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AN: Here you go another chapter. Don’t forget to R&R Thanks a million to all of my wonderful reviewers who have left plenty of good reviews. *blows kisses*

Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot and Dylan and Sofia...and...and...ok I’m pretty sure that’s it


Hermione and Draco were out of breath. They had been running for a while and whatever was chasing them didn’t show signs of slowing. Draco suddenly grabbed Hermione and pulled her off of the trail. They rolled a bit and ended up at the foot of a tree, under a bush. Draco lay down on the ground next to Hermione watching where the creature should show up. They waited a second and then a werewolf was very close to where Draco had guessed it would appear. Hermione made a small low squeak and grabbed Draco’s arm. Draco ignored and watched the werewolf intensely.

It was sniffing the air and looking around. For a moment the creature stopped and stared right where they were hiding in the bushes. Draco tensed under its stare and prayed it hadn’t seen them. Once the werewolf had broken the stare Draco felt much better than before. It looked around some more before running off into the woods. Draco held Hermione down for another two minutes before letting her stand up. Hermione was dusting off her clothes while Draco kept looking around.

“Where’s our stuff”he turned back to Hermione almost angrily.

“I...I don’t know, must be back where we were eating”Hermione stuttered still shaken by the werewolf.

Draco rolled his eyes “Great that’s a help, but where is back where we were eating, huh?”

“How the hell am I supposed to know,”Hermione snarled back at him “You act like this is all my fault”

Draco sneered at her but said nothing. He was inspecting the ground and saw some tracks. He decided to follow them since they seemed to lead back to where they had stopped. He was having some trouble seeing even with his wand light on. Hermione followed him but kept a distance between them. Eventually they found their way back to their stuff. Nothing seemed disturbed so they picked what they had and got out the list to see what they needed.

“This will take forever”Draco fumed when Hermione announced they had twenty more plants to find.

“Oh shut up and let’s get to work”Hermione snarled, still angry at him. Draco now wished he hadn’t taken his anger out on Hermione, but nonetheless he glared stonily at her.

After an hour they still had five more and Draco was still very mad. They were trampling through the woods in the dark so they didn’t attract anything else when they heard voices. Draco recognized the voices and froze. Hermione gave him an odd look wondering what he was doing.

“What are you doing”she hissed at him.

“Shh”he shushed her and took her hand, pulling her behind a tree.

“What the...”Hermione was confused. Draco put his hand across her mouth and gave her a meaningful look before moving is hand away.

He turned back around to listen to the voices.

“Has he agreed to the requirements yet”a snake like voice hissed. Hermione tensed up. She knew exactly who’s voice that was. She was going to back up but Draco grabbed her arm and held her there with a warning look.

“Not yet my Lord, I have yet to receive a letter back”a second voice spoke, who was also very obvious.

Hermione stood completely still at the voice and for a second stared out into space before glaring at Draco with venom. He glared right back but did nothing else.

“As soon as the letter comes to you I want to be notified”

“Yes my Lord”Hermione heard Lucius Malfoy reply.

“Good, now get up to the school where the old fool, Dumbledore, is waiting for you”Voldemort snake-like voice commanded.

“Yes my Lord”They heard footsteps coming closer to them. Draco grabbed Hermione and pushed her against the tree. Putting a finger to his lips he pointed up into the tree. Hermione nodded at him silently.

Draco took hold of a branch that was right above their heads. Pulling himself up he got balanced before offering his hand down to Hermione. She hesitated for a moment but then, realizing she had no other option, she took his hand and allowed him to help her into the tree. She too got balanced and was sitting right in front of him. Draco’s arm was around her waist while the other was holding onto the branch they were sitting on. Hermione looked down at the ground and shuddered gripping Draco’s arm.

“Don’t worry”he whispered lowly in her ear “You won’t fall”

Hermione was going to answer but Lucius Malfoy appeared below them and she felt both of them tense up. Lucius paused under their branch and looked around as if he had heard something, which he probably had. Draco held his breath and tightened his grip on Hermione’s waist. When he walked away Draco and Hermione let out their breathes. Draco took his arm away from Hermione, who grabbed the branch and held on for dear life. Draco swung down and looked back up.

“Hermione, jump down hurry up”Draco hissed. Hermione shook her head feverishly. “ Don’t worry I’ll catch you”

Hermione bit her lip but slowly and cautiously swung her leg over and lowered herself down with her hands. Draco took her by the hips and let her come down to the ground. Hermione grabbed his shirt shaking.

