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If I owned Remus Lupin, I wouldn’t be writing this right now………….. Please review. It makes me happy. Chapter 4 My Past Lily and Hermione gave Remus the explanation of the odd and slightly disturbing occurrences during breakfast. Sirius found the whole story rather amusing. After breakfast, Hermione took Remus by the arm and reminded him softly that they had unfinished business to work out. She led him to the softly lit library, put a non-sound penetrating and lock charm on the door, and sat him down on the couch. “Why have you been lying to me about decree twenty-seven? It’s illegal for werewolves to marry……..” “Actually,” he said in his defense, “It’s illegal for any half-breed to marry and reproduce.” She looked at him sadly. “Remus, why didn’t you tell me?” she said taking his hand. He pushed her hand away. “I figured you’d already had known. Since apparently I think you’re ‘the brightest which of your age.’” He said mocking what she had told him of the future. “ “What’s that supposed to mean? We were…….” “See? That’s the problem. You’re always talking in ‘were,’ in past tense. Hermione, that’s not the past anymore….” “Then what is it? The future?” “I don’t know! Why are you with me Hermione? Because you pity me?” “No…….!” “I see it in your eyes! I know what my future holds Hermione! Nothing! I end up alone because I have to! It’s the law! If you hadn’t come here I would still be in that time alone and with nothing to live for……..” “What about me Remus? What about me?” “I apparently can’t be with you in the future! “You can’t be with me at any point because it’s against the law Remus.” She said that with an eerie calmness that made Remus even more upset. He stood up from the couch walking from her. “What? Like this is all my fault?” he said coolly with his back to her. “No!” Hermione yelled at him. He turned and looked in her eyes. Tears were falling down her cheeks, her face was flushed with anger. “No. Remus, we’ve drifted away from the original point of why we were here talking. I didn’t come here to yell at you. At first maybe I wanted to but that was because I was scared for you! I know what they would do to you in Azkaban. You’d never survive. You’re strong Remus, but you’re not that strong. You could handle the pain. They would strip you of your pride Remus! That I know you could not take!” “They couldn’t do that……..” “Remus, they can and they will! They’d show you off as a dangerous animal at every full moon. You’d have nothing to do but sit in a corner for months and wait till the dementors have taken all the life from you. You’d die alone and sad and weak Remus! Why didn’t you just tell me about the decree….” “And have you leave me?” He yelled at her, turning to face her. His anger was starting to frighten her. “Hermione I know you. You follow the rules. You do everything by the book. If I had told you would’ve left me without a second thought. You would’ve found out what you’re little mission was, turned your back on me and forgotten that I ever came into your life. You would’ve block all your emotions like you always do. Because, Hermione Granger, you are emotionless.” She slapped him across the face. Remus looked at her stunned. Her face showed more sadness then he had ever seen. “And if you really think that, then Remus Lupin, you don’t know me at all. First of all, I would have never left you. I would rather die then leave your side. I would’ve eloped here at Grimmauld place! Have you ever considered that my mission is to be with you? That’s not all of it, but us being together is a huge part of it! And I would never forget you, because I would never leave you. If there was a one way train back to my time I wouldn’t even consider it! I love you too much! Oh, and about that last part………….” She cupped his face in her hands and kissed him with as much passion as she could muster. “If that was emotionless, then Remus, I don’t know what emotion is. And if you didn’t think that was love, then I don’t know what love is. And, my name isn’t Hermione Granger. My name is Hermione Jane Lupin. If you would like us to stop this argument, then please tell me.” He just looked at her in stock. “I’ll take that as a yes.” She took his hand and gave him a gentle smile. Suddenly, his eyes were filled with sadness. “Hermione….I ..I don’t what came over me. I never meant anything I just said. I would never say anything to hurt you.” “I know Remus. Just sometimes, when we feel the one we love might leave us or we’re scared for them, we say things we don’t mean. I said some things to you I shouldn’t have. We just can’t leave things bottled up for that long till we explode and we hurt one another. It’s just not right. Everyone has fights. It happens. No more secrets, right?” Hermione said. “No more secrets.” Remus repeated. “I just didn’t want you to leave me. I’ve never been able to be so close to anyone but you. I’m used to keeping everything in the shadows. I’m going to have to get over that.” “Same here. Remus,” she said sitting back on the couch with him, “There are things in my, well I guess in my past that I don’t want to tell you. At least not yet. There are some horrible things that happen, and I am going to stop them from happening. I don’t want to scare anyone, to get their minds off the tasks at hand, to kill Voldemort. There are people here, people that I love and I know bad things are going to happen to them. But I will stop it Remus. I promise you.” “Hermione, you carry a heavy burden on your shoulders. One I would never want to carry. I understand that you are going to keep some things from me.” “Remus, how are we going to keep this a secret from the Ministry? I know that Umbridge woman, and she’ll never give up till you and I are behind bars. It’s not fair Remus, I know. And I don’t care. As long am I’m with you, I don’t care what happens.” Remus held her in his arms. There was a calm and tranquil silence that followed. Hermione’s eyes were closed. She was finally at peace. Remsu thought back to the words she had said. “Wait….Hermione… said your past…….?” Hermione smiled that he had picked up on her words. “Yes Remus, my past. This is my future.” ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~**~*~*~*~*~* A/N Hi!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you all liked it!!!!! Extra points for reviewers!!!!!!! Update soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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