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Summary: Lily Evans was never paid heed to be the Marauders. Why should this year be any different? But there is one difference in this year; the six years are assigned to be a job shadow for two months. Lily Evans is assigned to be a Medi-witch. James falls off his broom and has to spend a few weeks in the hospital wing. Rated R for language and sex. R/R!!!

A/n: My first Lily/James story. I hope it turns out the way I want it to. I have so many ideas for it that I didn’t know which one to do. Finally I decided to explain out how Lily and James got together, of course, and why Peter Pettigrew suddenly held a grudge against the two. Just what did drive him to do what he did? I hope to explain that in this story! So sit back and enjoy!

Disclaimer: I own nothing…….

Chapter Fourteen: I Won’t Be Home For Christmas

Our History Report went surprisingly well considering half our group wasn’t talking to each other. Well, now that I think about it we had the worst group and still got a good grade. Either that was saying something good about us or something bad about the way Professor Binns Grades. I hoped it wasn’t the latter.

I took my normal seat at lunch. I looked around noting half of Gryffindor was messing. They’d be arriving soon. Today was Saturday quidditch practice. The last big practice before the match against the Slytherins.

I glanced over at their table to see them all sneering at different people. I scanned the table for their quidditch team members. They were all present and accounted for. They didn’t practice until after lunch. They were quite upset about that. Their captain, Frank Rosin, insists they lost the last match due to full stomachs while practicing. Maybe they shouldn’t eat lunch.

The Great Hall Door busted open and in pranced half of Gryffindor with a sweating quidditch team leading the way. James was back in his spot light. The blacks outs only a thing of the past. What a prick. Don’t look at me that way......Well, he is!

I was surprised when all of The Marauders sat around me. I don’t know why I get surprised by them anymore. It seemed when I least expect them to do something, they do it. I’m beginning to think they do it on purpose.

”James!” Crispin Bray came up and patted him on the back, “Good practice, but there is always room for improvement. Just keep your eyes on the look out for that snitch. The sooner we catch it, the better. Is it just me or are you getting a little slower? I know you were out half the season, but you have to work harder.”

James nodded, and Crispin walked off leaving a sweaty James Potter sitting in front of me. I must admit I was amazed at how well James took the criticism. I figured he would have been angry, steaming red; maybe even slamming some stuff around, but nope. He just started eating his sandwich. I will never understand him.

”Hello, Lily.” I jumped at the sound of Sirius’s voice making him chuckle. I hadn’t even noticed him sit down.

I swallowed the food in my mouth, “Hi.”

I glanced around noting that Peter was absent from the room. I hoped he wasn’t still mad or upset about last night, but I sure was happy I didn’t have to face him. Before I could take another bite of my sandwich the owls flew in. I immediately spotted my owl. I had recently owled my parents asking about Christmas break. Now, I’m finally getting my reply! It had been a while since I talked to them.

A noted dropped right on top of my food. Thanks, Blizzard (I named my owl Blizzard because of his white wings.) I tore into the letter eager to hear from my family. My summer with them may have been terrible, but they are still my family and I do love them.


I’m sorry to do this to you, but I’m afraid you can’t come home for Christmas. It seems your father has won a trip to The States and we are going a week before you get off. We would love you to come, but we realize you have school. If you want to come home and spend Christmas alone at the house the key is under the mat. Although we would feel a lot better knowing you were with friends. Please try to understand. We love you tons and will send you all your presents ASAP.

Love always,
Mom and Dad
p.s. Happy Late Birthday, Love.

The paper involuntarily crumbled in my hands. This was the first year in 16 years that I wasn’t going to spend Christmas with my family. What a rotten thing to do to their child. I’m sure Petunia was eating this up.

I’m not going to cry. Crying is bad. I’m not going to cry.

Oh God, I’m going to cry. I’m such a cry baby. I deserve to be slapped for this. You never cry in front of classmates. Especially boys, but here I was doing it anyways.

”Oh, whoa.” Sirius said attracting everyone’s attention on me. I could feel their eyes on my face. “Are you alright?”

I nodded slowly then tried to take a deep breath, but it came out a loud sob. I can’t believe I’m crying over this.

”Was it something in the letter?” Sirius asked in a hushed voice.

I nodded again. It was no used trying to talk. I hate how I sound when I try to talk and cry at the same time. It sounds like I’m whining.

”Mind if I ask what it says?” Damn, he was going to make me talk.

I sniffed, “I can’t go home for Christmas. They’re leaving to go to The States.”

”Oh.” Sirius said, “Well, Don’t feel too bad I never go home for Christmas for more than a day. I spend the rest of the time at James’s house.” His eyes lit up as he got an idea, “Hey! I have an idea! Why don’t you come to his house during Christmas? It would be better than spending here alone.”

