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A/N Here's chapter 9! Thanks to all my loyal reviewers and readers! I love you guys so much. This chapter is dedicated to Sirius...and we find that he is learning to take responsibility of things in his life and is maybe maturing a teensy weensy bit. Is there a switch back in the near future? on my friends...

Disclaimer - J.K. Rowling owns the wonderful...well...everything.

Ch9. The Chapter In Which Sirius Finds Himself Out of His Element

Sirius woke the next morning in Lily’s bed, head throbbing, body full of scratches, to the voice of a girl.

“Lily are you alright?” Christina asked Sirius from the other side of the room, “You look like you were out all night playing in the dirt.”

Sirius held back a laugh but allowed himself a smile.

“You don’t know the half of it,” he replied, stretching as he did so.

Last night had been an interesting full moon. Once he had caught up with James somewhere in the dark forest, the two of them had searched for nearly an hour before they came across Remus in his werewolf form. They ran around in the fog together, Sirius letting his animal instincts take over everything else, feeling relaxed for the first time since the switch. The three of them had never found Peter in the fog however, but Sirius felt confident that James would ask him where he was last night. When they all woke up that was.

He didn’t remember coming into the girls’ dormitory at any time, and was quite surprised to see that he had at some time dressed himself in Lily’s pink pajamas bottoms, and had found a matching tank top in the dark.

Sitting up on the bed, Sirius yawned, before asking Christina what time it was.

“It’s ten, Lily,’ she replied.

Well that’s about two hours too early, Sirius thought to himself, knowing that in the marauder’s dorm, all of the boys would be asleep until at least noon. It was the norm following a full moon adventure.

Sirius watched Christina finish up her mascara in a little mirror that she held in her hand, wearing a confused expression on his face, before talking once more.

“Why do you wear that stuff, love?”

He could have kicked himself.

Oh my God did I just call her love? he frantically thought to himself, It must be this lack of a girlfriend thing. You idiot, Sirius, act like a girl!

But Christina didn’t seem to notice as she checked to make sure that her hair was straight before putting her mirror away.

“I do it to look nice Lily. Why do you wear it? Well, besides your obvious reason, of course,” she asked as she sat down on her bed smiling, so that she was now across from Sirius.

“What do you mean my obvious reason?” he asked, curious as to what she thought. He wasn’t even aware that Lily ever wore mascara.

But then again, he didn’t even know what mascara was before quite recently.

“Well we all know that Potter is obsessed with your eyes, right? I mean he talks about them all of the time,” she started slowly wondering when Lily would catch on to where she was going with this.

“So what are you saying? That Lil…I mean I wear mascara to make my eyes stand out…so that Ja…Potter will notice them?” he asked incredulously.

This was news to him, and would definitely be front-page news to James once he told him.

“Well…oh come on Lily! You must feel a little flattered when Potter compliments you all of the time! I mean it’s James freaking Potter!” she began.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Sirius began not really wanting to have to talk about Lily’s feelings when she wasn’t even in the room. In all honesty, he had no idea how she truthfully felt about James. And he didn’t usually talk about feelings anyways. Well not with anyone other then James. “Er…I have to go to the bathroom, I’ll be right back.”

“Whatever Lils, I know the truth,” she said before packing a lipgloss into her white jean purse that was laying right next to her, as Sirius walked to the bathroom.

Five minutes later, he returned not looking any better then he had going in there, clutching his right hand as if he had touched his hand to fire or something worse.

“What the hell is that thing?” He asked Christina, still clutching his hand as if it was going to fall off from the pain at any minute.

“What happened now Lily? You’ve really been doing stupid things lately, do you know that?” she asked walking over to where Sirius was standing giving evil glares to her and to the bathroom for that matter.

“That evil snapping weapon thing on the counter burned me when I tried to move it! I mean, maybe a Slytherin put it there or something and was hoping that it would attack us when we least expected it! I think it has some permanent sticking charm on it or something because it seems to be attached to the wall,” Sirius started on his rant about the evil snapping weapon he had encountered in the bathroom.

“Lily stop! Are you serious?’ Christina asked before Sirius grabbed her by the hand and pulled her to the bathroom to show her the ‘deadly weapon’.

“There. See, it’s attached to the wall, I can’t get rid of it,” Sirius said, genuinely worried as he pointed to the thing he was afraid of.

