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Once again everyone this may be short, but please work with me and reviews are loved. I enjoy hearing people’s opinions about my work. It makes me become a better writer to please all the readers. I’m sure you all want the same. Don’t you agree? Remember, what goes around comes around. I accept anonymous reviews, so please review. Chapter 3 Distractions Hermione saw a shadow of two people on the opposite wall. She heard voices and footsteps. She had no time to get Remus to the attic. He was too heavy for her to lug him that quickly up another flight of steps. She had to act fast. Very fast. Her heart was pounding beneath her chest. Remus was coming more conscious second by second. What could she do? Hermione looked to her left, and her heart leapt. She only hopped that Lily could stall Umbridge for a few more moments. She hurriedly opened the bathroom door. Umbridge was an ugly old cow, but she was female, so she would respect the fact that Hermione could be in the shower. She dropped Remus to the floor with a thud. He moaned quietly. “Sorry,” Hermione whispered softly to him. Lily stood outside with Umbridge, trying to stall her with uninteresting facts about the Black household. Umbridge was not interested. Suddenly, there was a thud from the bathroom right next to Lily. “What was that?” Umbridge said in slow disgusted voice. “I have absolutely no idea.” Lily said putting on a fake clueless voice and grin. ‘Hermione! What in the name of Merlin are you doing?’ she thought to herself. Hermione turned on the shower to hot water. Sound affects were key. She took out her wand and put a locking spell on the door. With effort, she picked up the semi-conscious Remus and threw him into the very hot shower, clothes and all. He let out a long howl. He was conscious now. “Shut it wolf-boy, you’re not a werewolf anymore,” she said pushing her hand against his mouth. “Please just don’t open your trap. Just play along.” He opened his mouth to speak but she pointed her wand at him. “Look, you just transformed back, so your brain molecules aren’t all there and I know you’re weak. It’s early, don’t make me hex you.” He shut his mouth. “What is going on in there?” she heard Umbrige say as she tried to push herself through the door. Remus scowled and looked at her with her hand still on her mouth. She pushed her wand against him and he stopped glairing. “I’m taking a shower!” Hermione yelled. “I don’t believe you! What are you hiding?” she used a counter spell on the door. Hermione thought quick. “Oh, Merlin!” she said quietly, and jumped into the shower with Remus in her nightgown and robe and her fuzzy slippers. She sliped the shower curtain closed and dunked her head in the water, splashing Remus all over the face. She acted not a minute too soon. Umbridge walked in. Hermione stood up, stepping on her husband’s back, and poked her head out. “Have you no respect? I told you I was taking a shower! Now would you mind?” Hermione’s plan worked. “I am so sorry,” Umbridge said emotionless. “I shall leave you in peace. It is just a bathroom. How many secrets could it hide anyway?” Umbridge closed the door and Lily excused her and sent her on her merry way. A few minutes later Lily walked through the bathroom door. “What in the name of hippogriffs are you………” Lily opened the shower curtain. She saw Remus lying face done in his clothes and Hermione in her night dress, with the water still running. Both looked very much like drowned rats. Lily burst into laughter. “Oh, Hermione! You are a clever person!” Hermione wasn’t laughing. She turned Remus over. “What in hell was that all about?” he yelled at her. “It’s barely five o’clock in the morning and you’re already trying to kill me? You stepped on me!” “Sorry.” Hermione said gently holding him. “No, I don’t want a sorry! I want an explanation! Why were you throwing me fully clothed into boiling hot water along with yourself in your night clothes right after a full moon?” Lily slapped him across the head. “Moony, you sound like a five year old!” We’ll tell you everything over breakfast. Lily walked out still shaking her head. Hermione looked at Remus coldly. “After breakfast and your explanation, then you owe me an explanation. We need to talk. Why have you been lying to me………………………………………………..” ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* A/N Sorry if that’s was short. I was in a humor mood since all the other chapters had been so serious. Please review.

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