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Harry Potter and The Power Within by Julia Potter
Chapter 33 : Let There Be light
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Chapter 33: Let There Be Light

Julia was not going to let Bellatrix escape with her life again. This deranged human being had tortured people into insanity and killed a little boy. If it took every ounce of Julia’s strength, she would make sure this woman’s last breath would be tonight.

“What’s the matter Bella? Tired?” Julia taunted as they continued to weave between those in the battle.

“I think I’ll keep you alive long enough for you to watch the Dark Lord kill your nephew,” Bella snapped back.

“I don’t think so. Stupefy!” Julia took a shot at Bellatrix. The two continued their game of cat and mouse while the battle raged on.

The original DA had gathered towards the middle of the battlefield and were slowly pushing the remaining Death Eaters back into the forest. Whispers of Voldemort being seen had reached them but if the Dark Lord was on the field he was staying away from Harry and his group.

“Fred, behind you,” Harry shouted. The twin ducked just in time for Harry to hit the Death Eater with the stunning spell. Just then the familiar cry of Buckbeak could be heard as Hermione and Lupin landed with their small group.

“How’s Hagrid?” Harry asked as he retreated from the front line.

“Nothing Madam Pomfrey can’t fix,” Lupin said as he dismounted from his Hippogriff.

“You alright,” Harry asked as he helped Hermione off Buckbeak. She was still a little shaken from the Draco incident and a little upset that Ginny would think she would drop him on purpose. Harry felt her conflict and made her look him in the eye.

“Not now,” she breathed.

“Later then?” Harry asked. She nodded her head in agreement then pulled out her wand and started to walk back to the front line.

“Harry you’re group is doing wonderfully but the Death Eaters could out flank us from the left. Hermione you come with me. Have Ron head to the right and help with them,” Lupin instructed. Hermione reached out and squeezed Harry’s hand then left with Lupin.

“Ron,” Harry called as he approached. “Lupin’s worried about that group over there,” he pointed to the right. “Will you head over there and help catch them up to us?”

“Sure thing. Luna! Neville! George! Come with me,” Ron shouted as he ran over to the right to help press the attack.

High above the battle Dumbledore watched as the children pressed on. His heart was heavy. He had just received word about Arthur Weasley and was told Lucius Malfoy had brought him in. Dumbledore looked up into the air and on the ground once more before leaving the tower. He had instructed Professor McGonagall to continue instructing the children while he tended to Molly. He appeared in the great hall moments later and watched as Ginny tried to comfort her mother. His eyes glanced over at Lucius who was sitting by Draco’s bed. Dumbledore decided to deal with the older Malfoy first. He slowly made his way over to him and cleared his throat.

“Lucius,” Dumbledore said with out any emotion in his voice. The man quickly stood and stared at the old wizard. “Why are you here?”

“For my son,” Lucius sneered. He still harbored resentment towards the old wizard.

“Well since you are a guest here then I will ask you to keep your mouth shut. If you insult one student or parent who aren’t of pure blood, you will discover why Tom fears me,” Dumbledore’s emotions over Arthur’s death took over for a moment. “I will make sure the Ministry hears of your deeds in bringing Arthur’s body back here.”

“Weasley and I had our differences when it came to wizards and families, but I’m not a monster Albus,” Lucius insisted.

“No, you only served one,” the Headmaster whispered. Dumbledore turned and walked away from Lucius. The man sat back down again and looked at his son. Right then he made the decision to only do what was right for Draco from now on. He might still think that muggles were not worth his time but his beliefs had already cost him his wife. He refused to let them take his son as well.

Molly’s sobs had quieted down but her tears still flowed freely down her face. Ginny stood next to her mother in shock, trying to help her mother but still coming to terms with her father’s death. This family was one of the most selfless ones Dumbledore had known and it pained him to see them pay such a price. Charlie might never walk again and now Arthur was gone. Never before had Dumbledore let his emotions get the best of him. The old wizard knelt down next to Molly.

“Molly,” he whispered ever so gently. The woman turned with her tear-stained cheeks and disheveled red hair.

“Why?” She softly sobbed. “Why, Arthur?”

“He saved a man’s life. He did what he felt was right and he will forever be remembered for his sacrifice,” Dumbledore spoke. “I will go retrieve Fred and George from the battle. Madam Hooch has already instructed Bill to come back to the castle.”

“What about Ron?” Ginny asked the Headmaster.