Christina sighed as she pulled the wire that was ‘attaching the weapon to the wall’, and picked up the small object by the handle Sirius had neglected to notice on his first trip to the ‘battlefield’.

“Lily Evans, let me introduce you to my Hair Straightener,” she said, before rolling her eyes, placing the hot iron back on the counter, and exiting the bathroom.

Sirius, thinking to himself how brave girls must be to have the courage to risk being burnt by a metal rod every morning, touched the handle once as if making sure it wouldn’t bite him, and then followed Christina into the dorm room.

“I guess you learn something new every day, eh Christy?” he said, with a grin on his, or rather Lily’s, face.

“Ya sure Lily,” she said, looking over at her friend, wondering if she had actually been playing in the dirt last night. Then remembering something, she stated very fast, “Lily what are you doing! You should be getting ready!”

“What? It’s Sunday, my dear. I’m not getting ready until much, much later!” Sirius said, and then went as far as to go back under the covers of his bed. His head was throbbing even more now after his little battle with the hair straightener, and the fresh scratches from last night weren’t healed yet.

“You have to tutor that kid today, Lily! In half an hour actually and you haven’t even eaten breakfast or gotten dressed yet! She said, as she picked up her purse and walked over to the door.

Well that was something he hadn't expected.

“Wait! What? Tutor? No bloody way Christina, it’s Sunday morning and I don’t even pay attention in class in the first place anyways!” Sirius said frantically as he jumped out of the bed and searched for Lily’s book that had all of the month’s events in it.

Opening the small pink book, he sure enough saw, in Lily’s handwriting, the words Tutoring – 11:00 – Library – Third Year. under the spot that said Sunday.

Sirius, looking as if he would rather jump out of the widow to his right then go and sit in the library with some third year, ran his hands through his hair and looked at Christina frantically.

“Where are you going? Don’t make me do this,” he practically yelled, noticing for the first time that none of the other girls were in the room with them.

“I’m going down for breakfast, and then to meet our group outside by the lake. I’ll see you at twelve, right? After you’re done tutoring the kid. Don’t let him give you any crap this time, alright?”, Christina said as she turned the handle on the door, revealing the hallway that led down to the common room. “Oh and Lily? Thanks for the talk last night. I shouldn’t have broken down like that but the break-up just came as a shock I guess. I can’t believe James saw me crying! At least it wasn't Sirius...” she finished before walking out into the hallway and closing the door behind her.

Sirius stood alone in the girl’s room trying to figure out the fastest way to get ready. A week ago he would’ve killed to be alone in the girl’s dorm, but now he had no time to enjoy it as he had to get ready very fast if he wanted to be down at the library in less then half an hour.

He was glad that girl’s didn’t have to shave every single day like guys did, because he had luckily shaved Lily’s legs yesterday. He knew he wouldn’t have time to do it again if he had to today, because it had taken him an hour of grumbling about why girls have to have such long legs, to get the job done. Sirius quickly got in the shower, cursing the need of girls to use more then one type of scented shampoo at a time.

He of course was well aware of the fact that he didn't need to use the sweetly scented shampoo's, but he just kept telling himself that he had to keep up with Lily's good smells. In truth, he liked having perfumed hair that would wave in his face from time to time. Maybe liked it a little too much for his liking.

Once clean, (and smelling good), he jumped out, quickly wrapped a towel around his now small body and grabbed frantically for the brush. Then, remembering that Lily’s long hair took a very long time to dry, he reached for his wand instead and muttered the simple drying spell that he had learned the first time he and James had fallen into the lake.

Hair dry, Sirius, thoroughly annoyed by the way it kept getting in his mouth and eyes, decided to throw all of his pride away and attempt pigtails. Once he had successfully put his red hair into the tiny ponytail holders, (on the sixth try mind you), he frantically brushed his teeth as fast as he could and then reached for the vanilla lipgloss. He had decided that he didn’t have time to put on any makeup today, and was grateful that Lily didn’t need it anyways. However, he had grown fond of the vanilla lipgloss and couldn’t resist the tube just lying on the counter in front of him. Once lips fully moisturized, Sirius rolled his eyes and stepped out of the bathroom remembering that he still had a towel on and needed to pick clothes.