“Your scared of heights”Draco smirked.

“No”Hermione said squeakily. Draco raised an eyebrow. “Okay I hate heights”Hermione gave in. “Now if you didn’t know you can let go of my hips”

Draco smirked and didn’t let go. “What if I don’t want to?”he pouted.

Hermione rolled her eyes and pulled out of his grip. “Too bad for you”Hermione began walking away shaking her hips with extra drama.

Draco followed her, after picking up their stuff which was left at the bottom of the tree.

“How many more do we need?”Draco asked Hermione, who had the list.

“Five, but they’re rare”Draco sighed tiredly. Hermione was waiting for him with a stony look on her face.

“What”Draco snapped.

“Who were they talking about”she asked suspiciously.

Draco’s mouth dried out and he gulped, but didn’t answer. He kept walking and passed her by. Hermione couldn’t know about the letter his father had sent him.

“It was wasn’t it”Hermione jumped in front of him.

Draco glared and grabbed her shoulders. Slamming her against a tree he snarled into her face “yes it was me they were talking about, okay”

Hermione shook with fear and her lower lip trembled “Get...get away from me”she tried to back up even though there was no way she could.

“Whatever Granger”he released her and started walking away.

Hermione stood there rubbing her shoulders almost afraid to follow Draco.

“Best hurry up, because I’m not waiting for you”Draco hollered over his shoulder. “Mudblood”she heard him mutter to himself.

Hermione’s blood boiled but she didn’t say anything. Hesitantly she began to follow Draco. They spent the next two hours finding the last five plants. By now it had to be nearly four am. Hermione stifled yawn. She was very tired and just wanted tog o back to her warm bed in the castle to sleep. But that just reminded her that Draco was going to be in the same room as her and that reminded her of how much she hated him. He was infuriating. One second he was all nice and protecting to her and the next he was ripping her arms off. He was such a bi-polar freak. Hermione wasn’t sure she would be able to stand another second of him. She was practically asleep on her feet now. Just when Hermione thought they would never get back to the castle the trees thinned and she could clearly see the grounds.

“Finally”Draco said out loud, loudly.

Hermione and Draco both trekked up to the castle doors where Snape and McGonagall were waiting for them.

“Aww good you seem to have found them all”Professor McGonagall said taking the basket form them. Draco leaned against the door and Hermione stood there ready to go to sleep.

“Get up to the Hospital wing”Snape barked at them “Dylan had nightmare and he needs his mommy and daddy”he emphasized the words mommy and daddy.

“And get those cuts cleaned up”Professor McGonagall ushered them towards the stairs. Hermione was now more awake and ran up the steps with Draco on her heels.

“Slow down woman, merlin”Draco exclaimed trying to keep up as she swept down the hall.

“Oh shut up, you should be in shape from playing your whole life”Hermione snarled back at him.

Arriving at the Hospital Wing Hermione rushed to the bed while Draco sauntered over more slowly.

“Mommy”Dylan was excited to see Hermione and Draco.

“Hey sweetie”Hermione bent down and kissed his forehead.

Draco came over and tousled the little boys hair before plopping down in a chair. Hermione was sitting next to Dylan on the bed.

“So what is this about you having a nightmare”Hermione moved around a bit on the bed.

The little boy’s lower lip trembled and he looked close to tears “It was scary mommy! I saw you and daddy and you were in a forest. Something was chasing you and then you both fell into the darkness. And then I woke up”

Hermione was flabbergasted. He had just said exactly what happened to them in the forest. Hermione glanced up at Draco but he was staring at Dylan.

“Well go back to sleep dear, don’t worry. It was just a dream. Mommy and Daddy will be back tomorrow morning, okay?”Hermione wanted to get out of there and go sleep.

“Okay”Dylan puckered up his lips and leaned up. Hermione bent down and kissed his forehead again.

Draco got up from his seat and instead of tousling his hair he smoothed it out “Night he told the Dylan, following Hermione out of the ward. They walked back to the common room in a sleepy silence. They were walking into their room when Draco saw some black and blue marks on Hermione’s shoulders. He gulped knowing they were because of him.

“Hermione I’m...”he began to apologize but Hermione cut him off.

“Don’t even talk to me and don't bother apologizing because I'm sick of your stupid fucking jacked up lies”she snarled jumping into her bed and snapping the curtains shut.

Draco sighed and climbed into his own bed to fall asleep fitfully.

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