“Ron must stay out there to help Harry,” The old wizard could see the young girls fear for her brother. Ginny just nodded her head. Dumbledore stood and headed for the door. He calmly walked past the row of children guarding the castle.

“Go get’em Headmaster,” a young Gryffindor shouted. Dumbledore smiled at the student and continued to walk towards the fighting.

All night Neville had kept and eye on Julia and Bellatrix. Deep down he wanted to be the one to end her life; she had taken his parents and now a dear friend from him. He started to shadow their movements as they continued to move around. Finally Bellatrix grabbed a broom lying on the ground. She was quickly in the air and high above the trees when Julia caught up to where Bella had been.

“She’s in the air,” Neville shouted to Julia.

“Thanks!” Julia smiled at the young man. She closed her eyes for a moment and with in seconds her broom came flying out of nowhere to her side. She mounted her broom and rocketed off the ground. Neville hadn’t flown a broom since first year but he couldn’t help the impulse to get revenge for his parents and Dean. He found another broom on the ground and slowly mounted it. He took a deep breath and pushed off the ground and into the air.

Harry couldn’t help but glance over at his friends every other minute or so. He knew that both of them could handle themselves but he just needed to make sure. He decided to glance behind him to see if any Death Eaters had gotten past them. He saw Dumbledore talking with Fred and George, both of whom seemed upset and ran to the castle. Ha retreated from the fighting to talk with the Headmaster.

“Professor,” Harry could tell something was wrong. “What’s happened?” Dumbledore was surprised to see Harry running over to him. As the old wizard looked at Harry, he noticed a shadow far in the distance over the boy’s shoulder. “Professor?” Dumbledore turned his attention to Harry.

“I’m afraid something has happened Harry,” the old wizard began. “Mr. Weasley saved Alastor’s life,” Dumbledore looked away.

“Well that’s good isn’t it?” Harry had a feeling he knew how Mr. Weasley had saved Moody’s life but he didn’t want to believe it.

“Arthur was hit with the killing curse,” Dumbledore said slowly. Harry slowly turned to look at his friend with the red hair.

“That’s why you sent Fred and George inside?” He muttered, his voice betraying his emotion. He felt numb all over. The Weasley’s had taken him in and cared for him since his very first year. These people were his family. They didn’t care who he was or who he was meant to be, they loved him, Harry the boy not the name or legend. For a moment Harry thought he was going to be sick until a slender hand lightly grabbed his shoulder.

“Don’t let his sacrifice be for nothing Harry,” Dumbledore whispered. The young man looked up at the old wizard.

“I won’t,” Harry’s voice was back. Dumbledore patted the boy’s shoulder and the two slowly walked to the front lines together.

In the air Neville was having a hard time keeping up with Julia and Bellatrix. They were faster and more confident on their brooms. It wasn’t until they started to head for the quidditch pitch then Neville began to catch up with them. He flew to one of the stands and quietly landed as he watched the two witches throw one volley after another.

“It’s over Bella, and you know it,” Julia barrel rolled to the right then turned behind her to throw a spell at Bella. “CRUCCIO!” The spell barley missed Bellatrix, who was now preparing her own attack.

“The only thing I know is how much I’m going to enjoy killing you!” Bella did a loop then shouted, “Avada Kedavra!” Julia easily dodged the spell then came around for another pass at Bella. The two witches were now face to face. Bellatrix’s back was to Neville. The boy had a clear shot at hitting her with a spell. His hand was shaking as he raised his wand.

“This will be the last night you draw breath Bella, you ran like a coward last time we faced. If I have to chase you around the world I’ll do it,” Julia’s cold stare was unnerving.

The words were on the tip of Neville’s tongue. “Ah-Ava,” his whole body was shaking as he tried to whisper the words. He had never wanted to cause anyone pain let alone want to kill them. He swallowed hard and took a deep breath.

“You caught me by surprise last time Potter, I’m ready for you tonight,” Bellatrix hissed. “Instead of killing you maybe I’ll just torture you into insanity like the Longbottom’s. Those pathetic fools didn’t even put up a fight,” a wicked smile spread across her face. As Julia stared at Bellatrix something caught her eye. Looking past her, Julia saw Neville with his wand pointing at the witch. She could tell he was shaking.

“I’d watch your words Bella,” Julia muttered.

“And why is that? Is their poor little pathetic son going to come after me? He disgraces the wizarding name. He wouldn’t have the guts to kill me!” Her laughter was even more taunting then her words. Neville took a deep breath then pointed his wand again at the witch, this time his arm was steady as was his words.