Running to the closet, Sirius, very excited, looked at all of the outfits that Lily owned. One of his favorite parts of being Lily was looking at all of her clothing and picking outfits that matched, for he never knew that someone could own that much fabric. Since it was Sunday, he knew that he wouldn’t have to wear the usual Gryffindor skirt that Lily always had to wear to classes. He eventually decided ten minutes later on a flowing white skirt that went past his knees, a simple black t-shirt, and black slip on sandals. Checking once more that his ‘outfit’ matched, Sirius laughed to himself wondering what James would say if he could see him now. Deciding that he didn't want to run that conversation through his head, he compromised by lowering his head in shame for his actions, honouring the unwritten 'guy code'.

Sirius then grabbed some chocolate out of Lily’s dresser that he had brought with him from the boy’s dorm when they had switched, and ate his breakfast. Once eating as much as he felt he should, he smacked another coat of lipgloss on and ran out of the door, down the hall, and into the common room. He had ten minutes until he was expected at the library so he walked straight across the room fast, but still noticing the looks the guys were giving him.

Oh God, I better never see those looks again. Curse you for being hot, Lily Sirius thought to himself as he walked through the portrait hole, stepping foot into the cold corridor.

He quickly walked towards the library remembering at the last second that he had not brought any books with him. He also realized that he didn’t know what subject he was supposed to be tutoring.

I can fake it, he said to himself. He did know quite a lot of information in all of his classes and usually did hear what the professor was teaching even while he was passing notes with James for example.

Sirius sat down at an empty table near the middle of the library and waited for this third year to come to him, since he didn’t know what they looked like. He was five minutes early anyways.

Taking a piece of paper and quill from someone at another table when they weren’t looking, he started to doodle pictures of broomsticks and chocolate. It wasn’t until he heard some girls next to him get up and leave, did he stop his drawings and realize that the student who needed tutoring should’ve been arrived ten minutes ago. Feeling slightly relieved, as it looked like the guy wasn’t coming, Sirius looked back down at his drawing.

No sooner had he done this, when he was interrupted by a sickly familiar voice. He slowly raised his head to look at the person he knew was heading for his table.

“Let’s get this over with Evans, it’s embarrassing enough that I have to sit with a Gryffindor, let alone a mudblood,” the approaching third year boy spat out as he sat across from the person he didn’t know was Sirius.

Sirius grimaced as he heard the voice that he had grown to hate. Fingers balling into fits under the table, he tried to keep his cool and move the irony of the situation into his favour.

“Didn’t you’re family ever teach you the difference between right and wrong? I mean not even your brother? I’m sure he would’ve if you had asked. Or is it that your parents don’t care that much about you to teach you that what you just said was offensive and makes you sound stupid? I’m afraid you’ve learned the wrong lessons about life, boy,” Sirius quietly said, choosing his words very carefully, wanting to get a rise out of the boy in front of him without loosing his own temper in the process.

“Don’t you ever talk about my brother to me, Evans. He was the one who learned the wrong lessons in life by never getting his priorities right. He’ll regret it eventually, just you wait,” the boy drawled, smiling at the thought of his brother getting what he thought he deserved.

“You want him to regret it, don’t you? You want him to be the wrong one for once, am I right? So that mommy and daddy will finally see you, the neglected one?” Sirius went on, not caring if he didn’t sound like Lily any more, and putting emphasis on the word neglected.

“You have no idea what I’ve been through Evans, so don’t try to begin to understand. You’ve only heard his side of the story. Everyone always used to listen to him, but not anymore. The family’s turned against him as have I. Now it’s my turn to be listened to,” he finished.

“So that’s what you want then? Attention. I should’ve known… it’s what all Slytherins want. That’s not the way to get it though and you know it. I know that you know Sirius has the right idea,” Sirius went on.

“Even if he does, I can’t back out now Evans,” he simply stated letting his mean outside character slide.

“I knew it,” Sirius said quietly before remembering that they were supposed to be here for a tutoring session, “ what did you need help with again?”

“I need to master a transfiguration spell for the next test, otherwise I’ll fail. Not that you’d care about that,” he finished and then looked around to make sure no Slytherins could see him talking to Lily Evans.

“Transfiguration, eh? My specialty,” Sirius said, feeling a little better about his so far unbelievably bad luck.

After fifteen minutes in which Sirius successfully taught the Slytherin the simple spell that he himself had mastered on his first try in third year, Sirius told him that he could go.

“Er…thanks Evans But could you not tell anyone about this? Especially Sirius? He’d turn into a madman if he found out you were tutoring me, let alone talking to me. In case you haven’t noticed, we aren’t exactly on good terms since he shut me out,” the boy asked, “and Snape would kill me,” he added as an afterthought.