”Padfoot....” James started, but was cut off as Sirius continued to ramble.

”It will be great! Harriet would love to have you-“

”Sirius!” James hissed, “My...uh...My mom’s sister is coming this year.” He shifted his eyes away from us. I got the idea, but I don’t think Sirius did.

”So? They come every- Ouch!” Sirius grabbed his ankle.

”Thanks, but no thanks, Sirius. I’ll be fine here.” I stood up and started to leave.

”Why the hell did you kick me?” I heard Sirius ask as I walked out the door.


My quill was once again scribbling hastily across my parchment. I was in the library putting the finishing touches on a report for my Charms class. It was due tomorrow and I had gotten a late start on it. I knew it wasn’t going to be half as good as my other reports, but I could afford another ‘F’ in charms. I hoped.

I heard a loud noise as someone sat down in front of me. I looked up to see a boy my age. I recognized him as Duncan Belzberg. A good friend of the Malfoy family. He was, with out a doubt, one of the meanest Slytherins.

”May I help you?” I asked as I started writing again.

He pulled the quill from my hands, “Hi. I’m Duncan.”

He extended his hand. I glanced at it for a second before deciding it was safe to touch, “Lily Evans.”

“I know your name.”

I guess we’re going to do this formally. I nodded, “Nice to meet you.”

“You’re a very beautiful Girl, Lily Evans. Too bad you’re a mudblood.”

I glared at him, “What do you want?”

He grinned, “It’s come to my understanding that you have nowhere to go on Christmas break.” How did he know that? I wonder how many people in the Great Hall actually saw me crying.

“So, what?” I asked.

He continued grinning, “Well, Me and a few friends aren’t going home this year either. We are going to stay here and celebrate a little on our own, and maybe go to Hogsmeade for a little unsupervised celebrating. I wanted to know if you wanted to join us.”

I frowned in confusion, “Why would a bunch of Slytherins want a muggle-born around?” It didn’t make sense.

The smile fell off his face, “Not all the Slytherins think of Muggle-born as dirty.”

“But you just called me a mudblood.” I countered.

He smirked, “I didn’t say I was one of those Slytherins.”

I glared at him, “Then why do you want me there?”

He sighed, “I don’t. Narcissa thinks we should all make a New Years resolution to be nicer to Muggle-Borns. She sent me out to do her dirty work.”

I rolled my eyes, “And I’m going to be the only one there?”

“Of course not! A bunch of girls from Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw are going. Just think it over, and if you decide to come later, the offer will still be open.” He left as quickly as he came. Like hell, I was going to that party


It was near midnight before I got back to the Gryffindor Common room. That’s why I was surprised when I saw Remus and Sirius still up. They stared at me as I walked in. I ignored them and started up the stairs.

”Whoa, Evans.” Sirius side jumping over the couch.

I rolled my eyes, “Was that really necessary?”

He blinked in confusion, “Of course it was. How else was I supposed to show off?” Figures.

“What do you want, Black?” I asked coldly.

He frowned, “Don’t be mad at me. Be mad at James, he’s the idiot who doesn’t want you to come with us.” My eyes flew up. James really didn’t want me to come?

“I-I’m not mad at anyone. James has the right to, um, not want me there. It is his house.”

“It’s not like that!” Sirius said quickly, “I, personally, think he’s just a little scared he won’t be able to control his actions around you.”

I frowned, “What’s that supposed to me?”

Sirius ignored my question, “Anyways, Evans. We understand that you have been invited to the Slytherins’s Christmas Party.” I frowned again. Rumors sure do spread fast around this school. You’d think we were one big gossiping chain.

“And?” I asked hurrying this along.

“You aren’t going.” He talked to me like a father would his daughter.

I raised an eyebrow, “Why not?” I hadn’t realized until now that he had been leading me over to the couch. I sat down next to Remus.

“Well, you know how the Slytherins are. They probably have something up their sleeve. And with you being Muggle born. You can’t go.” I didn’t know if I should have laughed or been angry. I chose the latter.

“Since when do you tell me what do to do?” I’ll say this again, I don’t like being told I can’t do something.


I jumped up from my seat, “Well, Mr. Black, you and Mr. Lupin can just shove your stupid idea that you can control me up both your arses. I’m going to that party.” I turned towards the stairs.

“Way to go, Padfoot.” I heard Remus mumble as I make that ran....up the stairs.

A/n: Eeee two chapters in a row....what is this world coming to?! Lol. I thought since the last chapter was so short this one should be posted ASAP. I was going to make you guys wait till posted the last chapter, but they are taking way to long. Please review!!!!

Thanks for everyone who reviewed! You guys are awesome!

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