“Bye Bella,” Julia smiled as she backed away from the witch.

“Avada Kedavra!” Neville shouted. Bella turned on her broom just in time to see the spell hit her in the chest. Her body fell into the blackness of night and it wasn’t until they heard the bone cracking thud on the ground that Neville and Julia knew she was finally dead. Julia flew over to the stands and watched Neville for a moment his eyes never leaving the ground.

“I’m glad she’s dead,” Neville whispered.

“So am I Neville,” Julia slowly put her arm around the boy’s shoulders. “So am I.” They continued to stand there for several minutes. It wasn’t until the moon peeked out from behind a cloud that they finally saw her body lying twisted on the ground.

“Do you think I’ll go to Azkaban,” Neville’s eyes were glossing over with tears.

“No Neville,” Julia whispered. “I’ll make sure of it.”

“Some how I thought that if I were the one to kill her,” Neville’s voice was unsteady as he trailed off. He continued to look at the ground.

“I’m sure when you tell your parents about what you did they’ll be grateful,” Julia continued to watch the boy closely.

“No they won’t,” he shook his head. “I killed someone, just like Bellatrix – ”

“No!” Julia grabbed Neville by his shoulders and forced him to look at her. “She killed with no remorse. She enjoyed killing Neville. You’re nothing like her,” Julia paused. “Remember that Neville.”

Harry’s scar slowly prickled as he continued to fight Death Eaters. He was beginning to feel dizzy as he looked around for Voldemort. He dropped to his knees and through his connection began to call for Julia, who was still with Neville when she felt Harry’s calls for help. Julia quickly mounted her broom in a panic.

“What is it?” Neville asked.

“Harry’s in trouble,” Julia breathed. Neville grabbed his broom and they quickly took to the air.

Ron and Hermione had also felt Harry’s call for help. Hermione was the first to reach Harry. She quickly grabbed his arm, when their skin made contact she could feel him relax. At the same time she also heard a man cry out in pain. Both Ron and Hermione helped Harry to his feet. Dumbledore was quickly by their side. The Death Eaters slowly retreated as a black figure finally made his presence known. The students slowly gathered behind Dumbledore and Harry.

“I must say Dumbldore you’ve trained them well,” Voldemort hissed as he approached the group.

“It’s over Tom, you reign of fear and terror ends here,” the Headmaster took out his wand.

“Oh no Dumbledore, that is were you are wrong,” Voldemort said calmly. He then began to mutter something. Dumbeldore protectively stood in front of Harry and the rest of the students. A black mist slowly started to roll towards them.

“Shields up,” the old wizard shouted, but the mist continued its slow attack on the Headmaster. It ever so slowly seeped past his shield and the moment Dumbledore breathed it in he began to spasm.

“Ventus Tempestas!” Hermione shouted. A mighty wind came rushing from behind her sending the black mist over the lake. It slowly evaporated but Hermione’s attention turned to Dumbledore.

“Clever girl, but the spell has already entered his system, you’ve merely slowed down the inevitable. Not even his precious phoenix can save him now,” Voldemort cackled.

“Why use a phoenix when we have Roise,” Hermione smiled. The bird cried out as it swooped down to pick up Dumbledore. Voldemort watched the bird and Hermione’s wordless communication. Seconds later the bird was in the air carrying Dumbledore back to the castle. Lupin now slowly made his way to the front of the line.

The battle in the air was still raging as Julia and Neville tried to make their way back to Harry. Julia was dodging left and right trying to avoid an unnecessary fighting. Slowly she began to feel déjà vu and then it hit her, this was her vision. These next few moments would determine the outcome of many lives. Her heart raced as she tried to get to Harry.

“Scared Potter, you no longer have Dumbledore coddling you?” Voldemort taunted.

“You wish,” Harry snapped back as he took a step forward, separating himself from the group. Hermione and Ron followed each flanking Harry.

“You think that silly spell Dumbledore performed on you is going to prevent me from killing you Potter?” Voldemort hissed.

“No,” Harry said calmly. “I’m going to prevent you from killing me . . . Riddle!” Harry never flinched as he looked at the dark wizard. His mind flooded with memories of his years at Hogwarts. His first year discovering the world of wizards; the second year uncovering the mysteries of the Chamber of Secrets; finding out about Siruis in his third year; the tri-wizards tournament fourth year; the prophecy reveled in the fifth year and now here in his sixth year finally facing the wizard who caused so much horror in his life.