“Snape! You hang around with Snape? That’s the worst thing I’ve ever heard! Stay away from that slimy git,” he warned the boy in front of him as if he felt the need to protect him.

“He’s teaching me all about dark magic and it’s making me popular with the other Slytherins. I wouldn’t stop hanging out with him for anyone. Especially not you, Evans,” he said, his mean outside persona slowly returning.

Sirius sighed as he realized that any hope there was for the boy’s redemption to the good side would be shattered thanks to Severus, his ‘new older brother’.

“Just go,” he said, wanting to get out of the presence of the Slytherin who he knew was heading down the wrong path. These thoughts always got Sirius in a bad mood and he didn’t have James this time to talk to about it.

“Give Sirius a good insult from me,” he said before turning and walking out of the library with his Slytherin arrogance that Sirius now knew was all an act to fit in and be accepted by his parents.

Sirius sat at the table alone and placed his head in his hands, feeling for the first time in a long time very mad. He was having a hard time believing that just hours before he had been worrying about Mascara, Hair Staighteners, and sleeping in. For the first time since the switch, Sirius full heartedly wanted his body back to be able to cope with his anger and work his problems out without hiding behind Lily’s body.

I should have helped you while I had the chance Regulus, he thought to himself, If only we could get out of that house….

Sirius now realized just how many problems he had on his plate at that very moment and wondered why he had decided to switch bodies with Lily in the first place. It had just taken a look through the eyes of another to realize that he had to fix his remaining problems in his life and stop ignoring them, before new ones came up, or old ones resurfaced for that matter.

Angry with himself for letting things get out of hand with his brother, Sirius slammed his hand down on the table as he thought of everything he needed to fix right away. His brother was the one family member that he even had the chance of turning good, but he had foolishly been blocking out his whole family and refusing to deal with any of them, which only left Regulus completely on his own to learn the wrong messages the family was teaching. Sirius, thinking these thoughts, was now mad at his own selfishness, and was wondering for the first time ever in his life why he had abandoned his brother so easily. And to top his feelings all off, James, the main salvation from his family, was feeling distant with him. He picked up the quill once more and wrote a list of the things he would have to deal with as soon as he had his body back.

1. Forgive Regulus and teach him the truth about the ‘Noble House of Black’.

2. Apologize to James for being distant with him and try to rebuild the much needed friendship that we had.

3. Apologize to Lily for yelling at her in the common room.

4. Find out how Lily feels for James.

5. Get Prongs his Lily.

6. Find out what Peter is up to.

7. Find a way to get out of my house. (Note: Maybe talk to James about this one).

8. Become un-addicted to Vanilla lipgloss. (*)

9. Face my fear of straightening irons.

10. Steal Remus some more chocolate.

11. Plan the best prank with James, since my wonderfully ingenious pranks are just itching to be let loose on the unsuspecting castle and students again.

12. Find a healthy way to let my stress out. (Note: screaming into pillows, wrestling with James, eating three boxes of chocolate, and sending love notes to Dumbledore from McGonagall are apparently not healthy ways).

Feeling confident in his list, Sirius folded it up and carried it out of the library. The Slytherin had painfully reminded Sirius of the family that he hated so much, wanted freedom from, and had tried to block out of his life. He was now however feeling relieved that maybe he could find ways to be a normal fifth-year boy, regardless of if he had a family or not. For he had been carrying the burden of the 'Black's' reputation for a long time now, and in secret mind you. But even if he wasn't sure that he could save his brother, he at least had his friends, and concentrating on them meant that he didn’t have to concentrate on other things. For the time being anyways.

Sirius walked back to the Gryffindor common room in hopes of finding Lily to talk about switching back, completely forgetting about meeting Christina outside by the tree, deep in thought.

What would they all say if they knew that the infamous marauder had problems in his life? Well they’ll never know. I’m a good actor. And hell, they haven’t been able to tell so far. Now where did Evans get to…

A/N Well it would seem that Sirius has learnt the lesson Dumbledore wanted him to learn about responsibility and what not...but has Lily learnt her lesson yet? What is her lesson? Will there be a switch back any time soon? And what oh what was Sirius doing picking out matching outfits?!

**In case you don't know, (but please, for the love of chocolate, tell me you caught on), the boy Sirius was tutoring was his younger brother, Regulus.**

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