Disclaimer: J.K. Rowling was the brilliant writer who created the world Harry Potter and the rest of the characters live in it, not me. I do not own any of it except the plot is origional and mine The only thing of value I have is my computer which is very old and practically worthless. *~_Always And Forever_~* *~_Chapter Two : Confused Look On My Face _~* "Wake up! C'mon! Kelly LeAnne McCain! If you do not wake up this instant I will dump a jug of ice cold water on you!" I bolted and sat up straight. I saw Lily standing next to me holding a jug of water in her hand laughing silently. It had been two weeks since Mark had broken up with me and since I had talked to Sirius. I got up and grabbed a clean set of robes, then changed quickly after everyone had left the room. I ran down the stairs but didn't see the person standing at the bottom of the stairs. So, naturally, I ran into them and knocked them down and landed on top of them. Knowing my luck it had to be no other than the infamous Sirius(Bloody)Black. "Well, I know it's hard to keep your hands off me but no need tackling me," he said with a charming smile. 'Wait charming? Did I just say charming?' "In your dreams, Black," I said as I rolled off him and made my way to the portrait hole. Lily and Molly followed me out then burst into laughter in the hallway. "And what, may I ask, is so funny and why am I not laughing?" I asked turning on them, grumpily. They stopped laughing and looked at each other. They then looked at me then burst out laughing again. "What?!" I asked exasperated. Lily wiped the tears away from her eyes and was nice enough to fill me in. "If only you could have seen your faces. It looked like he had won the lottery and you had been thrown in with a cage of vampires!" she said with a rather large grin. I rolled my eyes and we continued walking and talked about tomorrows Hogsmeade trip. "I'm going with Arthur Weasley," Molly said as blush crept into her cheeks. Lily and I stopped walking and gasped at her. "Arthur Weasley?" Lily asked in a hushed voice. "The Keeper on our quidittich team?" I asked. "The one with the really nice arse?" Lily asked playfully. "Yes!" Molly said excitedly. "I've been waiting ages for him to ask me out!" Lily and I beamed happily at her as we walked into the Great Hall and took our normal seats. I watched Molly wave down the table to Arthur and he waved back. "I can't believe it took him so long! He's liked you for ages!" I said as I grabbed a blueberry muffin. Molly blushed and Lily laughed. "I know but I wanted him make the first move!" she said thoughtfully. "Morning ladies, Evans." James said as he sat down next to Lily. Sirius came and sat next to me and Peter and Remus sat on the other side of the table next to Molly. Lily, Molly, and I rolled our eyes. "I have a first name you know," Lily said not looking at James.I turned to Remus and tried to ignore Sirius. "So Remus, what did you think of that essay that Professor Blankenship (DADA Teacher) gave us on werewolves?" I asked knowing how every full moon Remus transformed in one. "Oh, I found it rather-," he began when an annoying voice interupted our conversation. "Why do you call me by my last name when you call Moony by his first name?" Sirius asked. I released an agravated sigh and turned to Sirius. "Because Remus doesn't drive me insane!" I said trying to not get annoyed. He looked away and then looked back at me. "I have an idea. I'll agree not to 'drive you insane' if you call me Sirius," he said holding out his hand and giving me that once again charming smile. 'Wait! Did I call his smile charming again? LeAnne you better stop! You can't stand him and you can't call anything about him charming!' "Deal, Sirius," I took his hand hesiantly and shook it. Shock waves shot up my arm as my hand touched his. He locked eyes with me and I quickly withdrew my hand and looked away. I looked down the table when I heard Lily yelling. "Leave me alone, Potter!" she said as she stood up. "Not until you agree to go out with me!" he said getting up and following her. She spun on her heal and looked at him angrily. "No way!" she said angrily. "What do you want from me?!" "For you to leave me alone!" she responded making for the doors. Molly, Remus, Sirius, Peter, and I followed the two of them out of the hall. Once the Great Hall's doors closed Molly and I grabbed Lily and pulled her aside. "Just say yes! Ok? He's not going to leave you alone until you do so just get it over with!" I said, hushed. "Are you mad?" she asked looking me over to try to find a sign that I was. I chuckled at her response. "I don't know, actually. I just made a truse with Sirius in the Great Hall so maybe I am, but just say yes, Lily!" I said and Molly nodded in agreement. Lily sighed, nodded, then turned back to James. "Fine. I'll go to Hogsmeade with you, James," she said, semi-grudgingly. "C'mon! Ple-Wait.......Did you say yes?" he asked a grin slowly spreading across his face. "Yes actually I did. Blame LeAnne, really," she said as she tried to supress smiling at the grin on his face. Remus, Sirius, Peter, and James turned to look at me with amazed expressions on there faces. James ran over to me and pulled me into a rib crackling hug. "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" James said as everyone burst out laughing. I gave him a weak smile. "Could you let go of me, I can't breathe!" I gasped. He hurriedly let go of me and I took a deep breath. "C'mon we need to get to potions," Molly instructed. We nodded and Lily and I began to follow Molly when Sirius grabbed my arm. I turned around to face him to find that he a had an overly large grin on his face. I chuckled and sopke, "What are you smiling at?" He leaned in closer to my face and brushed his lips against my ear as he whispered, "I can't tell you." Chills ran up and down my body and I tried to inhale a deep breath to calm down but all I did was inhale his intoxicating scent. He backed away and winked at me, then turned and followed his friends to leave me standing with a................ _ *~_Confused Look On My Face_~* _ (A/N) Thanks fo reading the second chapter! Please read and review! Here's random clips from the next chapter: "Stop thinking about him!" "I can't!" "Will you come to Hogsmeade with me?" "Sure." Well there you go! I'll update soon also, I need a beta. If anyone would like to voulnteer then thank you and leave me a review. Also I need help with making a banner if someone could help me it would be very appreciated! Thanks everyone! The Author

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