ginny added. “What, twins,” Professor McGonagall looked at her worriedly. “Oh no, no, no, Fleur is expecting as well. We will leave Percy to the twin producing,” She snickered at the ironic coincidence that fell upon her brother. “Oh, save it Ron!” Hermione screamed. “Yeah Daddy, get it,” Rose said standing along side her mother. Cash and P.J. were equally excited, joining them in the cheering. “Charlie has it, he’s almost there, it’s in,” Who needed Lee Jordan, they had their own commentator in Ginny.” Everyone had moved closer to keep a close eye on the game. Professor McGonagall tried to keep her composure, but the excitement was getting to her. “Get the snitch Harry.” Shock fell upon the faces of the others, as they had never heard Professor McGonagall lose control before. “What?” She shrugged. “Those are my boys and girls out there and this isn’t Hogwarts so I don’t have to be impartial.” “Look!” P.J. yelled. “Uncle Harry’s going for it. He’s in the clouds, where did he go?” Heads turned and twisted trying to improve their views of the skies above. Harry then zoomed back into sight, the snitch headed towards Ron defending his hoops, “Move!” Harry screamed, Ron shot to the side as Harry lay as close as he could to his broom. Harry flew through the center hoop and followed the gold ball as it spiraled the poles before heading back to the hoops. Upon reaching the goal for the second time he stretched out catching it by one wing. “Whoooaaaa!” Hermione squealed loudly. “They did it.”
The Village Idiot was a small quite pub on the edge of Ottery St. Catchpole and was now run by one of the newest Wizarding residents. On the outside it looked like your normal everyday place to grab a quick bite or take a load off after a long day at work. But, little did the few muggles left in town know there was a party well underway inside. However, if any of them felt impelled to move a bit closer they might hear the commotion ensued inside. “Virgil, load us up on the victory meal.” Bill bellowed from one of the many full tables. Now Virgil is what you might call a colorful character. He doesn’t care much of what people think about his place but you won’t find a more hospitable man. Each of the tables had four different chairs and there wasn’t a table in the place that had all four original legs, and to be honest some looked like they could have been attached to a living thing at one time or another. A large burly man came out from the behind the counter with a pot loaded to the brim with a steaming stew, followed closely by a short peppy lady with lovely loaves of crusty bread. Butterbeer was being passed along with a Firewhiskey here there. As the food was set onto the table the meal began. Daisy smiled as she watched the brothers argue over who played the best game and the ladies fussed over the children while gossiping about where they would play next. As she watched her children laughing and enjoying their day her thoughts wondered on as she prayed that Draco was safe. She must have sit there daydreaming for sometime as she noticed the men congregate through a door that led to a back room and the women gathered children for the walk home. “We will be home shortly, Dear,” Mr. Weasley called above the noise. Mrs. Weasley merely raised her arm above her head and waved in his direction as she ushered the tired children out of the front door.
An eyeball could be seen pressed close against a hole in the floor board of the kitchen if anyone had noticed as Draco tried desperately to see what these folks had in store for him. They weren’t the brightest of people, which was a good thing for him. Although the basement was proving to be a tight place to hold him, he was able to hear every little thing that they discussed given they remained in the kitchen, and thus far they had spent quite a bit of time there. That man ate more than he had ever seen anyone eat. “Victor, darling, how long before we leave,” The lady asked the father as they entered his favorite room. “First thing in the morning,” He snorted as he scavenged through the pantry. “I think that someone may be looking for him. Daisy isn’t staying at thier place, according to Mason, so they may have her hid out.” Draco moved back from the floorboard and climbed down from his position. She had done like he said. At least she and the children were safe. He thought of the kids and hoped he would be able to see them again soon. The door flung open and down the stairs came the son that he now assumed to be Mason. He had an authoritarian smirk plastered across his face. “I still can’t see what my sister saw in a scrawny wimp like you.” Draco drew in a deep breath wanting nothing more than to knock the hot breathed git to the floor. “And to think she had your scrawny little brats as well, she never was a bright girl.” “She’s a right smarter than you, you dumb oaf,” Draco snarled. Before Draco could react he felt the sting of the man’s fist up side his already sore face. “She could have been a part of the most powerful families in the Wizarding world if she had just stuck around.” “Is that right, you don’t look to powerful to me, hiding out in some fisherman’s shack,” Draco again snarled. He again felt the pain of the man hit him only this time it was from his foot to his rib. Draco thought he really needed to learn to keep his mouth shut. At least until he was able to get out of here. “The time will come when all wizard-kind will fear us just as they had Voldemort,” Mason scoffed. “What are you telling him you dumb boy.” They both turned quickly to see the big man standing there along with his wife. “Can’t you keep that leak hole of yours shut,” He growled. “Like I said Penny, he is the most stupid son, why did we have to get him. If he cost me my place at the top, I swear I’ll kill’em.” Mason turned quickly to see Draco with a smirk on his face and turned tail to ascend the stairs.
Ginny sat propped up on her pillow in her four poster bed and thought about how her life had evolved since her first year at Hogwarts. She had been such a starry-eyed little girl. She definitely had grown physically, mentally and emotionally. She laid her hand on her belly and thought about all the times she and Harry had discussed the possibility of them not having children. But that they need not worry about any longer. She now wished her child to be as lucky as she has been. Her family had finally gotten all it deserved. She smiled as the echo of Harry’s whistling came from the shower. He, above any of them, deserved to be happy. She closed her eyes and a vivid picture emerged, a woman rocking on a porch watching a boat load of children chasing a man and laughing as he played tag and begged for a break. She knew that she was envisioning her future. “Sleep?” Harry asked as he toweled off his hair, wearing a pair of silk OSC Flames sleep pants. Percy had gone full steam ahead and paid close attention to merchandising. They had run out of merchandise today during the game, but Percy was on it and ordering more stock. They thought the OSC instead of Ottery St. Catchpole was a much catchier name. “No, just waiting.” Harry scoot across the bed and gently lay his ear to her belly. He turned, kissing it and whispered, “I love you; can you hear me in there?” He then pretended to be tapping on her belly. He sat up and looked deep into her eyes. “So, you nervous yet,” He asked. “No…You?” “Not yet.” Ginny thought for a moment then changed the subject. “Where to next, what is going to happen now?” “We are going to play down in a small fishing village in a southern U.S. state. There are reports from that area.” “When they said you would be traveling they meant it, didn’t they,” She grinned. “Yeah, and it will be fun, we just need to keep ourselves focused on the real reason we’re doing this. Daisy isn’t looking good,” Harry said as his spirit went from happy to sad. “But she has faith in you guys, I only wish I cold be helping,” “You and Hermione are going to be doing plenty along with everyone else. We all have our jobs and if just one of us goofs-up then it all falls apart.”

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