Julia was beginning to get clear of the battle in the air when she heard Neville cry out. She turned and saw him trying to shake a Death Eater. Quickly turning around Julia pushed her broom to help Neville.

“Neville duck!” Julia shouted as she approached. He bowed his head down on the broom. “STUPEFY!”

“JULIA! WATCH OUT!” Neville shouted. As Julia tried to maneuver away from whatever danger Neville was warning her about she felt a spell hit her broom causing her to fall off. The ground rushing towards her was the last thing Julia remembered.

Harry felt his connection to Julia suddenly disappear. He glanced back to Ron and Hermione both looked worried. They all knew that in order to protect each other they needed all four of them.

“I think I’ll show your fellow students the lesson for defying me,” Voldemort said as he raised his wand. The trio matched his action and now it was a matter of who was going to attach first. “CRUCCIO!”

“PROTEGO MAXIMUS!” the three friends shouted.

The black abyss Julia’s consciousness was swimming in was so deep and thick she couldn’t fight her way out of it. She tried to will herself to wake up but her fall was so bad Julia doubted she’d wake up. The spell was causing her senses to scream out, Harry was in trouble and she couldn’t do anything about it. She had failed him, and this thought caused her to give up her battle with the blackness. She was about to finally fade into the dark when a soft light began emanating.

“Julia,” a voice whispered. “Its time to call on us for help.”

“James, is that you?” Julia asked.

“Time to get up sis,” the voice of her dead brother echoed in her head a moment before the sounds of reality came crashing down on her. Julia slowly opened her eyes, which were out of focus. Her head was pounding and her body felt raw. Her eyes slowly came back into focus and she turned to see Harry and the students producing shield charms to protect them selves from Voldemort’s attack. Julia noticed the inside of her right hand was cut. Remembering a side effect of the spell they performed Julia quickly called for her wand and slowly started to get up.

“Your shields wont work against this Potter,” Voldemort’s wand slowly raised. Julia was wobbly, and when she tried to stand, she saw Voldemort about to perform the killing curse.

“Blood of our blood protect us!” Julia shouted as she pointed to the sky. Voldemort and Harry turned to see Julia pointing her wand at the sky. Hermione and Ron grabbed Harry’s hand as they felt the air trickle with electricity.

“Time to meet your parents Potter,” Voldemort cried out. An explosion of light cascaded upon Harry, Hermione, and Ron. The light was blinding and Julia had to shield her face. The three friends looked up towards the heavens, until three figures appeared in front of them. James, Lily and Sirius now stood between Voldemort and the children. Just as suddenly as the light had appeared, Voldemort screamed out in pain. He tried to shield himself from the light but he soon felt his skin begin to burn.

“It’s over Tom,” Lily’s ghostly figure said. Voldemort’s shrieks of pain echoed into the night. His very being was dying. He tried to think of anything that could possibly save him. He spotted a broom and with all his strength summoned it to him. He haphazardly flew into the air as far away from the light as possible. The three white figures turned to the trio.

“You’ll have to face him again Harry,” Sirius sadly said.

“But you’ll be ready,” James smiled.

“We’re proud of you honey,” Lily’s white hand gently caressed Harry’s cheek.

“Watch over these two Hermione,” Sirius laughed. James looked over at Ron.

“We’re watching over your father Ron. He’s in good hands,” James looked at the confused red headed boy.

“We love you Harry,” Lily smiled before the figures began to blend in with the blinding light surrounding them.

“Don’t ever forget it son,” his fathers voice lingered in the air as the light began to retreat back to the sky. As the light left so did the energy of the foursome. They all collapsed to the ground. The remaining Death Eaters fled for their life. The air squadron landed along with Neville. They all continued to look at the trio’s bodies then they would glance over at Julia body. Neville was the first to act. He slowly walked over to Harry’s body. Seamus followed his lead and the two friends hoisted Harry’s body onto his shoulders. Luna and Susan Bones did the same with Hermione’s body while Roger Davies and Zacharias Smith grabbed Ron's. Lupin and Tonks walked over and grabbed Julia's body leading the group back to the castle. The students parted as their hero's bodies were slowly marched back up to the castle. The slow procession continued towards the castle, as they entered the great hall all movement stopped. The crowd watched, as the bodies were place side by side. McGonagall pressed through the crowd, once she reached the beds she saw Lupin.

“Is it over?” McGonagall whispered.

“For now.”

A/N - Again I'm sorry it's taking so long. I'm really going to try and get the next chapter out as soon as I can. Thank you for sticking with me! You guys are great!

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